Tai-Yi Energy Treatments Index

  • Chakra/Energy Point 1 - Root Energy Point.

    When the root energy point is out of balance - can be a wobbling effect.Will hit into 2 & knocks #2 out of balance & creates a frequency of Emotional out of balance Symptoms: not grounded, not focused, problems with feet legs, constipation, hemroids, tailbone, Arthritis in lower spine, hips & pubic bone area. Stress about financial security. You The cause for #1 to go out of balance – people that are not grounded & look for other people to take care of them. In balance: feel creative energies, do not procrastinate. Are focused & grounded and enjoy what you are doing. These are chronic & work slowly. Can change what causes you to be out of balance. If you are chronically out of balance – make a choice to become more focused to regain balance. Be creative, not empower procrastination & be focused & grounded in what you are doing.
  • Chakra/Energy Point 2 Giving & Receiving (chakra)

    Negative symptoms stagnation within the sexual & reproduction health. It is called giving & receiving because it gives & it receives. It doesn’t just have to do with sex but has to do with giving & receiving but it is not limited to sex. It is equally giving & receiving. Some people do not accept or cannot give. Positive- enjoy sex as an equal exchange. Is an exchange of energy. How much do you demand / and how much do you want to be taken care of. Entitlement – what is it? Most want to take & get – what can they get away with. 2nd energy point, needs to be expressed with quality. Quality of your bond, quality of yourself & who you are as a person. Quality of your environment. What is the quality of your bond? With your children, as an adult, with siblings, with yourself. Without quality, you do not have Clear energy with - It is a pattern, everything exists in patterns. Most people don’t look at their own patterns. What is your pattern with the quality of your bond, yourself & your environment. It is the overall pattern that creates the reality. Your chosen pattern does work. Does life/the universe owe you something? Universe will provide is a huge bunch of crap. It is about giving/receiving on all levels. Do you require others to change before you are willing to give. If not willing to give it.
  • Chakra/Energy Point 3 – Solar Plexus

    Stagnant Solar Plexus – have digestive problems, stomach cancers, pancreas & gall bladder issues. Pancreas isn’t regulated when pancreas is out of balance & is easy to be influenced. Sugar level – do not allow themselves to absorb the sweetness of lifThe e pancreas is a joy regulator. How willing are you willing to enjoy what you have? One Carries a deep fear of rejection if Energy Point 3 is impacted. When Point 3 is out of balance, ones are most prone to be corded. A healthy/ positive Solar Plexus – good digestive system. You don’t allow ones take your power away. What do you absorb in life. How do you choose to digest life & emotions. The Solar Plexus – separates nutrients from waste. When absorb emotions from someone else, how long do you carry it? Do I carry emotional impact from childhood? Most positive things to having healthy Solar Plexus Learn to let go! Took on an emotional disturbance from long time ago & have held onto it – WHY? Many can’t/don’t let go of things? Stop judging. Where is your power? ask in exploring the state of health of the SP. Is it money, position etc. Could one hold their power in whining. Many can play the who is me card. Do you have boundaries? Where are your boundaries? Energy can’t be destroyed, it is only changed. If dissected the solar plexus, predominant energy is guilt What does Guilt do the Mental Body? It bends it. Meaning, guilt bends the reflection from the mind to something that’s not there. You see things that are not there. Guilt can run a great trip on the mind. If you didn’t care about emotional repercussions, how hard would it be to manipulate you? Acid in the digestive system is very powerful. Take on more anger (acid) – acid reflux is long standing anger – often from childhood. That anger creates an imbalance of anger.
  • Chakra/ Energy Point 4 - Heart

    Often referred to as heart chakra, it is there but it is the Lungs that are more centered – could call it the lung center, heart center. Physical - When stagnant have asthma, heart issues, fear of being alone. When stagnant people are least willing to accept spiritual guidance. A Healthy Pt. 4 – people are open to guidance & allow self to be loved, for who you are. Is also known as a spiritual balancer & is bringing the spiritual & mental into the physical. Healthy: You have a soul. You incarnated in time, family etc. and you used that wisdom of the soul to take that leap. Within the plan/pathway of the soul, prior to coming into the physical, you chose a certain family. Starts at conception, birth stage of growing. Going down the path as a soul. Different choices are presented. What if the soul has these choices to achieve, not a vacation spot. Came here to experience something. Make a choice & on the pathway presented with different choices. Are you straying from your pathway/ your soul? Is social conditioning taking the place of the soul? What will you chose – follow brain or your soul? Your brain will turn to dust but your soul won’t. who get priority the soul or the brain? How do you know the difference. A healthy spiritual balancer - #4 – what if the soul makes a choice & pushes you in a direction contrary to your social beliefs. Did you incarnate to follow social beliefs or follow the soul - Who has more wisdom. Your soul guides – does not force you to do anything. When follow the soul, may begin to experience joy. It is both addicting & destructive to follow the brain social conditioning. How do you maintain a balanced #4? Have a balanced 4th energy point by using it. & it can be very, very powerful ability The soul choses the pathway – why? A soul never stops learning but comes a point where a soul learns in pure joy. Innate desire to learn & to assist souls A balanced 4th energy center is balanced by using it & that is how you maintain the balance.
  • Chakra/Energy Point 5 -- throat

    When Stagnant – thyroid, chronic sore throat, ear infections, pain in neck & shoulders, difficulty expressing self in a way that is understoodPositive – clear voice & easy to speak truth in balance Balance of expression – out of balance – speaking too much or not enough. Is it pure/polluted, authentic/inauthentic. What is the difference between mental expression & emotional expression? Mental & Emotional are expressed with in balance – one over the other is imbalance Mental – must also be able to feel it with the emotions. All bodies must work together for a balance How do you use your voice & what if it is unacceptable – do you shut up and be a good person. To use your voice affects all the energy points. The 5th energy point is powerful as it allows you to communicate. The voice takes an energy & it brings it into the physical.
  • Chakra/Energy Point 6 - Third Eye

    Has the ability to see the future. Must be balanced with the emotions and to be understood. If you have a tendency to be mental, then the emotional frequency will be out of balance. When stagnant, one can have frequent headaches and blurred vision. Your vision becomes blurred then focuses back. Prone to sinus infections. Emotional Body is often moody & stubborn. In balance 6th EP - Have much patience & carry a vision of soul future & carry a vision of their soul future. How mental is your vision of life. Get a glimpse of vision, does your mind become mental & you force what you are seeing. Mental body has become predominant. How much stress do you carry? Rate yourself 1 to 10 & what is the stress based on. Is it based on a mental vision? How many have healthy patience. Patient in their process of creating. What if many obstacles & detours in life are the result of impatience. Do you absorb beliefs from friends, family or society? Is this the energy that you are creating with. Some can take a deep look at their relationships – mate, friends family, all relationships. Your choices that you made at that time & look at why you made the choices that you made. Were you following the blueprint of another. Also be aware that you can go back in your memories and look at past relationships & be cautious, when you revisit the past, you change the past – you change little perspectives of your path. Whose blueprint were you following or was it totally you? What energy lead to that reality? Look at the blueprint that lead to create that particular reality – where did it come from? Good place to search was what relationship was chosen with your parents. This begin the ball rolling in terms of what kind of relationship you create. What is the vision you see – see vision of creating something. What if you do not have what it takes to create it? Do you attempt to force what you do not have & create that reality? Goes back to patience. We all experience time differently. Think about, do you enjoy your time or does it stress you out? Does time control you? Do events in time control your thoughts & emotions. How much mental stress does you r time create for you? How much drama & turmoil do you experience in relation to time. If cannot enjoy the moment, then you certainly will not enjoy your future. Must change the drama, trauma & turmoil that is going on in your life right now. Patience creates peace in the creative process. Has a smoothing energy. How many stress their lives out so much saying there isn’t enough time to get everything done. Do you use the time wisely or do you procrastinate. Fundamental purpose of being prepared is using your time wisely. What if you then started enjoying life a little bit more. Learning to be patient is the key to mastering joy. What does this mean to you? Patience creates peace in the creative process. Has a smoothing energy. Worry makes the 3rd eye very mental & may not be part of their soul pathway. 6th point is in and around the pineal gland.
  • Chakra/Energy Point 7 – Crown Energy

    The core of the crown sits partly in the skull where the soft spot was on the top of the skull. If out of balance have mental illness –rigidity in thinking – looping energy throughout the brain Tendency to strokes & brain cancer. Mental forgetfulness Clear – carry clear thoughts and they live in their knowingness & can easily connect to their higher self. Can ask, what is the source of your wisdom & where do you create from? what guides your life, your choices, The brain is like your hardware and is designed to run on a certain frequency – do you use the proper software – running around in small circles. The mind is the software and needs to fit with the brain. Designed to fit with own intelligence. Looping is overheating – running yourself out. Does life burn you out? Do you enjoy your time? Must be willing to let go of something in order to heal. Letting go can be the crutch of the issue. What is appropriate for you? When someone has invested a lot time money emotions etc. created a painful reality and then they will seek to protect their investment. You can look at the old reality & you can remodel it but it is still the old.
  • Mystical Heart

    The Mystical Heart is a treatment that works with the physical heart, but more than the physical heart, it allows the heart awareness to be allied with the mind. This treatments works with the physical, etheric, and lower Soul bodies. not simply to do if someone has had a heart attack. It is to work on the mystical What about the mystical realms of the earth. Those that have not been understood. Understanding that frequency and that energy. Not just the phys heart, but the heart chakra too. The Song of the Mysterious Heart. About the longing for one’s mystical home. The longing was there but the memory of how to return had been forgotten. Return to the mystical heart, the mystical family, the mystical home. The chinese master played a song for Hossca song for him and the song had a longing Helps to open up that frequency. It is an enchanting experience
  • heart Tension

    This treatment works with the Emotional Body. In a healthy individual mental & emotional body balances the energy. When a situation or environment is traumatic then mental can come in and balance the energies. Exchange should be like one, should counter balance each other. Or protect each other. This treatment assists in relieving anxiety, grief & guilt in the emotional body. The ideal candidate for the treatment is one who takes emotional responsibility for the choices & reality of their family members and friends. This treatment is especially beneficial for mother’s whose children carry a habit of making destructive choices. This treatment is also beneficial for ones who take on the pain of family & friends. It is to understand that this treatment is intended for individuals whose underlying energy is that of love. However that underlying energy of love is being misused & abused. It is important to differentiate between this underlying energy and that of a manipulative intent. Did you take on the emotion as if it happened to you instead of it happening to them. Healthy to assist as you maintain your own energy. This treatment will not work on anyone with a manipulative intent. In this context I mean manipulative intent as trying to force one in a direction contrary to their own being. Exception: when the relationship is naturally unbalanced. The simplest distinction is made in looking at ones attachment to the desired outcome. Is it predefined, or is it for the general good & wellbeing of the family member/ friend? It is the underlying intent is clear, but the choices being made are not clear, this is the correct exercise.
  • Aging Youth Series ( 5 parts )

