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Tai Yi Energy Work / Life Energy Flow

Tai-Yi Energy Work is an ancient Chinese hands-on healing technique . The name Tai-Yi  translates to Supreme Movement.  Tai-Yi  predates acupuncture. Tai- Yi is based upon the grid systems of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Creating an opening of these bodies’ gates and meridians, allows for  a balanced  flow of energy  which results in harmony and a greater  well-being on all levels.

GOOD HEALTH and JOY  are how we are meant to live,  not in pain and dis-ease.

Tai-Yi energy work  are specific  healing for specific  issues, and is  the most powerful energy work available.

Past Life Regressions

Review past Lives

Release old Issues

Renew & Rejoice - live your life to the fullest

Past life regression can assist in uncovering old issues whether physical mental or emotional.  In unlocking our past, we clear the way for a brighter more peaceful future.Sessions are $75.00 and usually last from an hour to an hour and a half.Results vary per person and your individual willingness to look deep, therefore, I cannot guarantee the outcome, but for most it has been a life altering experience.

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