Tai-Yi  Exercises  Index 

(15)  4th  Dance of Tea - Helps one prepare for change v. allowing change to prepare them –

                      then are caught in pain., 4th is the level of transformation of bodies,

                       Dance- celebration of some particular movement / change.

(14)  4th Power - Awakens a level of consciousness directed to the 4th dimension. Have                 

                        completed a level of healing and want to go into the unknown.   Also a more  

                        profound and deeper dream state.

(15) 8th Level of Fearful Anger  - individual carries fear of letting go of their anger. Anger is extreme level of rage – may have created physical ailments.


(6) Abort-Chee Exercise -When one goes through an abortion or miscarriage, it disturbs the emotional  body & implodes the energy within the   body. An abortion can also be from a past life & will manifest  in numerous female problems, PMS & heavy periods.  

(2) Absorbing Pure Emotions – opening emotional channels in the body, cleansing out filters to absorb pure emotions.

(4) Accident Syndrome Detoxification - When an injury has occurred in the body, toxins tend to gravitate towards that area, and then the tendency to have another accident  occurs.

(5) ADD   (3 parts )  - This exercise allows for deeper levels of recall of energies within the body, working with those with ADD.  


(5) Addiction - Usually the addiction is established as a pattern in the emotional body, but may also be in the mental and physical bodies. Ex: sugar =physical body; emotional addiction –=anger & depression;  mental addiction = workaholic. Addictions keep one from changing.  Look at what kind of withdrawal someone is going through. 

(1) Adrenals (physical body) - Addictions & sexual,  drug or abduction abuse affects the adrenals. Fatigue

(6) Age of Collapse - For a person who shut down a part of themselves in their

                      childhood, due to abuse or other trauma. May not remember their childhood

(10) After Birth Cleanse – clearing out the energy from the birth process if had

                       anger or guilt or anxiety -Exercise for peri to post menopause - another for Pre-menopause

(1) Anger - Anger effects the liver, blood & bile.  Anger feeds upon itself.  Self  anger prevents the cleansing of the blood, which blocks the life force energy. Alcoholics usually have unresolved  anger.

(1) Anxiety - The areas affected are shallow breathing, large intestines, spleen, pancreas & constipation. Relates to the mental.

(14) Anxiety of Love  For ones who fear relationships and can’t create one.  New parents with anxiety of raising a child – or a pregnant Mom. Or people trying to heal and make different  choices with their child

(5) Arthritis – result of certain fears & rigidity. lack of flexibility & deterioration in

                        joints. energy going into areas even without arthritis yet.

(1) Balancing of Energies (Yin-Yang) - Balances perceptions which when in this  state  are most easy to see through dimensional frequencies. To beyond belief systems & perceptions from past/future lives – expanding the EMEF is when one is best able to receive assistance. Balance means  expansion.

(5) Balancing the Individual – glands removed from the body- balancing the missing energy




          •Missing Limbs

(4) Balancing the Monkey or Cultivating Equilibrium –

                       Works at balancing the 7 emotions :Have an addiction & have the desire to release the addiction. Suicidal & willing to admit are suicidal;

                       For people who need a balancing of the mind, Carry extreme levels of water      

(4) Balancing the Six Environmental Energies

         For people who are burned out mentally & physically.  It works at blending the

                                      6 environmental  energies; wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness & fire    

      1. Imbalance of wind – irritated all the time & don’t like to be touched.

         2. Imbalance of cold – only one train of thought, hard-minded, extremely

                             hard on self, achy  joints, easily attract viruses,stubborn,

         3. Imbalance of heat – tendency to experience a lot of negative emotions.

        4. Imbalance of dampness – very moody, want to be left alone, pout a lot,

                             complain a lot.

                      5. Imbalance of dryness – difficulty with skin which easily blisters, skin cancer,  

                             restricted amount of fluid going through the skin.

         6. Imbalance of fire – skin eruptions, boils, acne, excessive anger.

(15) Bamboo Spine – will boost the immune system, assist with spinal pain, autoimmune diseases

                       Sharpens memories found in the spinal fluid

(10) Band of Shen - For ones in process of breaking through the “band” of energy  

(10) Barrier of 3 Treasures -  the three treasures:

                 1. Jing: physical body

2. Chee: life force energy- all electrical connections in the body

3.Shen: spirit – refers to mind not the brain

      for ones who become re-corded, implants reactivated –

                            barrier develops between any two.  Side benefit; deeper concentration, assists

                            the skin & the body to work more harmoniously


(5) Bear Exercise – for those who have created a certain level of healing – gives psychic   protection, for those self-employed and protection from those who want what you have. 

(15) Becoming the White Flower -  helps to see beyond the illusion to have a greater sense of well-being & purpose.  Helps to create mind – power ability.

( ) Birthing the Fetus – for the baby - women who are least 12 weeks pregnant, have had emotional pain or injured the body,  painful relationship or physical trauma

( ) Bladder - if a blockage in the bladder

(1) Blood (physical body) - This exercise helps to energize & cleanse the blood, assists with high blood pressure & circulation.

(9) Blood Dragon  - Brings mystical qualities to the surface, Bringing about a

                       mystical energy to the dream  state and may see other realities.

(14)  Bodies in Conflict- Ones who are in experiencing internal conflict, weakens the tentacles of a belief that go throughout the body. Beliefs in conflict with knowingness. Mental – Emotional bodies not in balance – brings into balance. Conflict breeds stress.  Point of exercise, not to go back to old – especially beliefs that are causing illness. Every addict has this conflict, if deal with issue, can heal it. Must be willing to look at the conflict.   Can look at core belief & how belief affects you and this helps to let go.  Fear is a prime energy that feeds a belief M-E-P-S and etherical meridians.  Helps loosen the tentacles of a belief to be easier to let go of the belief

(9) Body Synchronization

          •Physical Body - Promotes all body organs and glands to work in their correct timing with each other. One can have a body clock. Every organ and gland also has its own timing mechanism. One organ may open up to deliver and the next organ is not ready to receive, and this creates a chain reaction. This exercise works at synchronizing all the clocks. This exercise is for one who has some body awareness and awareness of their level of growth. Whatever issue created the damage, client must be already healed it, or be working on it. This exercise is for repairing the damage, and client is already handling what caused the damage.