    1.Marrow Life This treatment is the first part of AYS. According to Ancient Chinese Life Energy Flow medicine the body deteriorates for many reasons, but one main reason is the blood does not keep its ability to feed and protect your body from the harsh elements of our environment, especially from GMO and Chemtrials. The bone marrow produces red blood cells and one type of white blood cells, but as one ages the marrow becomes contaminated and produces fewer useful blood cells. Therefore, our blood becomes weaker allowing for a rapid aging process. This treatment works with both Red Bone Marrow and Yellow Bone Marrow. This treatment is not to be done on children under the age of 8, as young children do not have Yellow Marrow only Red Marrow. 2. Blood LifeThis treatment is the second part of AYS Series. Blood is a body fluid that transports essential elements in the body. About 8% of the human body weight is blood.Blood has many functions. The two most important of which are the transport of Life Energy Flow to the tissues and the removal of wastes from tissues.Blood transports oxygen to all the tissues of the body, especially the ones in the brain. Hormones, nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and other body regulating elements, are transported through the blood as well. Blood is composed basically of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma.The red blood cells called erythrocytes carry oxygen. The white blood cells or leukocytes are the soldier cells that fight infection.Nutrients, hormones, and waste products like carbon dioxide are also found in the blood. The more waste products in the blood have a direct interaction with time. I will be speaking at this class in regards to Jonah’s Intensive message on time, describing how the waste products in the blood using the illusion of time for ill health, and growing old. 3. Muscular Skeleton LifeCan be preventative for arthritis, or diseases of the muscle & the skeleton. This works with the memory of the muscular/skeleton of your youth, but can also go to the mental & emotional bodies. When there is mental & emotional trauma impacted it will intensify injury of the body & the body will attempt to keep it in place. 4. Digestive Immune LifeThis is for the physical, mental & emotional immune digestive system. Chemical markers change people have difficulty with intestines etc. Science has made it a disease. Grid goes deeper by doing it 3 times. Will feel stronger each time. 5. Brain Life Ask: When did you make the choice to be unhappy? You made a choice to be unhappy. Most people want happiness but continue to sabotage – making their creation more powerful than they are. (The punishing god) The elite wants you to stay passive as a tribe/ society & culture.
  • Higher Bodies – 8th through 12th - (5 parts)

    8th Body Qual de Say 8th - Body of AwarenessThis treatment works on the 8th body called Qual de Say, matter unseen, or called Dark Matter that works in a vacuum and pulls energy from the higher bodies to the lower bodies creating the star of creation. The time before mysticism is where many ancient symbols come from. Eighth body -Qual de say – matter unseen, matter that works in a vacuum. Matter that works in a vacuum and pulls energy from the higher bodies to the lower bodies, which create the Star of Creation. The time before mysticism is where many ancient symbols originated. This treatment is not intended to repair bodies 8 - 12, but rather allow the lower bodies to “conceive” their identity. Bottom Line: This treatment brings the 8th body into alignment, meaning it pulls the lower bodies into alignment. 9th Body “Qua Lay Du” The Ninth Body. Dark Energy.A gravitational pull pulls lower bodies to upper bodies and allows the center of the Star of Creation. The Star of Creation is a map. This has to do with Tai Yi and the Star of Creation. This can be used to expand consciousness to more understanding of our soul heritage. 10th Body Matrix Body – Grand Grid System [Quau shee] Grand Grid System that connects all of the bodies together. Super Grid or Master Grid. Master Alignment that aligns all these bodies. Master alignment of the lower & the upper triangles. 11th Body - Over-Soul Body: [Queen-este] The part of self that allows for a reflection of light like a prism. All light rays to travel to different parts of self. This is part of the Individuality and the expression of the Individuality. This is that determining factor of the expression of abilities. The part of self that carries wisdom. The part of self that lifts one up above the lower realms of consciousness. The Protector. The Guardian. This is the part of one to tune into for wisdom & understanding. The part that manifest abilities to accomplish. Also often the part of self that is stagnated from other parts of self. 12. God Body: - [Ge-ost] We are an aspect of god through the god body and a meridian to all god parts beyond time & space. The God Self, God Body is connected through out all of the body is connected to all of the universe to God consciousness. There is no separation in all that exists. There is no attachment to god self, it simply is. Is a life force, Life Flow Energy. God is unconditional love. Beings can carry great power of unconditional love with no human body.
  • Winter Storm

    This is to be done in the season of WINTER only. This assists ones who are going deeper into their healing in order to emerge in a more healed state in the spring. Focus on one issue
  • Universal Cells

    Humans are multicellular, complex organisms. The cells inside our bodies are “specialized.” This means that each type of cell performs a unique and special function. For this reason, each of the 200 different types of cells in the body has a different structure, size, shape, and function. BUT Universal Cells are beyond our 30 trillion human cells. They are distinct and have another purpose and function. This treatment balances out these cells. This treatment works exceptionally well for those with mental, emotional, and physical/sexual abuse before age 5. Cells in the brain go through transformation at the age of 5, the brain begins changing. At the age of 5 to adulthood. If there is going to be a difficulty in the body, walking, speaking etc. that starts setting the stage at the age of 5. The age of 5 determines how the energy is going to work with the U-cells. Prior to 5 works with the other 200 types of cells of the body. The treatment will function differently after 5 because it now works with U-cells. By 5 the code of your life has been written out. You can change this – work with cells, and have Tai Yi. U-cells give off warning cells starting at 5 if you tune into them & listen to them. This signal sends of warnings. Autoimmune disease only takes place in an auto immune that is being abused. 1.This treatment works with abuse that had happened before 5. This abuse came from an exterior environment. This treatment will assist in healing this. Each of the 200 types U-cells are not human cells. This treatment balances out these cells. 2. If have developed an issue – leukemia, schizophrenia etc. is working directly with U-cells.The age of the body changes the treatment. These cells look like stars in the sky.The blood goes through the brain. U-cells are just in humans, not any other life forms. They are not in our DNA, but are passed along to each human when they are born. Help with abductees – treatment helps repair the U-cells that have experienced trauma or destruction. Heals the – E-M trauma. Heals & resets the cells. U-cell keeps one connected to the Universe. Carries the consciousness of connection to the Universe. Takes more effort to damage U-cell than human cell. Will feel peace after the treatment
  • Underworld

    This exercise is for ones who feel they are always under attack. Also for ones who have a dependency for drugs, alcohol and /or feed on depression.
  • Truth Anxiety

    This treatment depletes anxiety caused by an awakening to truth within self, which is usually the result of denial and resistance to change.
  • Toxic Moon

    This treatments assists ones who are seeking to resolve their toxic emotions attached to past events, such as abused child syndrome. For abuse of all kinds, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Only do this exercise 5 days before or 5 days after a full moon. Can do this exercise before brain deception
  • Trail of Emotional Death: 2 parts

    24 to 48 hours apart. This exercise sets up an energy shield to guard the emotional body from chem-trails. Chemicals have a tendency todeeply affect the Emotional Body. Helps to prevents feelings of apathy and so the Emotional Body can feel. People whofeel disconnected or attitude of what’s the use. Drink more water & eat clean foods.
  • Toxic Joints

    This treatment works with painful joints due to toxic fever. Fever has nothing to do with having a temperature. The Toxic Joints works with the physical, emotional, and etheric bodies.
  • Toxic Entity Energy - 2 Parts

    This treatment clears the energy from one's energy field after being in contact with toxic entities. Mostly non-physical, but also includes physical. It also repairs the damage to the energy field that was caused by toxic entities. Toxic Entity Both parts can be done from 2 hours apart to 2 days apart. This treatment works primarily on one's physical, mental, emotional, astral, and ethereal bodies.
  • Toxic Bond - 2 parts

    This treatment is for ones who are ready to heal and get on with their life after experiencing a toxic bond relationship. The relationship can be mates, parents, children, friends, or co-workers, or any relationship that is toxic. It also works for ones who had a toxic relationship many years ago, and that toxic energy continues to influence current relationships or interferes with creating a future healthy relationship. Toxic bonding and how it influences our perceptions, love of life, and current and future realities. This treatment is a 2-part treatment, which can be done 1 to 9 days apart. Toxic Bond works with the mental, emotional, etheric, and astral bodies.
  • Tomorrow’s Yesterday

    This exercise helps to keep one focused on what they are creating today. Great for people who continue to recreate the past or to leave the future up to someone else or something else.
  • The 12th Dragon

    The 12th Dragon is known as the 12th door in more advanced TaiYi. This exercise opens & monitors the gates connecting each body. It allows for a more fluid transition to higher understanding (higher mind & all bodies). For people who are healing and making movement in their life.
  • The Sound of God

    This treatment works for increasing the sound of the etherical human body, also for some increases hearing. It also awakens the sub-conscious voice.
  • The Power To Be One.

    Opening the seed of self-power, which is often over ridden by the propaganda from social and religious consciousness. Bottom Line: Becoming aware of the walls we build to hide our power. The Seed–the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies, located in the center of the Solar Plexus. Feel greater self-empowerment. Walls are in the shape of a shield, Ready to make a breakthrough, then come crashing down. Abusing power is the same as taking from others. Can assist to understand the walls. Assist people on a physical level to assist people in their individuality.
  • Strings of Inception (2 parts).

    Over the years, I have spoken of String Theory, but it is not a theory. (Be sure to read my 3-part article starting in July (The Birth of All Living Things, The Universe). This treatment works for people who have damaged (in the womb or after birth) their strings. In the womb could be caused by chemical, mental, or emotional abuse during pregnancy. The immune system has been compromised & allows for new different viruses. The strings are a frequency & when in tune carry incredible knowledge & out of tune leads to difficulties. Works with meridians & major energy points. Feeling like everything is flowing your way. Specifically with the 12 energy pt. Does increase your immune system. Memories are energized by strings going into the bodies. Memories don’t leave the strings & this treatment helps to restore this.
  • Sound of Punishment

    THAT WHICH WAS, IS, UNTIL UNDERSTOOD AND HEALED…JONAH This exercise is for ones who have been punished for following their path in whatever life it may have been in. This exercise clears out the residue of pain punishment, including fear. Residue of punishment, creates a sound and an irritation – removes the residue of sound.
  • Spiritual Addiction

    This exercise works mostly with adults, & can be done on teens, and NEVER for anyone who is pre-puberty. This exercise works with the part of the brain that controls addiction, known as the pleasure pathway, this exercise works with dopamine transmitters. Spiritual addiction is the same as any addiction as far as the brain is concerned. This is for people who can’t let go of spiritual pain which blocks pleasure from being experienced. These people are usually described as spiritual shoppers. They keep looking for some joy in life, hoping to find joy in the context of spiritual acceptance. Mental – Emotional levels of addiction, Spiritual addiction works with these areas. Goes thru the mental – emotional meridians & comes as a result of low self-esteem.
  • Spine of the Brain.

