Tai Yi Life Energy Flow

Tai-Yi Life Life Energy Flow ®


is the ancient Chinese art of Hands on Healing or energy work as it is often called.

                  Our human forms are not just physical bodies –

We are also comprised of spiritual bodies, emotional bodies and mental bodies

All of these Bodies experience pain, depression and injury


Tai-Yi Energy Work can reach deep within the layers and dimensions of the human energy system and assist in unlocking the cause or root of our   

dis- Ease  and  pain  promoting health  and happiness within the spiritual/emotional/mental/physical bodies


 Are you weary of what you are experiencing in your life?

 Are looking for assistance in taking your life to a new level of awareness and joy?

    Are you wanting to break the cycle of mental, emotional and physical pain –

                  then  YOU become the healer and I am your



As an energy worker I am the conduit of universal energy - the energies from                                                                                              the God source – the energy of joy and healing

This energy is available to us all,  -- Tai-Yi Life Energy Flow assists you in tapping into this Flow


Tai-Yi energy exercises may be perceived as a blueprint for working on issues & exhilarating energies within the body.

I will use specific pressure points and energy points on the body in a very precise pattern that tells the body what emotional/mental/physical issues are to be released and/or energized.


Many of the exercises are a journey of healing 


Many of the exercises are for assisting in discovering a new realm of JOY



                     Some of our exercises include                                      

                   but are not limited  to:

                    ·     Chakra Balance

                          ·     Energy Implant removal

                        ·     Cord Removal

                    ·     Energy Field Cleansing

                ·     Cleansing of Old Relationships

           ·     Post Traumatic Stress assistance

    ·     Exercise for Healers / body workers to   protect their energy field  

Complete list-click here.



Live Your Joy


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