• Tai Yi Energy Healing

    Tai Yi Energy Healing is the most powerful hands-on energy healing modality today. Tai Yi Energy Healing originated in China more than 5000 years ago. Tai Yi translates from the ancient Chinese to Supreme Life Energy Flow. When energy within your body is stagnated, meaning that gates and meridians are blocked, energy does not flow properly and efficiently throughout the body. This is when you will experience poor health, emotional imbalance & accumulated stress. Tai Yi Energy Healing opens the gates and meridians, balances the energy centers allowing the return to health, greater peace and harmony. A Tai Yi Energy Healing Treatment creates the flow of energy throughout the human system, including but not limited to – the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, the spiritual body and more. Another unique aspect of Tai Yi Energy Healing is that Tai Yi treatments offers specific healing treatments for specific issues. For example, we have treatment that address anger, abuse, physical disease, emotional and spiritual dis-ease, and much much more. Tai Yi Energy Healing balances the body, the mind, and the spirit. Isn’t it all about creating a life of JOY!

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  • Past Life Regression Therapy

    Past life regression is a means of exploring & discovering different aspects of yourself. These aspects are You and you sharie the same Higher soul. What is/has been experienced by your aspects affects & influences what is happening now.

    Past Life Regression begins with an energy session opening up the cerebellum & giving you access to your own akashic records. Your Akashic records are your own personal library of all your thoughts, deeds & emotions from every lifetime. You will be guided into a deep meditative/hypnotic state. This will be an experiential experience. From your Akashic records you will go to the lifetime that your Higher Self has brought you to. I will assist you as a guide on this journey in uncovering old issues whether physical mental or emotional. In unlocking and understanding your past, we will clear the way for a brighter more peaceful future..

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  • Life Coaching for Spiritual Growth & Healing

    Life Coaching for Spiritual Growth & Healing is about discovering what are your obstacles and/or challenges for living the life you desire. Then we team together to choose an action plan to assist in creating the life you want.

    Grief Coaching

    I am a certified grief coach/educator and will be offering both grief support groups and individual grief counseling.

    Your story is important to me and I will witness your story as I support and assist you in one of life's most painful and difficult journeys.
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About Me

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For 30+ years I have been a student of metaphysics and have been thrilled by the discoveries found in searching outside the ordinary. I was guided to an extraordinary teacher and have been studying primarily with the Jonah Life Institute and Hossca Harrison and Tai Yi School of Healing. I will continue my studies as long as I am in this physical reality to keep my path clear and vibrant and I have a great deal of fun with it.

I have been a hands-on healing practitioner of Tai-Yi Life Energy Flow for 27 years, and am privileged to be in advanced level studies of Tai-Yi Energy.  

We continue our classes where we learn new and stronger techniques for deeper more profound healing. The students of Tai-Yi Life Energy Flow learn new energy techniques and new energy treatments on an on-going basis which I look forward to sharing with those seeking to heal and release old issues as well as energy treatments which assist in taking our lives to new heights of joy & understanding.  a very deep and profound level offered by Tai-Yi LEF.®

I also offer past Life Regression Therapy for a deep dive into your akashic records & discovering your other aspects. Through this discovery you can recognize the whys and whats of your life. Are there patterns you wish to release?  Are you stuck or have a crazy fear that just doesn’t make sense.  Past Life Regression may unlock & reveal many hidden & not so hidden parts of ourselves. Let’s explore these together.

With Life Coaching I focus on Spiritual Growth & Rejuvenation. We will create plans of action & exploration. Is something holding you back? Let’s explore & release those issues.

I am an accredited Grief Coach/educator. I studied with David Kessler a kind and gentle teacher as well as one of the leading experts in grief counseling.  I have personally experienced almost every form of grief and I am using my personal experiences as well as learning from other grief experts to assist us through some of our darkest tunnels.

My life’s purpose is to assist people in realizing that love and joy is within us all.  
Any questions: mtn.star@icloud.com or 970-531-1056



  • After many years of stomach aches dealing with an ex-spouse, I had an exercise done to get him out of
    B.J. Granby, Co
  • I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and felt so lousy all the time. I decided to take an alternative route
    C.F.L. Denver, CO
  • I have struggled with addictions and began a series of energy treatments regarding my addiction, self-esteem, and bonding. The struggle lightened.
    P.K. Boulder, CO
  • I am a survivor of child abuse. The Tai-Yi exercises helped me to release pain I had carried for many years.
    K.A.H. Fraser, CO
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