           • Mental Body - Allows for more peaceful mental state; helps mind enter greater state of relaxation; assists in deeper levels of meditation, and with worry. This exercises allows the mind to connect with like parts of itself, and with different parts of the body in working at resolving conflicts that lead to confusion, depression, and personality imbalance. This exercise is good for ones who easily become confused when there are lots of things going on in their life, difficulty in priorities.

           •Emotional Body - This exercise promotes the emotional body to adapt to its environment without damage; can be good for one who goes to stressful school or work; helps one who has had a trauma (car accident, relationship break-up), and helps one who works in a hostile environment not to absorb that energy. An out of sync emotional body will allow one emotional to evolve in to another, and another, usually getting to a larger emotion, with no graduated levels to work with, and become overpowering and shut down, which is really going under the surface to simmer.

(11) Bonding –  an energetic wall surrounds one that is not bonded. Person may feel lonely easily and feel a denial of support. If an addict then have  bonding issues.

                       ex is to dissipate the wall to have deeper relationships

(1) Bone Marrow (physical body)

(1) Brain (physical body) - Do this exercise so that messages are clear & true – working with a cleaning of EMEF so messages  aren’t confused. Can also benefit stroke patients.

(10) Brain Drain - The mind is the transporter of energy from the soul to the brain. The Brain can be programmed to resist information and assistance from the soul. The Brain has a protein that  works with the fear protein. Part of the brain in the hypocamus.  When trauma occurs there is an explosion of energy around the hypocamus  After 24 hours these proteins explode and they attach to other memories. So, have memories of trauma and then they attach to other  memories in the brain. Memories in the brain are not necessarily true memories, they may be memories attached to other memories. All unresolved issues fill the brain at first birth. This ex. will heal trauma through dissipating false memories, even those from past lives and it will neutralize these proteins. Trauma creates a swelling in the Emotional Body and this ex. decreases the swelling so one is not as traumatized, it goes to the core of the trauma. Will assist in dissolving trauma & neutralizing proteins.

(14) Brain Purge - Clears out old residue so the brain can communicate to the self. More clear  

                     the communication, the more clear the message. If have the belief that you deserve 

                      punishment, then the brain signals the body to be out of cycle and the intent is

                     that part of the body is attacked. Allows one to look at their stuff.  If know why you

                     do something then will and then how my creation will be. Treat the cause not the

                     effect. This exercise will bring up issues. It is not to heal the issues but to bring up    

                     and look at.

(12) Brain Surge The Brain has numerous neurotransmitters firing off. When signals are fired, give/send incorrect messages. Brain surge – what constitutes the brain. A damaged brain in terms of LEF/Chinese, means signals are being sent/received in incorrect locations.

(10) Bridge of Wisdom - For ones who are stuck between “two worlds” or realms.

                      Realm is another word for level of consciousness.  They go up, then slip

                      back, go up again then slip. More for people who have not bumped into the band.

(10) Buddha Breath - Assists ones with the power of breathing, to collect toxic thought forms, toxic emotions. Also assists in keeping cords/attachments off the body

(1) Central Nervous System - This exercise is good for hypertension, high  blood pressure and bad attitudes.

(8) Cavity of Original Spirit - Removes the layers that have created  forgetfulness, amnesia, original purpose of being here on Earth. Reawakening where one first forgot – assist in removing amnesia. Slowly moving energy that goes deep into the psyche of the body.  

(15) Central Point Communication opens channels of communications from all bodies in self, past lifes, guides, childhood and parts of self that are stagnant. 

(1) Cerebellum - Part that holds ancient memories when activated, memories and

feelings which have been suppressed in childhood. Carries memories of the human race as does whale energy – library of the Earth

(3) Cerebral Spinal Fluid – protects from viruses & genetic damages, protects the  EMEF around  cells particularly in spinal fluid & brain stem.

(1) Cerebral Transforming Energy - If the mind/energy field is polluted or in       high beta & it  is difficult to get into the Alpha-Theta states. Good for migraine headaches. 

(8) Chakra Exercises (7 chakras) 7 separate exercises: cleans, aligns, places life energy into the chakra.  If one chakra is stagnant, then none are truly healthy – must commit to doing all 7.

(11) Chamber of Darkness - Assists those who carry a deep fear of darkness, either physical or being in dark energy, fear of being mugged or kidnapped.  Stagnation in Chamber of Darkness  makes it much easier to become corded over and over.  This exercise assists in allowing stagnant energy to be transmuted.  It may also be done on children, including for adolescent issues that build and build, increasing anger and bitterness.

(5) Change of Life  - Mental/Emotional – have gone through major changes, job,  death,  divorce

(8) Change of Life – Menopause – mental, physical & emotional. Balancing fire & water, for  male & female

(8) Childhood Release - Creates a star of knowing, of personal empowerment creating a reversal of the energy flow

(10) Child Karma – Heal & Seal – a channel of energy like a vortex which attaches in the mid-section & parent takes on the karmic energy of the child – has to do with anxiety, guilt whether subconscious or conscious.

(3) Chronic Depression – very deep levels of depression, never able to forgive

(1) Circulation of Energy Moving through the Body - Intensifies & clears the energy field and blood circulation of the body.

(6) Cleansing the False Mind –connects to ancient memories

(5) Clear Light/Fog Light – fog light is reflecting one’s thought back to themselves, to gain clarity in meditation

(3) Clearing the Brain Of Diseased Thoughts – working with social & genetic  conditioning

(1) Clearing the Lymphatic System

(8) Clusters of Energy

(14) Code of Death - Allowing a death of the old to allow a birth to occur.  Releasing  the  

                     tentacles of old issues that have been on for a long time – painful issues – parents –

                     past lives.  Committed to the death of old to allow for the rebirth. It is important

                     that the person determines if they are ready for this exercises. If lie or exaggerate

                     will have aches and pains, digestive issues and headaches. Before the death, must

                     know and be aware of what the issues are. After a major cord, would assist people.

