FAQQuestions and Answers

  • How long does an energy treatment take?

    An energy session can run anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Treatments may be one session or multiple sessions, All of this will be discussed to allow you to chose your options. Please see our list of all available treatments. and call if you have any questions.
  • What do I wear during an energy treatment?

    You may wear fitted, comfortable clothes. Please take off all jewelry and metal.
  • Is it o.k. if I need to take a break to go to the restroom?

    Yes, you may go to the bathroom.
  • Is it o.k. if I fall asleep during an energy session?

    After the energy session, that day have no other bodywork done-massage, chiropractic, etc. so as no to mess up the grid. For the next few days the energy builds and increases in the body and it will be subtle, yet powerful. You may experience feeling lighter as you are healing something deep or you may experience some sort of release.
  • What should I expect after my energy session?

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  • What kind of training has Sharon received?

    Sharon has studied Tai Yi for 28 years and is an advanced certified practitioner of Tai Yi. Sharon continues her Tai Yi classes & continuously learns new & exciting treatments
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