    Ending the Separation between the Brain and the Spine. This exercise clears out clutter, and confusion, allowing greater communication between the brain and spine. This will increase immune function. Bottom line? This will assist in spinal difficulties, spinal pain. Great for people who continue to need spinal chiropractic adjustments, or have some type of spinal injury.
  • Splitting of the Brain – 2 parts

    This treatment is about healing the issue of being pulled in two directions at once over a long period. The treatment also helps identify where the two directions come from in your life cycle. This treatment also helps heal the division between human dust and stardust. Division between human dust & star dust. Everything on earth is made up of star dust. What do you experience going back & forth, you are splitting your brain. The brain tries to bring your brain into the future Brain uses pictures. What you want and what you need to create. When you have a need & you know you need to create something & this need involves someone or something else. You may need to move consc to lower or middle line. – collect what you need & move it to the top line. Assist to bring to the brain where you are & where you are going. Have to be willing to make the changes & work on the issues. In higher frequency collect & meet what you want. Have a physical or Mental or Emotional ailment, Go to the past – where that ailment was created & heal it with that energy. Do that with honor & integrity About being pulled in 2 directions at once over a long time & identify. Learn the difference between the different feelings that you have.
  • Sleeping Procrastination

    PROCRASTINATION IS DENIAL OF TODAY’S ABILITY… HOSSCA This exercise is to awaken ones energy, emotionally, mentally and physically to work now on healing. Brings greater awareness to one’s procrastination & sends energy into one owning their own procrastination.
  • Shyness Complex

    This helps in healing a defect in the Brain personality (usually from severe punishment, or fear of punishment). This personality type usually looks for ones to take care of them, save them. This leads to deep levels of depression. The personality also has difficulty staying on their path, because it is so easy for them to be swayed in another direction.
  • Shielding the Mind From Human Drama

    This treatment establishes a shield around the mind to protect you from self-created "Denial of Life" syndrome. Bottom Line: Coming to know self, without influence from mass consciousness. Also a wonderful treatment for ones beginning to open to their own spirituality journey or being tested. Great for establishing boundaries when going to be with family or others.
  • Sea Wave

    Sea Wave is an emotional treatment. The purpose of the sea wave is to create a sense of emotional calmness within an individual. This exercise works with removing old stagnant energy, which will allow the individual to feel a renewed emotional state. It is very beneficial immediately following cord removal.
  • Sanitizing the Brain Part 1 & 2

    This is a two-part treatment, which works with the “BBB” Blood Brain Barrier to strengthen its function. People can benefit from this treatment after an illness, long-term dehydration, long-term cell phone use, and computer usage. This exercise works on the Emotional Body. Mist – fog in terms of emotion, Have issues but can’t see what it is. Removes emotional mist. Has a pleasant after effect in terms of the emotional body and allows for a clarity of emotions. Clear on an issue – giving an alternate perspective for what we are working on.
  • (The) Roots of Conception

    . Integrate the new with the old. There is a lot more to his treatment. I will be talking about the purpose and value of The Roots of Conception. This is how a balanced black hole assists with. Some may be 2 years, 12 years but overall is about 7 years. Programs the cells to rejuvenate itself like a scar. The conception that occurs every 7 years. When it rejuvenates it leaves a residue. It is cleaned up by the Black hole. After Bl Hole has cleansed, you might want to do the roots of conception. This feeds all of the organs of the body to be balanced, v rehashing the old. Will feel cleaner. It will assist the different organs that will renew itself in the body. It is a continuum that occurs in the body and the rejuvenation will occur more smoothly.
  • Reversed Flow of Life

    This treatment corrects the flow of energy, causing dis-easing. Not to be confused with any other treatment on disease Specific for those with a reverse flow of energy. Someone who has been in a traumatic accident. Been in a high level of fear. Received shocking news. People who have a tendency to re-experience their past. Ones have a tendency to keep on reliving their past, particularly a singular past event. Something happened, it was traumatic – even 20 years ago, but keep going back to it. It keeps haunting them. When sudden energies occur, it can create a backflow of energy & energy comes forward in a destructive manner. Treatment works with the body as a whole. Occurs in Astral Body or Mental Body.
  • Revelations from Core Issue – 2 parts

    . This treatment works with uncovering the Core Issue by removing the Astral Energy, which interferes with consciousness. I have not spoken a lot about Astral Energy, or the Astral Plane, but I will take time to explain this energy and how it affects everyone to different varying degrees. The Revelations from Core Issue works with the Astral, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies. This treatment is a 2-part treatment
  • Retrieving Consciousness – 2 parts

    1 – 48 hours (ideal time is 1 to 2 hours) There would be different reasons for this treatment if your consciousness changed from mass belief inducted by fear and or forgetfulness, assisting ones to remember past lives, and remembering your commitment to yourself. Can assist people out of their fear. Could it be that what one seeks they don’t want when it arrives. If one seeks consciousness – what would they do with their consciousness?
  • Restoring the Wick

    This treatment is about restoring the death of passion. The wick not the fire.This is for people who have lost or misused their passion. The passion went out and they can’t find their passion. This will open meridians that used to freely flow. Can remember again what they were passionate about. Also, restoring the purpose for passion. Restoring where to put the passion. This works on the physical, mental and emotional bodies (Can follow with Brain Passion.)This is restoring one from the death of passion. Everyone has been passionate about something in their life. But may have been convinced to do something else and lost their passion. Part of sacred psychology – works with higher & lower minds, gently restoring what was put somewhere else.
  • Regression

    This treatment is for people who have allowed themselves to regress based on projections of energy from ones who resist your desire to change. Ones lower their vibratory level begins with mental anger. emotionally they become more depressed accept more consciousness of environment mate, work, community Desire to be accepted vs sometimes it feels good to regress you have healed and made changesthose around you aren’t happy you regress and everyone tells you how good it is to have you back being you When you make those choices and lower your vibration to your environment Becomes more difficult to raise back up again because you have created a barriers This treatment assists in breaking through the barrier Living the heart, which is not acceptable in our society.Assists in dismantling wall to go back to where you were.
  • Liver - Rebirthing the Liver of Life

    This treatment is for the physical and etherical liver. This treatment is not for ones who continue to abuse their liver.
  • Refining Energy for Quantum Consciousness.

    raw energy and refined energy. This exercise will assist in refining raw energy to allow greater power in what one seeks to create. Bottom Line? Improve your energy output.
  • Simple Item 359

  • Recovering from the Illusion of Escape – 2 parts.

    Subtle escape is often not realized. You are trying to escape something you have chosen to resolve. When it is drawn out, more difficult & mire painful Recovering – become aware of choices you have made to escape. The awareness will come out by the next choice you make. We make little choices to escape until it comes back & hits you in the head. It is a feeling, an awareness inside of you. How you will feel after the treatment, will be like a mild release of stress. Stress is a human component – amount of stress carried 10 years. ago by your body, it could handle it. If take on the stress now it is more destructive as your body is 10 years older. Is there something you don’t want to deal with? This form of stress affects the physical heart and affects circulation. excuse not to resolve something, it shows up in mind & brain field. You may feel better after making a decision even when based on excuses, but then will turn to irritation & anger as the decision was not from the heart. Lower level of med., you are tuning into your beliefs & your ancestral heritage. This can benefit in understanding your beliefs & the excuses which lead you on the path of escapism. Lower levels can assist one to look at your patterns - key is to move beyond old patterns. There never is an escape. Can you enjoy healing? This treatment will assist you in understanding your patterns. You may think you are healing but you are using the same pattern to heal & it won’t work. Exterior issues change but the individual human consciousness has not changed for multiple millenniums
  • Recipient of Abuse

    How many are recipients of abuse, either physical abuse, thought projection, mental, or emotional abuse? This treatment is not for childhood abuse but rather abuse that has occurred as you begin developing your true spiritual nature. Many are experiencing mental/emotional abuse because of their stand on vaccinations. Some are denied seeing family unless they get vaccinated. Majority of the world are in deep level of fear. Lots of abuse going on. When people begin to wake up, they encounter abuse. Then they question waking up. Question the change they want to make in their life. It like a shadow hangs over them. People are waking up & others try to slam them down. Those people if they held a control abuse those who awaken. It helps put a shield between abuse & movement of spirituality. People look where they have been & want to move on to something else. Often thought projections come from people that you work with
  • PTSD - Stress of Death (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD) – 2 parts

    This treatment works with PTSD in helping to heal very deep issues of trauma. Many attach this disorder to war, but this disorder can be the result of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse. Some forms of trauma as an adult, which can lead to PTSD are car accidents, natural disaster, sudden illness, such as a stroke or heart attack, or death of a loved one. This treatment is in 2 parts to be done 24 to 48 hours apart.Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop following a traumatic event that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless.
  • Progression

    The treatment assists you in putting your reality into order. This treatment is perfect for people who live in the past or future and avoid the now. Most people will recreate their past over & over again. Recreating the same. Your past becomes your future. when live in the past, your future was modelled on that. Assists in truly creating a new reality. Assists in moving forward with your life. Choice is still important & different choices need to be made.
  • Power Memories – 3 parts

    This exercise assists in reprogramming the brain. Behavior of the child with deep issues is a prime example of fetus attached with memories.
  • Protection from Self

    This exercise is for self-punishment, guilt & self-anger. It also works for ones who punish themselves in the dream state or out of body state. For ones who wake up depressed, anxious or angry.
  • Poisoned Health

    This exercise was originally for people who were eating food that had spoiled, diseased animals, improper parts of animals, or animals that the human body is not equipped to digest properly. This exercise helps to repair damage done by GMO foods. Today’s GMO foods are diseased foods, as their genetics are intentionally altered. Will only assist if people move to pure foods.
  • Perception of Healing

    removes false perception of healing feeling good, energized, ready to move forward, and with an understanding of how you get in your own way. You feel empowered.
  • Perception of Denial

    This treatment brings up denial embedded in the Lymphatic System. Whenever we are in denial of our pain, or pain we inflict upon others, or we are in denial of our abilities and choose to not use them out of fear, then this treatment is for you. This treatment will bring up the degree of denial we carry. For the person having this treatment, it would be of benefit to have a massage the day before or 7 days after the treatment. This massage must be a light massage, not a deep tissue massage. In fact, do not do any deep tissue massage one week before this treatment. If the person does not want to do a massage, it is recommended for that person to obtain a body brush and brush their body without clothing for at least one half hour the day before the treatment.
  • Patterns

    How are we shifting the thought patterns in this age of rapid change? The treatment will assist in changing our patterns and allowing our unconscious patterns to become conscious. you will become more aware of what you may be projecting. For example you may be subconsciously angry at your mother and are projecting angry at someone else. Get around someone & you are projecting anger - not at them - but projecting this anger & person may personalize the anger or just feel what you are projecting. You create a new pattern with choice. Intensity / passion of choice – the more passion you have is going to determine the strength of the outcome. Passion allows excitement. Want to create something new and different. Passion allows excitement to be a continuum. Every Soul is born with fire but many allow the passion to die out.
  • Nervous and Endocrine System Harmony - 2 Parts

    This treatment is good for people who choose to live in their brain/mind and rarely use their heart for whatever reason. Nervous And Endocrine System Harmony balances the nervous and endocrine system, which is interwoven throughout the body. 2-part treatment, which can be done 1 day to 7 days apart. works primarily on the physical body.
  • Nourishment for the Evolving Brain.

