Preparing for a Tai-Yi Treatment

 Remove all metals as I will also. Metals absorb energies and bounce them around and back and forth from each of us
 Wear comfortable clothing – usually running clothes or sweats are best
 You will usually stay clothed, though occasionally if I use oils, then you
May partially disrobe, though always with great discretion, and your comfort of modesty
 Before the session I will have you deep breathe – doing equalized
breathing - to relax and change your brain frequency
 This is your time & about your healing. After the treatment take the rest
of the day off, spend time with what you are healing.
 Focus on the issue we are here to work on
 During a treatment – you may fall asleep – great you are relaxed
 We will discuss the purpose of each healing treatment and then you will
be able to focus on this during the treatment.