                     Work with one primary issue at a time. Client must decide that they are ready to let

                     go of the issue.

(14) Code of Life  - This exercise assists one to open to a part that is closed due to an injury now or older.  Assists in a deeper meditation. ones going thru ế shifts occurring globally and personally.  This brings the injury to the forefront & assists one to become more open. Assists  one to become more aware & more sensitive in their bodies. 

(1) Concentration - This exercise works well with students who are over-stressed in school & who begin creating stomach disorders & ulcers. Also for those stuck in Beta.

(3) Connecting the Adult Mind with the Child Mind  -releasing resistance, something isn’t “convenient”, lack of will power

(5) Cording – attachments to the body by physical or non-physical entities. Where the cord is can tell what the entity attached may want from the person  who has been corded

(10) Crystal Eye Cleanse – electrolytes are imbalanced in the body & affects the magnityte and one’s interdirectional navigation to cycles. assists then in cycles being off, affects decision making & more clear on inner movement

        and connection with guides.

(15) Damp Spirit of Creation – too many toxins to process  creates blockages and confusion. For those dwelling on dark issues.

(7) Dead Child Exercise - For adults who have had extreme abuse. Aromatherapies soften the shell so e can flow through

(11) Death Cell -  The purpose of this exercise is to neutralize the death cells. All cancer cells are death cells, but not all death cells are cancer cells. Cancer cells and other death cells may lie dormant in the body until a “trigger”  occurs. Helps to energize positive cells of body & rearranges  cells.  

(15) Death of Karma:  clearing residue left from a healed Karmic issue. Feeling sluggish, lack  

                                   of energy from residue

(15) Denial of Denial - removes walls that have set up denial to have denial. Those with entitlement issues, in therapy and want to eal though in denial.

(15) Denial of Truth  - for ones caught in very mental cycles of denial – you will not heal when in denial.   Denial of expression of abilities.

(8) Digestive Cleanse - This exercise assists in dispersing the cells that carry the program of the trauma – for the entire digestive system. (this is not a cleanse like an intestinal) This flushes cells out of the body that carry the trauma program.

                         Must have done the lung cleanse – then 1-2 month wait before doing this ex.

(6) Discharging Black Magic Sorcery – . You may doubt your self and stop using your ability If absorbed, then would shut  down that ability & would become more deeply depressed. Places a shield around your ability, using your ability protects ones also.

(5) Dragon Exercise – for healers only, bringing fire back into balance – assisting with the feelings of being burned out.

(10) Dragon Pearl – Hormone Balance - Increases the male/female hormone balance.  Also helps to balance the intuitive & creative energies. Esp. good for people going through the change. Helps in being more grounded. Works mainly on the physical & emotional bodies. Deeper balance, deeper state of peace.

(9) Dragon River - For slow learners, works with the fluid in the spinal column. Brings genetic memories forth of own genetic  heritage. Will assist in becoming aware of own genetic weaknesses and strengths, including physical and emotional and at what age. Within 6 to 7 hours and up to a week, may feel energized or movement in certain parts of the body. Awaken memories & brings them to the conscious physical awareness.   

                          Tonic Water Ex. Will assist it in going deeper

(2) Earth Body - good life planners – look into what you do with foresight.

(15) Earth Core Balance -  helps to balance the body so that the body will adjust to the Earth changes & assits in deeper levels of passion, balancing current life with positive future life. Look at resistance to change.

(3) Earth Cycle – out of balance, great resistance to one’s manifested reality. Lots of denial, feel like assistance is blocked

(3) Electro-Magnetic Mental Body – too much metal in the body, heart disease may occur,  oxygen depleted in the blood, harder 

           to converse with the non-physical.

(4) Electro-Magnetic Pollution Cleanse - Assists further in the EMEF in the body. Pollution interferes with choice; the power of choice & the clarity of choice Good for people who are around a electricity; computers, cash registers etc  Can be indecisive or make weak choices, which will have angry outcomes.

(4) Element of Balancing Internal Conflict - Good for someone with chronic difficulties.

(  ) Element of Mother/Child Law – has to do with fire, earth, metal, water & wood. Has to  do with small intestines, tripleburner, 

          blood vessels. Can be most impacted in a healer.

(6) Embracing of Death Exercise (old relationships) - Relationships continue in the body until it is healed. If a previous relationship is attached to the body, it affects the emotional  body & will feel agitation, anxiety, a lot of time in Beta, poor memory,   and exhausted.

(2) Emotional Equilibrium - Aligning the lobes, yin/yang, negative/positive, hot/cold. This assists people who have emotional  extremes, people who are easily disappointed and are depressed.

(10) Emotional Fatigue – Pollution of the I AM, is for ones who have made an effort and are achieving healing on an emotional level & are doing so much work are emotionally fatigued. followed by emotional insecurity.removes fatigue around the emotional body.

(10) Emotional Insecurity Syndrome  (Always after Tower of Harmony &  Brain Drain –  never alone )

                       This is most important for people who have difficulty making decisions,people who have difficulty letting go of events from childhood, people  with negative perceptions of self. difficulty with bonding & friendships and have had multiple relationships. Inability to commit  This is a life long    syndrome.

(3) Emotions-Intent Balancing – a state of confusion exists, not understanding purpose or

                       why you are here.

(2) Endorphin Release Process  - strengthens immune system, emotional extremes, key that immune system is impacted, an  etherical disease may have begun

(2) Eternity From Mild - Usually connected to past lives, children who can’t release from other lifetimes, children who dies tragically.  One’s with chronic pain, multiple personalities. Great anger & depression, extreme jealousy, chronic fighting.