    This exercise works with energetically cleaning the astrocytes. Bottom line? Strengthening and or realigning the strings of innate intelligence.
  • Simple Item 336

  • (The) Nature of Earth Balance

    This treatment balances the northern and southern hemispheres of the physical body. The primary ingredient of the human body is water. This is not to be interpreted as the upper body and the lower body, but rather difference in frequency of the water in our physical body. Research the Coriolis effect.
  • Molecular Deception - 2 parts

    Can be done 4 to 24 hours apart. The body's immune system is the first line of defense against infections like bacteria, viruses, or cancers. Some cancers, however, have developed the art of molecular deception to avoid destruction by the body's immune system. This treatment allows for rescinding molecular deception. You cannot say this heals cancer or pre-cancer. Cancer cells can be very deceptive.The body’s immune system is the first line of defense. Some cancers are deceptive to avoid destruction by the body’s immune system How does the conscious mind use deception to avoid feeling something. Feeling in body, bones etc. Multi-layer treatment to remove the veil of deception in terms of bacteria, viruses, cancer. Also your conscious deception to yourself. Allows for rescinding molecular deception – pulling the veil away & are looking at it. So if willing to pull back deception to look at self, the treatment will work wonders for them. Very personal, private experience for the individual receiving the treatment. Look at the physical immune system generated from your bone marrow. Thymus in kids. Body immune system functions well. Natural killer cells (lymph) identify pathogens in the body & attack. Immune system cleans up. Something is attacked before it is propagated. Increasing the spiritual body immune system before the physical immune system can assist. Governments and religion plays to the fear. What deception does the individual carry about themselves? Do these deceptions create hopelessness. Energizes the bone marrow. If have cell counts, chronic illnesses etc., Cancer in the family history & concerned about having cancer. Cells – bacteria or viruses & have the ability to hide their true colors. Remove the veil regarding disease and/or your own self deception. This is a Physical immune system treatment
  • Mixed Families - 3 parts - Done between 1 & 2 hours apart.

    Has to do with all sorts of mixes. Many situations where families just don’t get along. Many levels of fighting within mixed families. Have different levels of anger among people. Developed a frequency to protect yourself – frequency to hide emotions, thoughts & desires. Did you let that go or even after a remarriage you had the same conflict? How much mixed energy interferes with that relationship? How must you live your life to be accepted? Separation is being expanded upon, out of the fear of death. The separation is going to grow more & more & will be pushed on families to have this level of separation. Tricky part: works best when ALL family members have this treatment done on them. It can be done & assist on one person. Can be done on a child. How deep the energy goes is what is important. Others in the family will begin to feel the energy. If want to be a 1000% treatment, then doing all family members is best. It is an incredibly powerful treatment. Energy of the treatment will be felt unconsciously by all those even those who did not receive the treatment. Will assist in the blending of those different parts & will not have conflict within yourself. Also has to do with conflict within the family unit. Different vibratory frequencies in your DNA. Can be utilized on couples & on children.
  • Brain - The Mind Brain Bond - 3 parts

    There are three connections between the mind and the brain. Each connection looks like an 8. In Chinese, 8 expresses the totality of the universe. The three 8’s connect from the mind to the physical brain at the pineal gland, cerebellum, and brain stem. Many times for numerous reasons the connection becomes weak or broken, not allowing the mind to connect to the brain entirely. When this occurs, the preprogramed brain becomes dominant. Much of what Jonah taught at the February Intensive will be valuable in fully understanding how and what this treatment does. The Mind-Brain Bond works with the physical, etheric, astral, mental and emotional bodies. This treatment is a 3-part exercise. Each part is to be done 1 to 7 days apart.
  • Mind Balance

    This treatment balances the mind with the brain. It creates clarity and purging in the meridians between the mind and brain. This treatment makes it much easier to meditate and tune into the mind, allowing for a deeper level of healing mental issues developed in current life, especially childhood, and also past lives. This treatment will assist in remembering times of deep joy. Also, this treatment can be used to bring forth memories of the mind dealing with spiritual experiences the consciousness did not want to deal with.
  • Mind Flux

    This exercise works with the mind field to assist in absorbing innate knowledge and protecting the mind field from solar toxins. It will not stop free will choice. Strengthens the mind field. People will claim to want change, but may become angry – especially when religious indoctrination is involved. Anger is a protective field. Anger is a protective mechanism to protect your belief, a belief that is contrary to your heart. A belief that has been causing you pain. Every belief serves something – Look at what is the Core Belief & where did it come from. May not be pleasant.
  • Simple Item 329

  • (The) Golden Mind

    refers to the heart connecting to the higher mind. This exercise clears out the “gum” residue left behind from polluted thoughts. It allows for a clear channel to the higher mind.
  • Mending the Broken Cycle of Death

    How many times have you heard one state, “I have this pain, issue, or whatever, because of this past life, how I died, or was tortured to death.” When I hear this I hear the Broken Cycle of Death repeating itself over and over. The Broken Cycle of Death programs our reality to keep one inside the “Wall”.
  • (Lungs) Restoration of the Delicate Organ (lungs) (2 Parts)

    The lungs are responsible for taking clean, oxygen-rich air into the body, and breathing out air full of harmful carbon dioxide. They are responsible for taking in new consciousness and letting go of the old consciousness. The condition of your skin, body hair, and how much you generally sweat through your glands is attributed to the strength and health of lung qi. For people that experience night sweating, it is a significant sign of lung deficiency. The total surface area of the lungs varies from 50 to 75 square meters or 540 to 810 square feet; roughly the same area as one side of a tennis court. The following supports the lungs. Water - essential for healthy lungs, and every other part of your body. Omega-3 fatty acids are imperative to lung health. Apples, which are high in vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, as well as citrus fruits, act as medicine to the lungs. Apricots offer a diet high in vitamin A and support the respiratory tract linings, and it is also known to lower risk of lung infections. Broccoli, which is rich in antioxidants, is one of the best greens for lung health, especially for COPD sufferers. Chicken, turkey, and other poultry are high in vitamin A, which are more easily absorbed by the body than some plant-based versions. Walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, are an ideal food if you are a vegetarian. Eating one handful daily helps people with asthma or other respiratory ailments. This treatment has 2 parts, can be done 3 to 48 hours apart. .
  • Lungs – Prime Minister Cleanse.

    This treatment is for working on the physical lungs.
  • Love Obstruction

    Healing the pain from Spiritually Immature Relationships. Love Obstruction brings this energy to a head, to be examined looked at and understood. Person need to understand – are their needs justifiable? May be a programmed that has been there since childhood. Love Obstruction – removes the obstruction, which assists in healing & developing a spiritually mature relationship.
  • Love Transformation – 2 parts

    From Mental to Emotional (2 parts, 1 to 7 days apart). This is a Tai Yi treatment that removes the stagnation caused by beliefs actions that have denied love. The frequency of real love is clear with light flowing pastels flowing through it – when it becomes polluted, it slows and becomes very toxic and to the degree it becomes toxic is the degree the person becomes toxic. Good for someone wanting to move out of the program of toxic relationship with themselves, children and ones whose body has a tendency to be quite toxic.
  • Memories Through Time

    This exercise helps one to remember life before self -abuse became a pattern.
  • Living With Life (2 Parts)

    Our health landscape is changing rapidly and we find ourselves in a new age of degrading health. An age of deteriorating food supplies causing systemic inflammation, and overuse of drugs, including antibiotics. Our intestines are the key to our brain’s health; microbes are the key to our intestine’s health. This treatment does not add microbes but instead changes the energy of our intestines to allow microbes we take to sequence our digestive processes. This treatment is a 2-part treatment. Have the client abstain from taking any microbes into the system for one week before this treatment. The same day after part 1 is done take microbes internally and continue daily, then do part 2 one week later. This treatment adjusts the microbes to work with your digestive system. Then proceed with those same microbes daily.
  • Link of Destruction – 3 parts

    is an energetic link attached from a non-physical (sometimes physical) to the Cerebellum and into the Temporal lobe of the brain. This allows a person physical or non-physical to have a direct link in the influence to your thoughts, desires, and fears. This is done through synapses, the chemical communication of neurons. This treatment releases the link allowing the brain to begin to heal. The symptoms of a link can be memory issues, anger issues, and depression issues. One may find themselves doing something they normally would not do, such as physically harming themselves. This treatment is in three parts to be done 1 - 3 days apart. As we enter into a more disturbing global pattern, this ailment will continue to increase.
  • Light of Destruction

    This exercise is for strengthening the immune system of the skin from harmful sun rays. It also assists in radiation poisoning from dark energy.
  • Let Me Be You Syndrome

    This is for ones who live their lives seeking approval from parents, mates, friends, teachers, society etc. Their true creative ability is asleep. They often carry a deep take care of me energy. Afterwards, may feel more creative & more empowered.
  • Journey of Your Ancestors (4 Parts)

    This treatment is about healing your DNA. It is often stated we are what we eat, but we are also what our ancestors ate. What programs hide in our DNA, which provokes diseases such as cancer, addiction, and depression to name a few? If you take your DNA and stretch it out, it would stretch for 10 billion miles. You have a lot of programming there; some of it is positive, and some of it very negative. This treatment goes deep, and it cannot be done in one treatment, rather it takes 4 treatments. Stay off refined sugar! Refined sugar turns your genes OFF, which is meant to protect you from heart disease and diabetes to name a few. Each part can be done 24 hours apart or up to one month apart.
  • Journey Home

    This exercise works with the Emotional Body & the higher mind to bring awareness & Memories of home. Awareness & memories of why you are here and what you need to do. Home is the origin of the Soul.
  • Intestinal Brain Oracle

    This treatment energizes the oracle, an energy core which sets in the back of the body just below the heart charka. This oracle is considered the mini brain for the intestines, when this energy core becomes stagnate the intestines begin to poison the brain.
  • Internal Conflict

    For people who have conflicts in their different minds. This shows up as internal issues in the torso, which affects all other parts of the body. Conflicts created by cross contamination over a long period. Symptoms can be internal bleeding, swelling, poor digestion, female organs, male organs. This also includes conflict between the mind and heart.
  • Instilling Compassion

    This treatment is tuning in to the most profound compassion from your aspects. Compassion is a frequency – everyone has it, not everyone uses it. Especially one may have a lack of compassion with self or other aspects. This treatment works with the group to begin feeling compassion. Visualize energy moving through a meridian – it is there but you may not feel it. See yourself as a team, as a group. This works with the compassion meridian. The more compassion you feel & display , the more it works with the whole. As you send compassion to them, they may feel more compassion for you. Negative anger suppresses the ability to search, to meditate and the ability to feel compassion. Deep anger comes from some conflict. Opposite of compassion – lack of feeling. Look at the beliefs in the way to feeling. Abuse shuts feelings down. Can pair this treatment with one for passion. If judging as aspect because of moral code of that age, you won’t heal with that aspect. If want compassion for yourself, need compassion for the whole. Come to know that aspect.
  • Injury in Time

