What people have to say about their energy work:

After many years of stomach aches dealing with an ex-spouse, I had an exercise done to get him out of my energy field.  THis exercise lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.  It was subtle yet very exhilarating.

B.J. Granby, Co 

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and felt so lousy all the time.  I decided to take an alternative route including a series of energy work exercises.  Instead of getting worse, as was predicted, I have improved greatly and am looking forward to a complete healing. 

C.F.L.  Denver, CO

I have struggled with addictions and began a series of energy treatments regarding my addiction, self esteem, and bonding.  The struggle lightened.

P.K. Boulder, CO

I am a survivor of child abuse.  The Tai-Yi exercises helped me to release pain I had carried for many years.

K.A.H.  Fraser, CO

Energy Work is only for those committed to their own personal exploration and healing.


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