(1) Exchange of Energy - Exercise is good for the following: Exchanging old energy for new  energy, Someone has been ill & getting over it, Getting out of Depression, Coming Out of  Adolescence, Worked with Issues

(6) Expelling the Cord of Darkness (3 Parts)  - On a major cord, pulsating energy is very strong. You will feel like your hand  is being sucked down. You will feel a repelling & a suction of the entire palm of your hand with each heartbeat and this means that it is extremely & tightly connected to the electric current in the heart.

(15) Extraordinary Power ( 3 parts) – assists in Letting GO & works on the Immune System of the Physical, emotional and mental bodies- detoxes mental-emotional and also the physical.

(9) Failure Syndrome - Works on fear and anger, the two most common energies that set up a failure pattern that includes difficulty keeping commitments, and self-sabotage. This ex. replaces the original Fear and Anger exercises, and is much deeper.

(14) False Family - Has to do with a family unit that attempts to impregnate beliefs contrary to the . This exercise works well with Brain Purge – after Brain Purge.  Will assist in releasing the negative bonds of a false family. Ones genetic family has the strongest influence.

(1) Fear - Fear affects the kidney, bladder & bedwetting creates kidney or bladder infections,  nightmares & night sweats.  Also  difficulty in joints, ligaments & tissues, Fear blocks  movement.  Fear energy pushes on the shoulders, pushes all organs down  energetically and physically.

(13) Fearful Sleep –  For persons with lots of  nightmares or wake up feeling exhausted and with aches and pains. Immune system is depleted. Sleep meridians are prepared, cleaned  and sealed for clearer emotions and thoughts.

(3) Find the Depression in the Mental Body – mental body has fear, anger depression, may create a chronic difficulty – may  injure the part of the body where negative thoughts are Look for stagnation in the body.

(2) Fire Body - fire bodies are take charge, prone to explosions and often leaders.

(3) Fire & Water – works with depression, suicidal thoughts

(11)  Flesh Rejuvenation

(13) Forgotten Love - For ones who have forgotten how to love – how to accept love – and when they were in a vibratory state of love. Or for persons with anger issue. This energy goes into    Everyone carries energy of love & this goes to that place and brings it to the surface.

(1) Fright -scatters heart e and sends the negative e into the kidney

(3) Full Moon – critical point, emotions will recycle if not experienced & influence the belief system

(15) Fusion of Essence & Energy – helps to draw energy from all bodies –increases the mental-emotional-physical for people with low levels of energy. Working on big issue, then feel depleted – great to energize.

(15) Fusion of Life: bonding with your physical body, from mind and emotions. Disconnected  

                      from body.

(6) Future’s Past - Illness has not reached the physical, it is called the past because  has reached

                      the energy field. Can work at healing illnesses before they occur, is in the energy field

                      but has not entered the physical body. This is not limited to any particular illness or

                      disease.  If one is willing, will assist in healing before it reaches the physical.

(3) Galactic Cycle – how the mind reacts to the soul pathway. Connecting the mind

                       to the higher self. Can be done on people who are very argumentative and

                       can’t heal

(2) Gall Bladder (emotional body)- Creates pure bile, metabolizes fats & oils. If   having tension headaches then your gall bladder may not be working fully.

(15) Ghost Pain – residue of tragic pain from ghosts or poltergeists – from haunting. 

(11) Golden Bridge of Life - To strengthen the connection of the 7 bodies, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Spirit-Christed and Soul.  To become more aware in conscious, feeling state of messages being received from one or more of the 7 bodies, specifically it energizes the Spirit-Christed body.  One will feel more connected to what they are doing in creating their path, using abilities.  Feeling more complete creates less risk of repeating some past trauma.

(13) Golden Emotional Bridge – Clears out 7 years of emotional toxins. Emotional toxins will affect the physical & will be released in both when are clear about issue and trauma.

(7) Golden Shield – to remove the energetic residue from immunizations

(9) Governing Channel of Advanced Life - Creates a perimeter around the body so lower vibrations cannot get in. Can only be done if there are no cords  (if have a cord will double the strength of the cord). Remove the cord and then wait a couple of days before doing this exercise.  If one learns from negative energy coming in, then can redo this exercise.  Exercise allows the vibration of joy to be felt on a deeper level. Will feel more compassion, and easier to express passion.  Also easier for the body to release toxins. Increases the immune system or greater depletion if one has a cord.

(1) Grief - Grief is a slow moving energy. It affects the heart & lungs.

(9) Growing Life Branches - For people who have had surgeries, major illnesses, 

removal of limb, organs, illnesses. Opens the life energy flow into those areas.

(1) Guilt - Guilt affects nerves & circulation, deadens feelings & prevents a life-force from                        

                        moving  into the body. It also coats the  nerves with toxins.

(3) Hand Quadrants Exercises

     •Fire – tendency to short temper, burning need to do something

   •Water - know you should be doing something but don’t know what it is.

     •Air - self-sabotage, tendency to block your mind out of anger.

      •Earth - know what you need to be doing but don’t do it.

(1) Harmonizing EMEF with the Earth - Great exercise to do if in an area  where a natural disaster has occurred, good to  protect self or to reharmonize one who was in a disaster. Also for a personal trauma

(9) Harmonizing of the Human Earth - must do this exercise before doing

                       the Human Polar Shift Exercises. can do this one day or a few days before. This exercise does also stand alone. In part is like the EMEF with the Earth’s energy field. It grounds & centers the Emotional Body and assists in grounding out the anger. It assists the body in receiving messages, in terms of what nutrients are in the soil and that are needed by the body.

(11) Harmonizing the Internal - Assists ones in recognizing the illusion.  If ready on a soul level, it will assist in opening doors to other realities available to them, and other dimensional states of consciousness.  For ones somewhat enlightened about their soul.  Not for someone who has never questioned.

•(13) Healer’s Detox – rejuvenation for healers

(6) Healing Crisis Disorder -  For those realizing that their percentage of  commitment isn’t  there, this exercise will raise their commitment. Healing doesn’t begin until you’ve reached the 40% commitment, if over 60% committed then will heal rapidly.  Can also be used in terms of using abilities, seeing energies, etc, but need 40% commitment.  Crisis occurs between the 40% & 60% commitments.