    This treatment works with injuries keeping you from Time Flux, or shifting tracks as Jonah taught at the last Intensive. Creates a more clear pathway within the brain. This clears out the residue in the brain.
  • initiating Light

    When starting a new phase of life, this treatment helps prepare the foundation of your new adventure, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Creating awareness of your alternate self. Being aware of all parts of yourself. This treatment helps prepare the foundation of your new adventure. When have a solid foundation, others against you cannot shake your foundation. The stronger your foundation the stronger your house will be MEPS – all exist in aspects and parallel selves. What to expect from the treatment. Works with the frequency of the light you already carry. Allows that frequency to go to a higher level. Increases your light. Allowing your light to shine brighter. Have more intuitive insights, feel more at peace with yourself. Person will feel lighter & their light increases and develop more of a desire to explore themselves. Especially good for ones who have recently worked through something. And then to be at peace for the next stage that they will be working on. You never stop healing. Never. But there does come a point where healing becomes pure joy.
  • Immunity of Self - 7. Soul Body

    Healing ability resides in the lower soul. Flows throughout all the bodies. The soul has it’s own DNA.
  • Immunity of Self - 6. Spirit Body

    Spirited - Christed Body: A consciousness of unconditional loving. See it as Universal glue that holds everything together. This body could also be called the Body of Universal Law. This body tempers the energy of the soul.
  • Immunity of Self 5.Etherical Body

    Often mentioned as the last stage of manifestation, such as disease or accident. This occurs first in the etherical body and takes energy and prepares it for form. The etherical body is the body that determines what form the future will bring into the physical.
  • Immunity of Self - 4.Astral Body

    : Is the delivery system for all seven systems. The astral body diverts energy to certain places that the energy needs to go. It can carry scars from other lifetimes.
  • Immunity of Self - 3. Emotional Body

    It is unique to the Earth's 3rd dimension and other planets with lots of water. One needs to have an emotional body to live on this planet. Earth requires an Emotional Body or you would die.
  • Immunity of Self - 2. Mental Body

    This is the processing body & is not to be confused with the mind field. Powerful body that creates much when balanced.
  • Immunity of the Self 1. Physical Body

    This is the densest vibration of the seven bodies. You have an invader & your immune system goes to work to kill it. May get a fever to burn up the foreign sources. Carries the most dense vibration of all 7 bodies. This treatment strengthens the immune system of the physical body and fine tunes all of the gates coming off the physical body into the other bodies. All 7 work at strengthening the immune system & work at fine tuning the gates & increases the flow of the minor meridians which often have stagnation. The physical body is usually your youngest body. The other 6 are older. Body is programmed by time. May want the physical & mental done to regulate the flow of energy. If do this on the physical body – may want to work on Mental Body and Emotiona Body to allow flow to increase. After this treatment – would feel like things are flowing more easily in body – feel lighter, less dense & with more free flowing energy., Can also help inherited/genetic diseases.
  • Hormonal Human

    This treatment works with balancing the hormones in the human energy system. Great for both male & female going through menopause, or for both male & female experiencing an hormonal imbalance due to food, drink & toxic childhood.
  • Hell’s Deception

    This treatment is about transcending your personal hell from whatever time. This treatment works with the mind and brain on the physical and emotional. When you take a step towards the positive, an equal opposite polarity is presented. Hell’s Deception works on judgment when moving forward and leaving the past behind. Hell becomes its greatest deception when living in the now. Hell is a state of consciousness. Consciousness of hell is one of the deepest programs that occur in the physical body. How many lived in their own hell as a state of consciousness or have accepted what you might be. This treatment is about taking your punishment out of the mass conscious belief & transcending your own personal hell. If were abused as a child, you do carry your own personal hell. What personal hell has your genetic family been through? Were some in concentration camps? Or drunk violent husband. Genetic energy has travelled and may be in subconscious mind. What about where / when you spoke out & were killed or tortured. When you die, your physical body ceases to be. All other bodies are often still there. This treatment is taking on the frequency of your personal hell, wherever this came from. A child easily believes what is presented. Subconsciousness doesn’t see a good/bad, just simply what is. Person may think they don’t believe in hell, but they do believe in punishment. Many people set up punishment to get the constant reinforcement of punishment – even if don’t believe in hell. Hell is punishment. Depression, anxiety are forms of punishment. Works on those threads and works on the personal hell, whatever that hell is. Following this treatment, go in nature, lay down on the ground (can be on a blanket) do heartbeat of E med or allow self to feel own heartbeat & then feel heartbeat of the Earth and then feel/visualize the 2 of them becoming in sync with each other. Drink a lot of water soon after the treatment. – will be thirsty afterwards. Following the treatment, mayl feel less of a struggle in life. Tool for healing the conscious mind through the thread. It’s the core of the thread which ends in the subconscious mind and ends up healing it.
  • Brain - Hell of a Brain

    This treatment changes the brain slowly and methodically. This treatment can be done any number of times, it depends on how one responds to the treatment, and how their brain changes. Balancing the brain to understand and comprehend. Great for those that have difficulty in comprehension. Hell is an ancient word, which meant that which is buried deeply away. What is deeply buried away in my own brain. Not just this life’s experiences. Also genetic and heritage of beliefs & experiences. Bring about positive result in doing things. Client may respond with feeling a sense of peace with themselves. Brains are always changing to varying degrees – now mostly for the negative. Resets and rebalances the brain. How passionate are you? This treatment can help to uncover. Hold in the mind: Why do I have difficult with passion?
  • Heart - The Sweetheart

    The heart meaning the lower soul body (7th body) will usually have a sweetheart, or a bitterheart depending on the realm of consciousness one holds. This treatment will help in building energy for the lower bodies, including the physical body. Bitter heart will have many toxins surrounding the 2nd heart. Sweetheart has nutrients for the 2nd heart. Want to assist are nurturing people. Be sweet, helpful to humanity. Altering the fluid of the 2nd heart. Bottom Line: This treatment helps turn the heart into sweetness.
  • Heart - The Hollow Heart

    This exercise is for ones who have died of a broken heart, or who are dying of a broken heart.
  • Heart - The Heart of Disease, The Dis-ease of Heart

    This treatment works with heart disease, the real cause. Heart disease is a result of misaligned chemical messages, often caused by drugs we absorb, drink, and eat. This treatment works with reeducating the chemical messages. Diet must also be a primary focus. Bottom Line: Repair continuing damage to the physical heart.
  • Healing the Broken Door

    Tuning meridians to non-human, universal love. Receive energy from the higher self to the lower self. Then the door closes and determines what you do with that energy. Opposite polarity closes. Does that energy shift its vibration to lower or does it allow the energy of the higher bodies to flow into the lower bodies. Energy is always coming from the higher self. Can be a trickle or more. Want that door to open and close in harmony with the higher self. Keep the energy flowing in harmony.
  • Healing the Illusion of Healing

    People have an investment in their traumas & illnesses. People want to include others in their pain, no one wants to experience pain by themselves. Almost always that person has an escape route – usually it is blaming someone else. Why don’t people take self-responsibility? Could it be you are under the illusion that you have healed, same difficulty, same pattern.Healing takes a lot of work, but the work doesn’t have to be suffering. May have withdrawals etc., and still just partake a little. Are you committed to that healing? Balance & wisdom is managing strengths of all aspects. Must set boundaries – get sucked into A so conform to social boundaries. Investment in A & B & how you respond. Sometimes the pattern is still there. Patterns are often protected. Have created a neuro link to protect that pattern and have to change the neuro link. And the mind has authority over the brain. Become clear on what pattern leads to change that pattern. Have a pattern with relationships, neg or pos relationships. We develop patterns for each separate relationship. If different, then you have created difficulties in your relationship. If have a health issue, you must work with the pattern of that issue. Ex: depression. & you have a pattern of abusing your kidneys. Then work on kidney pattern, it will not heal the depression pattern/issue. This pattern will have a precise frequency. Each issue has its own pattern. Must work on freq of each pattern to have a complete healing. Work on the diff patterns. Could have a frequency to not heal depression. Freq wants to be fed to be energized. Healing the Illusion of healing – will assist mind & emotions to become aware of the pattern that you want to heal. Have client to focus on the issue you want to heal. – the predominant issue. Can be done for different patterns. Work on that pattern before going to the next pattern. Shift their vibratory state before going to the next patter. Wait at least 2 months, probably at least 6 months. Very positive affect of this treatment – frequency begins to shift to create a positive pattern All that exits is energy & all energy carries consciousness
  • Healing the Bastard

    Bastard in the Old Testament the rendering of the Hebrew word mamzer’, which means, "polluted." In Deuteronomy 23:2, it occurs in the ordinary sense of illegitimate offspring. In Zechariah 9:6, the word is used in the sense of foreigner. From the history of Jephthah we learn that there were bastard offspring among the Jews (Judges 11:1-7). In Hebrews 12:8, the word (Gr. nothoi) is used in its ordinary sense, and denotes those who do not share the privileges of God's children for 10 generations. Healing the Bastard is from one who has experienced physical, emotional, mental or spiritual rejection from their tribe. Often individuals who experience emotional rejection develop self-esteem issues. This can lead to one developing deep levels of anger, depression & anxiety.
  • Healing of One

    This is good, especially if you have gotten into a disagreement. Can also do this on someone else, like a young child or also an adult. If you wake up feeling impacted. Any impacts in the Mental, Emotional & Physical,- this would be good to assist. If seeing a pattern then look at what are you thinking. Always a warning. If see it, take action.
  • Harmonizing Astrocytes

    This exercise is best if done soon after “Nourishment for the Evolving Brain.” Harmonizing astrocytes helps put the brain more in sync with the mind. 5 days after Harmonizing Astrocytes Bottom Line? Allow for greater understanding of the illusion and the illusion of time.
  • Guilt of Love

    Loving the unlovable part of self. This treatment helps to bring the guilt to the service to recognize what it is and what you can do about it. Need to resolve what you did in a past life. Need to make amends of what you did if you are guilty. Will bring awareness of what you did. Begin feeling energies of what you believed or are actually guilty of. Important to find out what is was & what you need to do & what you are guilty of.
  • Group Mind Programming

    This exercise removes residue from cross contamination that has occurred. Be aware, the client must be willing to allow changes for healing.
  • Group Independence