(6) Healing the Silver Cord - This exercise is for one’s who have had near death experiences  and didn’t have a soul exchange. Also for those who have had a major cording & the cording   was severed, or had a very serious disease & were close to dying, or if one  had been in a coma.

(3) Heart & Brain – lack of stability, where do I belong?  Works well with relationships.

(2) Heart Exercise (emotional body)- Try to tune in to what emotions are lodged in the heart.

(11) Heart Mind Bonding - Heart Mind Alignment - To create an emotional bonding between the mind and the heart. Bonding & aligning is allowing the mind field as well as the mental  body to bond with and come into alignment with the heart chakra.

(12) Heart of Stone - For ones who have allowed their  essence to turn into stone. A Stone  is holding onto the lower memory vibrations, which then in turn is a tendency   

                        for person to only remember and empower the painful difficult part of their lives. This then creates difficulty to love or to be loved.

(10) Honey Organ - Insulin Drip - To assist ones with diabetes, sugar or alcohol addictions and false sweetness– a denial of self and the negative situation  that they are in. This ex. works with the emotional issues that created problems. When people are addicted to sugar, a trauma become expanded and is then  greater then the original trauma.

(12) Hormonal BrainCan be used on ones whenever something, a drug, chemical (food chemicals / preservatives) is used by someone who wants to escape and not look at something. The takes substances           

(9) Human Polar Shift (5 parts)  see special instructions

             Exercise will align the magnetic field of the body to the magnetic shift of the earth, resulting with less tension in the body.  Mental and emotional issues the client has been fighting will lessen.  When the magnetic field is out of balance, the chakras and meridians are out of balance.  This exercise will bring them back into balance.

(15) Human Rhythm (4 parts):  increase abilities Blending thr rhythms in the mental,

                      emotional, physical astral  & etherical bodies. Puts the body in rhythm for what

                      you are creating.

(14) Human Vitality - This is an immune booster specifically for the Mental-Emotional-

                      Spiritual Physical bodies.  Rejuvenates the life force energy in these bodies.  In  

                      addition, this exer. sends an energy that creates an energy pattern that seals any

                      leakage in these bodies meridians.  Person may even feel really great on  

                      awakening  the next day and then even greater after the 2nd part. Will feel

                      stronger and wake up feeling excited. Also for people  whose immune system have 

                      been depleted.  Anger, fear and physical difficulties lowers the immune system.                       

                      Overall immune booster for all bodies.

(2) Hyperactivity – works with hyperactivity, not ADD, most physical causes are   

    toxic blood, lead poisoning in city water, tuna

(9) HyperthyroidismThyroid –  expression of life

                      Hyperthyroidism; symptoms may be unexplained weight loss, increased rapid heart 

                      beat, high blood pressure, frequent bowel movements, muscle weakness,            

                      trembling hands. May have a short fuse, feel anger & shut down the emotions. 

                      Energy of control exists with this condition over a situation or an event.

                      (perfectionist) Thyroid may be affected by long-term viruses (6 months or more), or

                      exposure to toxic substances.


(9) Hypothyroidism - Symptoms; whiners, slower mental process, lazy, lethargic, 

reduced heart rate, increased sensitivity to cold, numbness in hands & feet. 

                       Can be from food, chemicals, radon

(7) Implants – placed by the “greys” or others in the body, 

                       Sinuses – most common location. look for ones with chronic sinus disorders  from early childhood (age 4 plus) without common cause of diet and not helped by herbs, meds, or diet; Lymph nodes, Reproductive Organs, Ones with sexual implants may have sexual problems, intimacy issues, strong PMS, guilt, rape issue, cancer of the sexual organs & sterility/impotency.

         •Adult - pinprick, very cold/numbness like an ice cube.

         •Juvenile ice cold pinprick 90% of implants are juvenile. This ex. may be done on any age child or adult. It is for when an implant was placed when the person was a child

         •Dormant - pinprick, no cold. This ex. is for ones who were implanted as a child and it is  now inactive regardless of the current age.

                    For inactive implants which are no longer sending information, but can still attract energy to the site which can increase risks of cancer. This ex. is for any age, and often juvenile implants become dormant after puberty.

(7) Non-Physical Implants

(15) Intelligence of Feel – psychological ex., helps to put the energy of feelings more deeply into the mind. Opens an energetcic channel to know what something is about.

(9) Internal Energies - For ones who have taken on too much energy and do not allow it to flow through them property, resulting in holding water, disturbance in sleep state, stiffness in joints, and protecting energy from negative influence. Usually for hands-on workers, including Tai Yi, massage, chiropractic, any working on the body, and for ones who take on emotions (from the mass consciousness) and do not pass them on. This impacts the kidneys, allows excess water, creates disturbance in the dream state, either nightmares or do not remember their dreams at all. One takes on energy and doesn’t let it go because of fear there is not going to be enough, so they tend to shut down receptivity.

(2) Kidneys (emotional body)

(2) Large Intestines

(15) Live Energy of Deceit – bring into focus self lies & decit – can bring stuff up, regret disappointment so will not be ignored.

(1) Liver (physical body) - Controls ligaments, tendons and the break down of fats. The liver also interferes with a lack of   & can

        cause PMS and rapid mood swings. This can help with cirrhosis only if the issues are handled and emotionally what brought them to  drink.

(2) Liver (emotional body) - Receives all amino acids extracted from the small intestines which forms protein to repair tissues. Assists the small intestines also. Links pineal to the liver. If can easily lose temper, usually always in a hurry, under stress, then

       stagnates to cold energy in the small intestines & the liver. One who rarely sits down for a meal

•(9) Lodestone Energy Tonic

(14) Lost Love - This ex. is for people who have forgotten how to love & push away the love they want. Some look for ones to take care of & then this replaces love. This ex. is for ones that truly want to feel & understand the ability to love – the difference between taking care of and love.

(14) Lost Heart - Good for anyone working on releasing a belief system. This is about people who have lost sight of own knowingness & the empowerment to feel. Most don’t know how to feel. This ex. helps one to feel – level of sensitivity increases. Then are more consciously aware where the belief system interferes with the knowing system.

(2) Lungs (emotional body)  


(8) Lung Cleanse - This exercise is for people who have gone through some kind of trauma, their body has changed and they are working their way back out of the trauma. The trauma has left residue deposits in their lungs and digestive tract. Can be done alone if going to do the digestive cleanse, must do lung first then wait 1 – 2 months between exercises. Can only work on someone who is improving.

(2) Lymphatic System

(2) Memory Buttons of the Bodyan emotional difficulty takes a forming the body, memories begin surfacing, then Why do I  

          need to be beat up physically, spiritually, emotionally?

(3) Mental Vitality – for people who are mentally burned out. student burn out.

(2) Metal Body – powerful feelings, nothing gets in the way, can become rigid in the emotional  body

(2) Mild Grid - When the same 5 to 7% of emotions are used over & over again, it creates a grid  and the same reality is repeated over & over again.

(3) Mind Clarity nerves on edge, rapid build up of toxins, tendency to stay in old energy. Stops patterns of back & forth energies: difficult to remember, concentrate stay focused, difficult to use spirit to rejuvenate

(12) Mind of God – (5 parts)This exercise blends and balances the physical,

                 emotional and mental bodies.  Critical:  For ones already in the

                 process of balancing their emotional and mental bodies, not for ones

                 wanting to be taken care of.

          Mind of Emotions    +      Mind of Intent     =                   Result

        1.  Fire       balances with     Water         to bring about          Equilibrium 

        2.  Yang            +        Yin                     =             Harmony

        3.  Heart           +        Brain                  =               Stability

        4.  Feeling        +           Thought            =                     Clarity

        5.  Passion        +        Wisdom            =             Vitality

End result:  Good health for Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies

(8) Mind Therapy - For people getting ready to go into counseling – addiction or childhood issues recovering.  Pre-intensive also.  Creates an opening, opens understanding & therapy – mental blocks are resolved. Helps remove the resistance to the block. If keep coming up to something & can’t get through, will help to discover why. 2 to 3 days before therapy or the intensive. Therapy can be working through an issue with your mate or a trusted friend. Just before the exercise use aromatherapy. the smelling of the rosewood excites the body & creates an opening by 50%.

(15) Missing Life: missed opportunities, looking back, hindsight, sabotaging.

(2) Navel Transgression – For ones who have leaked death cells, assist in transition from  physical to non-physical

(14) Moon Energies – Male or Female  -  This exercise is for males or females struggling with issues coming up during the Earth changes. Especially the EMEF changes & shifts, and especially in own bodies. Emotional issues of  wanting  to give up healing; emotions of sulking – woe is me syndrome. It helps to align the body with the shifting of the Energy Field – so emotions may flow.  Moon energy works with emotions, fluid & deep connections with EMEF.                    

(3) New Moontime of review & reflection,brings harmony of what is occurring emotionally, spiritually in the body. emotions are at

          the lowest point

(2) Not So Mild Grid - This fits about 80% of the population

(2) Old Cellular Depression – brought forth from other lives or childhood abuse, PMS, high blood pressure

(8) Opening to Sanctuary -

(3) Over Protection of the Mind – blocked insights into the past & the future, fear of being taken advantage of, didn’t learn lessons in childhood. over-protecting or controlling parents.

(6) Pancreas - This exercise works with the pancreas, kidneys, and the digestive system.  It balances the pancreas so the cravings aren’t as strong.  It is good for people who want to release toxins from the body, especially sugar, chocolate & alcohol. If an addiction, then also despondency & frustration is created. Helpful for diabetics & hypoglycemia. When people have sudden urges that aren’t helpful, then related to the pancreas – looking for external stimulus.

(15) Painful Obstruction – bringing to awareness obstructions, if desease is beginning, something is off – good with therapy.

(3) Paranoia – irrational suspicion of friends, depression, may have skin weaknesses

(3) Passion-Wisdom  - deep anger & loss of vitality, difficulty in relationships, blends the conscious With unconscious, assists

        nightmares; balances fire & water.

(7) Peeling the Shadows – removing emotional layers

(4) Perception of Pain Exercise - This exercise brings the perception of pain into alignment with

                      the energy flow of the body, and  assists in dissipating the level of the  pain.

(1) Pineal Gland (physical body)

(15) Pillar of Mind Power  - makes belief systems weaker – works on the frequency. Brings to the surface beliefs contrary to knowingness.

  (11) Plant Rejuvenation

(15)  Point of Discovery – will bring to the surface what has been hidden that creates pain. What has been blocking permanent healing & where is influence coming from. Traumaas do not move thru time. Will bring the trauma to the surface.

(11) Points of Alchemy - Is for healers who use their hands. Assists in the alignment & removal of stagnation in the chakra points in the hands. Also people who have had injuries.

(11) Points of Heart – energizes the heart, & issues that are affecting the heart

getting to the point, the core of the issue

(3) Polishing the Mirror  ( 3 parts) –may have been having disturbing dreams. creates  clarity of what you’ve been absorbing  from the environment.

(6) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - This exercise is for the physical, mental and emotional bodies of this lifetime and past lifetimes. The energy of PTSS keeps ones from moving out of old programs. This usually runs in cycles, the stress is always there but it can peak and this may be at certain times of year. It usually lasts for a few weeks or sometimes  months or longer.

                       Ex: a Holocaust  survivor may have peaks that last for months.

(14) Power to Seek - How many people have a problem seeking out something – especially in self – battling a belief system within. This exercise works with the meridians that go to the brain. The seeking part of the brain is more sensitive. It helps one when you have a deeper understanding of why, when and how you’re doing something.  Allows clarity to come forward. Seeking something going on with me.  Seek and you shall find. As you seek within yourself, you find self.