    This treatment is to open the pathway to the group mind, group meaning all your aspects. Often, we see ourselves as an individual, but this is not quite correct. Have 12 bodies & the higher mind. Includes your guides, your aspects – see yourself as a team, with a team effort not as an individual. We see ourselves as walking alone when we see ourselves as just an individual. A lot of people are involved in assisting you in being successful in whatever path you have chosen – to explore & learn from. We often close the door on the team. Use maybe 10% of the team effort to accomplish what you have come to accomplish. How often do people feel alone but you are never alone. You are part of the team because you also assist your aspects. You have the free will choice but do you have the right to harm yourself? This treatment changes the dynamics – sacred psychology. You will think & reason a different way. It is about understanding the complex issues of mind and body. The group mind – all aspects are connected to your higher mind as you all have the same higher mind. Lower mind is making choices, but do I also follow the guidance of the higher mind? Do you hold on to beliefs contrary to the higher mind? Examine, where, how & when do you use self abuse? Is it so embedded that you are not aware of when & how you abuse yourself? Karmic debt – Jonah: Karma only exists where unconditional love does not. What if came to the point of unconditional loving, then can you resolve? Tendency is to continue the battle. Ex: how are you stagnating meridians to the kidneys. Function, pain is a signal. Can work with the pain, (Tai Yi - Perception of Pain) – constant reminder in learning. Each person will heal to the exact degree that will assist them on their pathway and that they use that healing. Have meridians that are for the purpose of the group mind. Allow self to tune into guides, aspects, the group mind. As you tune in the group mind increases. The purpose is to energize those meridians, so that the group, team effort becomes more prevailing in your consciousness Following treatment: May notice a lack of feeling loneliness and a strength of those meridians of the group mind. People that experience deep energies of loneliness have a common denominator and this is lack of self-esteem. Group Independence – means that as you are working with the group mind; which includes guides, aspects and self. Independence – as energies work together & strengthens, it deflects exterior interference/influence. Guides – have selective guides that work with the individual as do other aspects. The guide working with the higher mind is the same guide for all aspects.
  • Genetic Strings

    We all have a String (beam of light) of light connecting all., Connecting & bringing it to us. May feel a deeper connection to genetic family. A string of light that connects to all you are connected to – including E.T.’s. You can use this string of Light to connect all, but connect more strongly, in your consciousness, to the genetic race you are connected to. This treatment brings awareness of the genetic connection, awareness of the internal war from different strings of genetics. It also removes the scab that covered over unconditional love, from all traumas and injuries that one went through, which allows unconditional love, which has always been there, to come to the surface.
  • Genes - The Pain Gene

    The pain gene must be done before the joy gene. Within 1 month. There is one pain with the multiple perceptions. These perceptions can vary. Mental programming – could come from anywhere. Can bring down your perception of pain. Completely own the pain, breathe into it and claim it as their own. Reduces the pain perception. Pain & perception of pain whether the pain is as severe as you think. Usually the mother genetics is where it is inherited from.
  • Genes - The Guilt Gen

    Every culture has institutions and their minions that knowingly work to implant guilt. Those who believe they are guilty are easier to dominate, manipulate, and exploit for the profit of corporations. The treatment helps to move the consciousness out of guilt, and set up a shield to protect self from guilt projection from society, and their corporations.
  • Brain - Footprints in the Brain

    Protects the neurons in the brain, even if you already had a vaxx can be used to protect yourself, from the patterns of the blue light. Frequency of the flashing on & off of the blue light. If using comp or cell phone & feel being pulled in or cross eyed, turn it off. The bigger the lie, the more it is believed. If you here a voice telling you to do something you would not do normally. What would you do? What if in the hallucination saw an angel with big wings telling you to go do this. Is it real? A hallucination? What if 100 saw the same visions. It becomes pretty convincing. What would you do? Will be used to erase unpleasant memories & even identity. We are made of light & are affected by light. You can take a blue light & have it flash at. A particular frequency the strobe effect, the blinking & how it is programmed that has the effect. Blinking will be subtle & not noticeable, a very rapid flashing. Will be like morse code – control different functions & hallucinations & programmed into different results. Can be programmed to influence many. Will be there for any devices that emit light.
  • brain - Fire of the Brain

    Resets the firing of the brain to allow the brain to properly process information from the Mind. This exercise resets the firing of the brain. When firing is out of sync with mind like mechanism, 2 different languages are spoken. For some people brain has different processing info from the Mind. Stress creates misfiring as does Child abuse and being too much out of body
  • Brain - False Identity

    This treatment is a brain treatment, including how the brain relates to the lower mind. Many create a false identity, especially when they are ashamed of their true identity. The transfer of identity often occurs in childhood with little memory of the transfer when they become adults. This is not to be confused with multiple personalities.
  • Excusing Excuses

    This treatment is for resolving the most successful excuses. Most common excuse. – I don’t have enough time. Could it be you don’t want to do it. Then ask – WHY do you not want to do it? If somebody has a fear or some form of restriction & allow that restriction to control their life – they become accustomed to it. Humans take the easiest path. Some may not feel capable of achieving enlightenment. What do you do that wastes time? Comes down to quality of life. Does it feel good to be part of the majority or feel bad to be part of the minority. May run into an issue of acceptance. Easier to be accepted when in the majority. How many put more effort in defending their beliefs v. changing beliefs that have not served them well. Its too hard is another excuse. Did you find acceptance amongst your peer group. Life is hard – you’re born, you suffer & then you die. This treatment when received by people: see if they come up with an excuse why they can’t make the appointment. If someone offered you a solution for a difficulty, would you make an excuse for why the dilemma wouldn’t work? 2nd most common excuse is – It doesn’t apply to me. Can someone be using anger to protect themselves. Is anger pushing ones away & keeping them away. 3rd most common – It’s too hard & it won’t work. Ask: what was your intent? Intent is the building block of the outcome. 4th – I don’t know how? Maybe you don’t want to know how. This is all about improving the quality of your life. Maybe if you remember what it is like to be more joyful,you would be more motivated. Then excuses may not get in the way This treatment will bring up your excuses. Teach ones about critical thinking. The people who do critical thinking did not get caught up in fear with this psychological warfare. Look at the fear & the stupidity out there. Those using critical thinking – question authority. Question the news media. What is the justification of force? Governments are good at creating fear & justification. How often does the justification change. What is your justification for not healing? If discover your excuses are not on a firm foundation can eliminate those excuses. If your schedule is so busy – using time as your excuse. Then perhaps ask – what am I denying that interferes with my life. I don’t have time to heal. Ask yourself – by being so busy, what joy am I inhibiting in order to survive. Message is for those who really want to create change & live a better life. Any choice contrary to your higher mind will lead to pain. Is it not a punishment and are you sending energy into artificial pathways and this is gradually affecting the self. It is not possible for the higher self to punish you for not living a joyful life. Happiness is in the action & not in the end result. If not creating happiness, then examine your choice. Does healing suffering bring joy? Do you enjoy healing your pain? Do you deliberately create pain, so you can work at healing it? How do you resolve an excuse? Become aware of it. Then become aware of how you use it.
  • Evolutionary Blending

    Use this treatment to arrange meridian balance to flow with earth changes, including solar storms.
  • Establishing the Core

    Those who are familiar with bodybuilding will have heard about the core, and how to work with the core. If not, look it up on Google. This exercise is not about body core strengthening in terms of muscles, but rather building a stronger core energy that holds all bodies together, including the 5 higher bodies. This exercise will work with the inner magnetic fields of the bodies. The bottom line: Seeing and feeling beyond the illusion. Being aware when you are being pulled magnetically into another’s illusionary fear and anger persona, causing disruption. Are you being pulled into someone else’s delusion, is your magnetic field being compromised mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually?
  • Emotions of Failure

    Healing the patterns that one carries because they have formed an addiction to failure. Also works with anger & self-judgment.
  • Abuse --Emotional Immunity

    This treatment is for sealing off the artificial pathways from emotional abuse, by self, individuals, groups, and governments. Emotional Immunity is sealing off the artificial pathway from emotional abuse from self, groups, religion & government. Most people will say, I was abused as a child & I will continue the abuse. The mind may say it doesn’t want to but still continues to. If have established yourself as one who accepts emotional abuse, then have established artificial pathway also called an artificial meridian. Similar to artificial pain, may feel the pain somewhere but it is really coming from someplace else. The heart may have created an artificial pathway. Artificial pathways excite the pain and magnifies the pain. How strong with self-abuse is that pain. Everybody carries a program of religion – not just Christianity in their brains. Foundation of religion is punishment – it is based onreward & punishment. Can the heart create artificial pathways as can the physical body? It is a survival mechanism. So you create an artificial pathway to the heart. You are not following the higher heart or the higher mind. YOU can deceive yourself the most – self deception is the strongest obstacle. This treatment does a lot. It begins sealing off all of the artificial pathways energetically on all of the lower bodies. First & foremost this treatment works with the emotional meridians and expands from there. You are ultimately your own choice & authority. You have the power & the free will choice to abuse yourself. When you do this, you’re abusing all 12 bodies & yourself. Do you have the right to abuse yourself or others? Lead one to different pathways to yourself. The world is abusive but you do not need to go there. The fundamental teaching in our world is about self-abuse. May recognize your true personality from this treatment.
  • Spine - Earth Root

    Creates a concentration of energy in the pelvic & lumbar region. Disk issues, blocked nerves & lack of alignment. Disk issues restrict energies in lower lumbar. Can be done in conjunction with massage or chiropractic to open up & assist with healing lower back pain.
  • Door of Light (The)

    Can be done 1 hour & up to 48 hours apart. Optimum – part 1 in AM & part 2 in PM Life is light & we experience it in the physical like a screen that can project an illusion or a reality. It is like a movie It grabs our attention & pulls us in the move – Mentally -Emotionally -physically is it then our life our light. You may see someone’s life or a movie & you want to live that life. Then is it your life? Your light? Is your life modelled after someone else? Ask: joy themselves. Isn’t it time you had fun. It begins to bring awareness of who & what you are. Brings awareness of who & what you are & this may even be scary. Are you the sum total of your ancestors – yes. But you are a unique soul. You have a mind – a higher mind & a lower mind. Your mind determines what ancestral traits you are going to express. Ex: getting drunk to numb your feelings. But you have a mind to make different choices. You have a mind to regulate your drinking so it is not abusive. Can come from a long heritage of alcoholics etc., but can use your mind to allow influence to control you or to change. But the latter is the majority of humanity. Do you still carry pain from what you experienced as a child? If you still carry pain from childhood, then you are living someone else’s life and not your own. The pain is making the choices for them and they continue to relive their experiences, their pain from those first 18 years. When you hold onto that pain, your pain makes the choices. So you are not living your light. This treatment opens the door of light internally. Those people who are shut down, this will assist them in exploring their personality, their light. When one begins to heal a big issue, their environment changes. People in your environment change because they cannot stay the same. If not healing then it stays the same. When you heal, your environment changes & you must change with your environment or you go back to square one. The door of light is AWARENESS. Awareness is light, light is awareness. How many generations go by of ones complaining about life & they complain of what went on their first 18 years of life. What about the first 18 years of each life & the pain each successive generation carried. Do you still carry the pain from an event in your childhood & how has that pain made choices, critical choices. Was that pain responsible for your occupation, your failed relationships, pain in your body, depression. What does someone still have the pain as a dominant factor from a pain that was many years ago & the pain repeats itself over & over again. They see themselves as a victim, they forgot they chose that family, that experience to grown & to learn. This is not how you heal or create a reality that you really enjoy. All want a relationship but find relationships so difficult. Could you be allowing that pain from the first 18 years to make their choices. Do you carry the same pain & they feed on each other. Can people come together with the same issues & they come to heal these issues. What is the difference? It is when you personalize it. You can understand that energy & understand the person & not personalize it. You may be in that relationship to learn from each other & not to personalize it. The blame game starts. They did something that triggered their childhood – they each trigger the other’s childhood. People forget to have fun
  • Dying with Dignity