(14) Punishment Syndrome -This ex. opens up where things have been restricted in the Mental-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual bodies. One can review their punishment and bring to awareness how you’re punishing yourself. Opens up the meridians affected by the punishment syndrome.  Afterwards, may feel more energy.

(5) Pre-Cancer - Cancer vibration usually begins in the emotional body, but this may also be a tendency for denial. Energy of denial is a very similar energy to that of cancer.  Often very angry people, negative anger is energy not recognized, sign of carrying a  strong denial/anger  program.

( ) PrePuberty – for children from the other Earth, they have different EMEF, more direct with people

(9) Primordial Energy - Cell evolution refers to cells replacing themselves with ones as strong or stronger. This exercise helps heal or prevent the primitive energies of mass consciousness from disrupting cell evolution. When the lower mind is there it does not allow for the proper clearing and reproduction of cells, so one is prone to cancer, negative emotions, depression, suicidal energies, or just very attached to the mass consciousness  Greatly assists in the three Synchronization exercises .

(11) Primordial War - This exercise is for people traumatized by war – this can be from gangs, terrorism or an all out war (New York City, Iraq, Vietnam are examples.) It can also affect medics and non-combatants in a war-like zone. will also assist those in wars in past lifetimes.  The trauma of war still exists in this lifetime.The brain reprograms due to war and reasoning about themselves, how one thinks comes into play. It’s the energy absorbed by war, also in the climate of war.

(4) Process Function Neurochemistry - Improves memory & the ability to learn & to retain; enhances alertness; stimulates  cerebral circulation.  Works at balancing the metabolism, helps the body remove toxins by releasing free radicals.  Increases the  activity of the neurotransmitters. Assists the EMEF to become lighter and the person to become more aware of their body, their attitudes & their perception.

(5) Protecting the Energy Field – primary purpose is for healers to add extra protection to  your EMEF

(14) Punishment Syndrome   This ex. opens up where things have been restricted in the M-E-P-S bodies. One can review their punishment and bring to awareness how you’re punishing your self.  Opens up the meridians affected by the punishment syndrome.   Afterwards, may feel more energy.

(7) Psychosis of the Inner Brain

(2) Recurring Depression From Childhood - Some event, usually emotional has occurred in childhood. This is working on the emotional part of the inner child

(14) Rainbow Connection - Helps to see, feel and interpret energy on an intuit level.

(11) Rejuvenation – Plant – vegetarians may have more toxins than meat eaters,

                    must have had no meat fish dairy for 6 months assists the body in absorbing positive & releasing neg. of the plant

             Flesh – works with entire digestive system, must cleanse before with psyllium husk etc.

                       absorbing positive elemnts of meat



(5) Relationships work with emotional/physical subtle levels

           •Couples in a Sexual Relationship – want to blend energies more.

           •Friendship –deep draws energies from the most positive incarnation

           •Mates – deep Karmic – works on issues brought in together

(14) Removing the Snake -  Brings to conscious awareness hidden ailments in the body, which may lead to mental-emotional-physical disorders. Then can take action of malfunctions that are beginning to occur.  After the exer., may feel tenderness or sensitivity etc., somewhere in the body and then can look at that area and why you are feeling a certain way.  Bringing to conscious, what area is off or hidden in the body.  Can become aware of energies being projected to self.  Snake can mean wisdom or deception from own self -  the “snake in the Grass”.  Understanding as to  why feeling off in the  body.

(15) River of Energy:  converting stagnant energy into productive energy.  Good for  

                         depression & missed opportunities.

(15) River of Mud: walk in crappy neighborhoods or around the public a lot & attract abusive   

                            energy, helps protect meridians.  People learning to find their 6th sense.

(4) Scar Tissue Cleansing - works with the energies in & around the scar tissue, so energies do  

                       not go deeper or into cancer

(8) Sea Body - this exercise is especially good for “water” bodies but is for  everyone. Assists

                      in rebalancing the fluid in the body, working with emotional energy. Will assist in bringing to the surface past life emotions. Balances energy, water in the body, balanced with the tides, ocean.   

(2) Season of Birth

            •  Autumn

             •  Spring

             •  Summer          

             •  Winter

•( ) Second Birth – infants not older than 12 weeks, had hard labor, toxicity in mother or a  premature birth

•( ) Second Heart

(4) Self Esteem Purge - Usual symptoms are those experiencing stiff neck, stomachaches, intestinal pain, excessive energy on shoulders, blurred mind vision (not seeing something correctly),and headaches – forward & at the base of the skull.

(10) Seven Waves ( done only during cycles)

                   Physical Body Cycle

                   Mental Body Cycle

                   Emotional Body Cycle


(8) Skin Vision- Helps ones to define what they are feeling, helps to strengthen the skin, prevent skin cancer & rashes & skin is more sensitive to the environment with skin issues & skin sensitivity & dry skin or skin cancer – can strengthen the skin organ.  For people who have a difficulty feeling in their body, will assist in feeling the vibration of your environment through the skin. Skin responds to the change in your vibration, assists when this occurs.  More aware of what is going on in your environment – being receptive to the environment – other factors are side benefits.      

(4) Skulls Breath Of Life - Treats a number of ailments; depression, anger, intense fear,

                       brain tumors or brain dysfunction

(2) Small Intestines Exercise (emotional body)- Synergetically connected

with the heart. controls the emotions in terms of what one feels, not what

emotions. If easily depressed, then this is a sign of stagnation in the small intestines.  Unleashing positive emotions assists negative energy to begin dissipating & will feel some heat. Small Intestines sends energy to the heart.

    Good for  vision, breathing, constipation

(3) Solar Cycle – represents the entire lifetime of the individual & how they react spirit energy expands the EMEF to see the entire life, its purpose. develop abilities, easier to resolve difficulties

(14) Soul Block – have set up a deep wall between themselves & their soul’s knowing. Wall

                       around their heart

(1) Spine (physical body)- This exercise is good for migraines and to boost the immune

                       system, lymph, adrenals, thymus.  It increases the flow of spinal fluid – if tension

                       in the body then the spinal fluid is moving more slowly.

(13) Spirit of Life – Rejuvenation of the Heart – for ones healing on multiple levels and ones going thru a spiritual transition.

(8) Spiritual Embryo - Assisting in cleansing & detaching negative attachments from any biological children from any lifetimes. You share genetics & if something happens negative, it attaches to your genetic frequency. Heals the frequency that has been disturbed within the genetic frequency. Not healing your relationship with your child, but the disruptive frequency in your EMEF.

(8)Spiritual Equilibrium – 3 parts Balancing the frequencies in & throughout the body assisting the mind, & organs. The genetic structure works with the body.  This is a balancing & fine-tuning of the subtle frequencies of the body which helps prevent genetic frequencies from manifesting – but personality trait that you’re not will

                       to change, may override this ex. Search personality traits in the fsmily

(2) Spiritual-Emotional Depression -Not a deep physical long term depression –  one that comes & goes. Emotional imprints are left from fights. Imprints bring back scenarios from fights. Lifting emotional imprint from the body. 

(14) Spirit Weaver  - Works at weaving the bodies together.  Each body has its own set or units of meridians & gates that connect from the Mental to Emotional; Emotional to Spiritual; and on with each body. People that feel separate, separation from their base, their knowingness. People that feel scattered, have too much going on, and difficulty focusing or directing energy. In a healthy system, all gates are working in harmony & supporting the gates. A scattered gate blocks the energy and when energy scatters, it dissipates the energy and then nothing sticks or holds.

(2) Spleen & Pancreas (emotional body) - Regulates the quality & the quantity of the blood. Along with the kidneys, coordinates  to control balance with the fluids throughout the body.  works on water retention &  kidney pain.

(2) Spleen- Pancreas (physical body ) - Helps the immune system, clears the blood 

(15) Spontaneous Motion  assists ones in healing fields and counselors,  Brings recognition to recognize thought forms, attachments & cords before they occur.

(15) Stagnant Pond of the Brain  - will assist with brain difficulties,  poor memories, suppressed abuse, reoccurring headaches, common sense & slow responses of the brain. Can assist with depression. Analytical b rains can hold onto toxins. Look at what creates this difficulty.

(2) Stomach (emotional body)- What emotionally are you not able to stomach about yourself.

                      Bronchitis: means something was going on with the stomach first.

                      Viral ulcer:  virus will move to the lungs & create scar tissue in the lungs.

(1) Storing Energy -If the EMEF of the Earth is rapidly distorted then ones need to have stored energy to be less affected, also affected by an unexpected trauma. Also need energy to keep immune system up. Assists in releasing hemorrhoids and of use for people with testicular  cancer.

(3) Strengthening the Root – thoughts form a root, when you forget a painful event, may also forget a joyful event. 

(3) Sun Cycles how a person relates to creativity – in a negative or a positive realm. Ends the        

                                   cycle of abuse, which may continue in subtle ways

            •Spring – either energies duplicates itself or creates something new

            •Summer – manifesting those energies

            •Autumn – bringing energies into completion, is also when disease may manifest

             •Winter – review cycle, allows consciousness to be aware of what goes on in the body

(14) Sun Energy - For ones who become easily distracted by self or others to divert self from their path.  This exer. strengthens  one’s knowingness and energizes the Emotional – Mental – Spiritual meridians which are connected to one’s knowing system.  Draws on  our creative/male/positive energy.

(4) Terminal Illness Exercise - Usually for ones knowing they are going to die & have made a 

                      choice to become at peace with it, wishing to accept peace more readily.

(14) The Sin of I: ancient meaning, missed the mark. Assists to be Aware of what you missed

(1) Thymus (physical body)- works with different energy levels after puberty.  It produces T-  

                       cells to fight off viruses and B-cells which support the T-cells.

(9) Tower of Harmony – 2 parts  - A two part exercise to be done an hour to a 

month apart. Assists in placing events in order, and these are not limited to

this lifetime. Places in order the events to be healed & the conscious mind

will be more peaceful in the healing . 1st part brings the peace, the 2nd part

begins the chronological order.

(3) Under Protection of the Mind – easily influenced or controlled by others, may have tendency to act out neg. patterns of  parents,   trouble with reasoning, fear of making a mistake.  Usually has a set 9 to 5 job.

(3) Universal Cycle – how the mind connects to the god-self & developing the ability of non- separation center point exists in each of us from which all light emanates.

(14) Universal Eye - better awareness & understanding of why change & how it affects one. 


(5) Vision of Youth – restores or develops inner vision. Will assist in seeing visions of people 

                      when doing work on them   

(5) Walking Skeleton – arthritis, loosing strength in the bones, severe injury changes skeleton,    walking differently affects organs  in the body.

(2) Water Body  - communicates who & what they are, can be forceful

(8) Water Channel - Only to be done after the Sea Body Ex.  This is for people who have a fear of the water, whether the fear is conscious or unconscious. For ones who want to deeply connect with dolphins or whales. Strongest for ones who want to go deeper with the emotions, not reliving the trauma but understanding the emotions especially from other lifetimes.

(5) Wind Invasion- Symptoms may include, dizziness, restless sleep, blurry vision, and numbness in fingers. If this continues in a person, it is called the liver wind, & will affect the head & the heart. Sinus problems & hay fever are a direct result of wind invasion.

(2) Wood Body – can be involved in many projects at once. expansive mind & emotions. Also can  be stubborn, a workaholic

(15) Zen Valley , Earth Pot & Ocean of Energy -  Builds the Bodie’s Immune System, Great  

                       before viruses hit

(2) Yang Balance – Excess yang: Symptons include fever, hot sweats, constipation, chronic thirst, dark urine, dry lips& mouth, heavy breathing, rapid pulse, irritability, hypertension, chronic  stress

(2) Yin Balance - Excessive Yin – symptoms may include cold chills, cold hands, feet, diarrhea,  lack of thirst, shallow breathing, slow pulse, lethargic.

• (12) Yellow Seed – for healers –  removing the seed which blocks the seeing & feeling of energies.



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