    This is not about physical death, but allowing the old to die with dignity. This is for one with ongoing issue of anxiety, low grade anger, one failed relationship after another, and for people who find it difficult to be happy or to be successful. Have you thought you let go but keep bringing it up & you continue to allow it to influence your body, your mind & all the bodies. This is for cleansing & dredging up the old that hasn’t been released. This brings up what you consciously or unconsciously have to let go of. What is still affecting your brain, your body and your emotions. If you have stagnation in the meridians then they are affecting your future. Look at what is in your meridians this is what will be in your future. If stagnant, then have clogged old issues, and will repeat the old until brought forth to see and to heal. If meridians are clear, you will have a clearer flowing energy in the future. Dignity means honor – do you honor those difficulties as a learning experience – are you moving on – making different choices. If you do not honor your teacher, it becomes stronger. Issues are teachers & if not learned from the teacher then it becomes stronger. Until you say – I am willing to learn what you have to teach me Do you blackball someone – in person or in thoughts. Means there are stagnations in your meridians. Consciousness is energy and can keep one down in anxiety & anger. If not sure what you are angry about – will help to discover the true source of the anger. Need to get to what is causing the issue. Cleaning out the old so you no longer repeat the old. Not cleaning out the core issue – learning to find it without judgment. Have one direct their thoughts on what they need to work on. This has to do with sacred psychology – psychology that empowers & moves the hearts. Honoring your teacher (what teaches you) – whatever you created in life to teach you in life. Tai Yi is about healing, about feeling good about yourself. Honoring all that teaches you. Can be done more than once as person finds success with it. It is sacred psychology – expands the heart of awareness. With this energy, it comes to the focal point of consciousness. When heal it, it transforms the energy. Innate Intelligence – maintains balance. When you are in balance you are happy.How many desires turn into outcome? About passion – Tai Yi is about life – how we chose to live life. The lack of passion wrinkles our soul Easy to get caught up in “stuff” and then this is all you see. Passion allows you to see beyond the illusion, beyond what other people see of you. Receiving a treatment of Tai Yi – will open you up to the same degree you allow yourself passion. We all have teachers – and how many curse their teacher. Then they wonder why they aren’t living a happy joyful life. A teacher never goes away – it only becomes stronger before it transforms. Living in a world of psychological warfare. How do you chose to react to it or not react to it? Virtually everyone wants to be loved – but how many push it away, and because they pushed it away, they have you established a parameter of what love should be. What about Love beyond being in an intimate relationship. What about being loved by a sacred friend / a sacred relationship. How difficult do you make it to achieve what you want to achieve. During a period of psychological warfare is a perfect opportunity to examine your teachers and what they are teaching you. Dignity treatment assists in directing attention to your teacher & what it is teaching you. Mild pain is easy to deal with but if becomes a chronic pain then is more difficult to deal with – but will only become chronic if you do not learn from the teacher that you created.
  • Discovering the River of Sub-Human Beliefs

    This treatment brings into conscious awareness beliefs that are inherited from ancestors, beliefs that are destructive to one’s spiritual evolution.
  • Dispersing the Past from Your Future

    This treatment is for ones who choose to live in the past, which are most people. It collects energy from the past that has been sent to the future to bring it back to the present. When ones project their past to their future, they continue to repeat their past. The treatment works primarily on one's mental and emotional bodies.
  • Discovering the Escape Route

    The mental programing, including the programing within the brain, will often establish an escape route. In closing this escape route will push one to make a greater commitment towards their healing, even when it is not pleasant. Bottom Line? One creates a deeper commitment towards healing, by recognizing excuses used to prevent or prolong healing.
  • Circulating Circulation

    To increase circulation & the blood flow in the body Brushing - After exercise must brush skin towards intestines Do deep equalize breathing moving arms & legs
  • Disturbed Patterns - 3 parts - 1 to 2 hours apart

    Goes deep into its function If have a tendency of taking on patterns – such as a mate who is depressed. This would be great. If at work have people that really disturbs you, then you will benefit. This prevents the absorption of the shedding of the vaccine to affect you. the energy pattern put into someone else will not affect you. If have a reoccurring dream that is disturbing, is a wonderful tool for that. Do something that is a pattern that is not helpful to you. Can learn a lot about patterns. Has to do with self-patterns. Most of your life is based on patterns. What patterns do I hold onto. Do a journal weekly What is each day like. --- Sunday, Monday and on Most people have disturbed patterns. Everything is a pattern, Before someone gets sick, there is a pattern.Before a multi car accident, will see a pattern that is building. Can go into a store & is usually ok, but then go in & something feels off, then the pattern had escalated. If see pattern go higher & higher, something is about to happen. Always good to read & see patterns. Have your own personal pattern as well as experience others. Everyone everything has a pattern. Makes you aware of something getting ready to occur. May be so aware of the pattern that you don’t know what the pattern means or is saying – about what is going to happen in that area. Allow self to feel those patterns – especially health wise – could be leading to a healing or to health issues. Search the pattern of children & what direction you are moving. Energy is always in motion, consciousness is always moving, in motion & moves in patterns – there is no happenstance. What about your personal tribe? Like energy attracts like energy. 1st question to ask? Are you willing to look study & recognize your Disturbed Pattern? This is a very powerful Tai Yi treatment. Goes deep into the psyche including the Disturbed Pattern, that you were born with. True joy does not dissipate – you can have a joyful experience but is not the state of Joy – those are 2 different things. DP – the person begins to see glimpses of joy, without needing some exterior event to feel joy. It becomes a state of being rather than a joyful event. True state of joy is what? Joy and hopelessness cannot co-exist, nor negative anger. In healing DP, you must give up something. If you have DP, it is doing something for you that is not possible. What is the DP is the glue that is holding you onto something that manufactures pain. The state of joy is a continuum, is permanent & creates a balanced frequency If you want to heal something, you are going to need commitment in healing but will need that state of joy without attempting to change the other. A state of joy is where your frequency flows in balance. What thing, physical or psychological issues triggers you the most? This is a request I would make if someone tells you they want to have DP done. Ask them prior to their treatment? Ask them to think about it.Doesn’t mean that you have to accept the trigger – means why does it trigger you? Can have 2 people that are perfect for each other, but they carry disturbed patterns that interfered with the relationship between the 2. Also, if each let go of their tribes, and then began finding how deep that relationship can be. Each person needs to examine their tribe & if they want to remain in that tribe. Need to become independent of the tribe in terms of control or approval.
  • Dis-eased Reproductive Organs

    The energy of reproductive organs. Reproducing physical species but also reproducing the energies of our ancestors as well. There is a desire to propagate our species & our family line. Works with the physical in the areas talked about – work with the supporting bodies of all issues. Reproductive energies have to do with your ancestors. Before you are born, the outline of you was present. How often was that egg passed from each generation. One may have a few eggs & a lot of sperm. Does it make a difference as to what sperm reaches the egg? The energy of the egg & sperm comes from our ancestors - & usually one will be stronger within the reproductive cycle of the conception. You have an ancestral energy that is continuing to influence the conception of you. Approach this from a perspective there is no time – ancestry energy directed from male & female & this energy is continuing to flow towards the creation of the human body. This treatment works with the reproductive energies that continue to flow. What ancestor had the most influence on the egg & on the sperm. What set of ancestor’s energy is flowing – goes through meridians & gates. Also, a determining factor in personality makeup. Lot is defined & refined as soon as that egg is fertilized. Can you work with the energy that continues to flow through ancestors to make adjustments, in the womb, childhood to adulthood & who you are today. Rape is an energy of control & manipulation. Intensity of fear & anger from the female & intensity of control from the man comes into the fertilized egg. Can create self-punishment in the child etc. So this is a good treatment for someone who is involved in the rape energy. Rape can disrupt the flow of energies to the reproductive organs. Also brings about the energy of relationships – unless healed will have difficulties in relationships. This treatment assists the physical reproductive organs – male & female – assists to bring them into balance. This treatment assists the energy & consciousness to support the healing of the reproductive organs. The treatment will work the same with the exception if that organ is no longer present. All different bodies are receiving that energy. This treatment will work with organs even if have been removed. The link of energy to your ancestors can discover which one is the one of greatest influence. Ancestral protector is always there to assist in protecting in making unwise choices. Prostate cancer is also assisted. How does aspect of one’s sexuality fit into ancestral energy? The energy coming from your ancestors passes from the mother. A lesbian person has a brain that is wired differently but is inherited from your ancestors. If trying to block it creates damage. If try to change someone then it creates depression/suicide. May have had an ancestor many generations ago that was gay & it didn’t come up for generations. It is a part of nature. In many ancient cultures it was natural. But as religions were created they denied homosexuality because want more followers born into the church. There is a natural cycle that flows through humanity. This energy has been passed on throughout the history of the human race. As one tries to deny ,they are denying life energy flow, energy in consciousness. Can’t deny one thing, you are denying multiple things. Denying nutrition to your body & ability to learn & to grow in your consciousness. Homosexual gene was passed down through the mother. Gay men show feminine & lesbians more male consciousness. Can you be partly gay & partly hetero? Yes, you can. Or 100% depending on what was inherited by your ancestors. It is rarer for either to be 100% one way or the other. Are they going to accept the judgment of religion & society? But still much hatred is carried against people. What are they going to do with what they feel? Create multitude disorders – could be coming from that. Can be damage based on denial of sexuality.
  • Dis-eased Meridian

    The artery going into the heart – what does it look like if it is plugged up. Meridians are the same thing. When you abuse a meridian, the outer wall weakens & inner wall thickens cause it to become constricted & movement slows. Energy moving through becomes constricted. Even if physical will affect all the other meridians eg: constricted meridian will cause a physical ailment. Tai Yi treatments is opening those meridians throughout the body. Diseased meridian shows up throughout the body stagnation, restrictions that lead to disease of the gates. Are a product of self-abuse. MEPS abuse. All meridians can be affected – people with multiple health issues, whether they are MEPS. Brain meridians are all clogged up. Alzheimer – brain is diseased, but their mind is not necessarily so. In the non-physical they don’t have the disease. Can become very angry & even physically violent. The mind keeps sending signals but they’re bouncing back. This is an example of diseased meridians. If work on them before it gets too bad, then can work with the meridians. Energy of meridians is the energy of what feeds the brain. Look at nutritional energies that are not occurring in the brain. Diseased meridians are clogged meridians feeding the heart. If have had heart issues the disease can continue. Meridians feed the body they are a part of. This works with all of the meridians with all of the bodies. Then it makes it easier to work on other issues. Look at your life & ask: Why are you not enjoying it? How do I see life before the issue? If have diseased gates then you do have diseased meridians. You will feel more relaxed afterwards. This is for all of the bodies.
  • Dis-eased Immunity

    Works with diseased blood if going to do a treatment for 5G. By itself, works with the Immune System that you inherited. Which also goes back to working with your ancestors as it is your ancestor that your immune system came from. Even if born with a weak immune can work on it. This is all of your immune systems – all 7 of the lower bodies. If someone says something & you lost it and go into reaction – then you have a weak immune system. Affected some part of your immune system. Your immune system is at DIS-ease. What are you dis-eased about? Someone with hatred toward religion, race - they will need to work at healing & transcending those beliefs. One needs to open up the meridians for this treatment to work. How do you see the immune system? The person needs to make a commitment to work at releasing what is compromising your immune system. Are you deserving of your heart’s desire? If have a healthy immune system – if being mentally attacked, your immune system also repels that. Soul chose to incarnate in a certain environment. Immune System is your protector – that energy link is very much tied into your immune system. Weakened immune system – take on a lot of stuff. Opens one up to being corded to being linked or attachment. Stress kills people. Choices must be made – do I make this unpleasant choice or just create a disease & die? Then may take it with you & same pattern will be there. Energy of the immune system – what is your environment like? Is it scattered & messy? Ask yourself – are you a perfectionist out of ego? Is the other extreme from an imbalance of the immune system? Your immune system is reflective of you – is it a cluttered mess? Can have a strong physical immune system & live in garbage but the other immune systems are dis-eased. The strength of your immune system comes from your ancestors in terms of what you were born with. Do you ignore your immune system? While aging, do you create a lot? But you carry certain beliefs that weaken it. You have control in how you want to re-act. Also, self-esteem & boundaries need to be looked at. A lot of people don’t protect themselves because they have a belief or need to be loved. Ask, is it really love? Then may have the guilt card played & how many become affected by someone playing the guilt card on them easy to play the guilt card on ones with a low immune system & is often is a very subtle guilt trip. May build up. So, need to face it before it builds up. You need to understand, search & be aware when others are taking advantage of you. People need to establish boundaries. If not, then keep the door open to be abused – both mentally & emotionally. Love yourself enough to establish your own boundaries. As people work on this energy on these beliefs, then this treatment will greatly assist.
  • Dis-eased Gates

    Your Gates are what opens & closes energy. The gates keep the energy moving. The heart keeps the blood moving & circulating. If the gate becomes stagnant, all the meridians that go through it become stagnant. If physical gate becomes stagnant then organ may become stagnant. Diseased Gates are gates that are pulled & stagnant. The gates are out of balance in terms of how it moves energy. Like the heart, it stops beating on a regular rhythm. The gate may not be regulating the flow of energy. The gate has to be in harmony with all the other gates. Works with gates that are stagnant, plugged or have an irregular beat. Both can cause disease – too much energy or not enough energy are equally damaging. Works with all gates in all the bodies. The physical gates have a tendency to react negatively when different things happen in one’s life. Great fear & panic going on now doesn’t block the gate but speeds up the gate. Energy moving faster is just as dangerous as energy moving not fast enough. Fear is attached to the energy of survival. Survival is attached to the brain stem & the purpose of that is to create some type of proactive movement for protection. Survival isn’t negative in itself but becomes negative when remain in that state. Survival instinct resides at the base of the brain. But if survival is a continuum then interferes with gates. Gates are spherical with energy moving through them. If stagnant may increase in size. A gate is like a puffer fish it blows up & deflates. This treatment can help with sleep issues. When gates are open, you will feel more energized and more balanced. Could be mild or be quite strong. We have thousands of gates. One may be linked through gates with ancestors – may have the same stagnation that the ancestor had.
  • Dis-eased Aspects

    Probably the deepest Tai Yi treatment of these 7 taught this weekend. Goes through the connecting energy between you & your aspects. Do you have an aspect that has a disease? If have a diseased aspect or injured aspect, you will feel it consciously or unconsciously. This treatment will be felt by your aspect & your connection will grow in strength – will connect with aspects on a more conscious level. Are you an argumentative person? Will it create more of an argumentative relationship? It’s about the emotional, mental & spiritual, even if your aspect is in the non-physical. Your aspects are you. How much do you love your aspects? Think of a finger being in pain & it is sending energy into the hand & into you. This is what a diseased aspect is like. The more your aspects are united and in a state of peace with one another, then it makes it much easier to create. Will affect all of your aspects – could even be you that is affected. It isn’t limited to your physical body. Want to take the next step but is an aspect blocking it? The Energy of this treatment goes to whatever Aspect it is needed on. Works with the Mental-Emotional-Physical & Spiritual bodies. If there is a resistance it will still work. Will go through the mind & into all aspects & into the aspect that needs it. This is not about personalities – some personalities do not know how to heal or are too frightened to heal. This treatment works with all aspects whether there is resistance from an aspect or not. What if your aspect is living on another planet & they live entirely different from us, it will still go there. But it is not in terms of this earth & time. Your aspects have a lot in common with you. Ask what are your aspects reflecting in me? What does it represent inside of myself? If aspect is angry – ask what am I angry within myself. All ancestors and aspects carry a desire to heal no matter how diseased they are.
  • Dis-eased Ancestors

    One can easily inherit a disease from their ancestors but also inherit a belief consciousness about the disease. Parents & grandparents are where you receive the most active diseases: eg; heart disease, diabetes, etc. What does your inherited body need? What food does it need? What diet did they live on? Having an ancestor that had a disease, which includes Physical, Mental & Emotional diseases, then the disease of your ancestors has been passed on to you. It wasn’t just one ancestor that passed it on. Could be from many. You may have 16 people from which your body came from and you carry the program of that disease from any of these ancestors. What activates that disease – how do you view life? How does your personality view that disease? Your personality is what makes you prone to that disease. When people try to create a fad diet or you have been convinced that it is more spiritual to be a vegetarian or other. What is the intent? Does it really work for them. Search your ancestral heritage. Search how much are you like your mother? If encounter a disease at a same age, from an ancestor then is a strong ancestral energy. Search the female line or male line with a particular issue in mind. Will work best the newer the disease. This is defined & refined treatment for a specific issue/disease. Best to do before you inherit the disease. Treatment will go to gates & meridians of what is there – Mental, Emotional & Physical diseases. This treatment will go to wherever the disease is or where it may be created. How is my personality like my ancestors & how has the disease changed your personality? Is the diet the same as the ancestor’s or who had the disease? Could you have a mental or emotional disease that you inherited – does it seem natural to you? What does this mental/emotional disease lead you to? Someone inherited a disease of self-punishment, or possibly creating events in your life that harm you. Depression is quite frequently inherited from your ancestors. Inherited depression but did not grow up with depressed parents, but you made choices like those of the depressed ancestors then you jumped into the gene pool of your ancestors. What if work & work on an issue but it blows up in your face? Such as – you have a bacterial infection, take on anti-biotics but only take some, then go to mental/emotional issue – only work partly on it – then will come back stronger. Work on something until it is gone, not just until it feels better. Works on physical/emotional/mental – will go to what is needed. Ancestral heritage in held in spinal nerves. It is held in the brain & then through the spinal nerves. Energy channels are opening up to change the disease. Do a sea salt & lavender bath. Also, a spinal massage 5 days later in an upward movement only. Go towards the brain with the massage after the treatment. Use Eucalyptus & castor oil with the spinal massage.
  • Detox Life

    This treatment prepares the physical, mental, and emotional bodies for a complete detox. This treatment should be done one week prior to any detox treatments. This treatment allows for a more complete detox, including what the subconscious mind and or impacted organ/gland holds onto.
  • Detoxing the 3rd Eye

    The pineal gland is a flat, cone-shaped organ about the size of a pea lying in the center of the midbrain. It reaches its largest mass during childhood, but often will calcify and shrink with age. Look up on Google where it is located in the brain. This exercise will assist in cleaning the pineal of calcification.
  • Death Revisited

    How many times do we die subtle deaths before our physical death? How many parts of your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies have died from some form of trauma, a little piece at a time? Each major trauma we experience adds to the whole, the more parts that have died have been added to the physical body causing disease, discomfort, and premature physical death. This treatment brings up the parts that have died to be merged into the whole, healing the pain of subtle death.
  • Death of a Relationship

    When a relationship dies, a part of you dies. Learn which part and how to heal it. This treatment helps you to learn which part and how to heal it. You see people be in multiple relationships & they all see the same. A relationship creates a 3rd entity. This entity needs to come into resolvement with own body & own consciousness. Relationship continues in your own energetic system until resolved. Refers to all intimate relationships. This allows for the Ultimate resolvement of your past relationships. Visualize energy looking like a string & all the strings are intertwined. Have the client focus on the first relationship if the pattern is the same. Relationships are really one of the strongest issues that people tend to create. Can be the greatest degree of difficulty in moving on and raising your vibration.How many people do you know who have issues with relationships? Why is it so hard to get along? With friends? As a Couple? Why do we not lovingly support each other in a relationship? Could people fear being alone and therefore tolerate being in a painful relationship. Most common fear is fear of not being LOVED. This treatment is for the person but is not for the relationship. If you find someone that loves you. NEVER let it go. Fight like hell for it. Maybe you have not recognized that you do deserve to be loved.
  • Conflict of Pain

    This helps bring awareness to your counterfeit journeys. It brings assistance to those who are confused about their path. This exercise also opens the door to passion to one’s path.
  • Children of the Change

    This treatment is for physical, mental, and emotional harm brought about by changes in the earth, environment, and society. This treatment is for children and the child in the adult—no age limit. Wonderful for kids forced to have vaxx. Ones in the middle of a battle between parents. Bullied by kids teachers etc. If you were a black sheep as a child this treatment will be wonderful for you. that have stagnation. Meridians constrict when a child is abused/bullied etc., then the meridians constrict. And the result is depression & possibly suicide. May feel as if a metal helmet has been removed.
  • Channel of Wisdom

    This exerciser opens channels to the ancient brain to allow the ancient mind to function. This exercise is for ones who have taken action to go deeper into awareness of who they are & a deeper understanding of healing. Opens meridians between them – the ancient mind and the ancient brain.
  • Brain Fog

    There are many writings on Brain Fog; many say drugs, improper diet, long-term stress, and different neurological diseases cause it. The list is very long. In ancient Chinese health brain fog is caused by beliefs overpowering the mind of knowingness. This is the direct (but not only) cause for many neurological diseases. Brain Fog does not interfere with ones beliefs, but rather creates a clear channel for knowingness to more clearly flow making it easier to empower knowing versus beliefs. Brain Fog also assists the brain to detox and renew.
  • Brain Relieve

    This treatment protects the brain when one is under extreme stress. It also improves memory and communication functions, such as opening the channels of communication from and to the brain. This treatment also helps protect the brain from harmful toxins from medication, which may affect the brain. If this treatment is being used to protect the brain from medications, it is recommended this treatment be done every 30 to 45 days while the medication is being taken daily.
  • Brain Passion

    Most people use energized thought perceiving it is passion. Passion is the energy needed to create heat in the meridians. Brain passion is a clearing exercise as well as an exercise to assist in one creating new patterns. The primary energy that stagnates passion from being expressed is the energy of shame. May be in internal restriction or due to negative influence from an external source. Passion is needed to maintain emotional health & well being. When passion is expressed regularly it will cause meridians wall in the mental body to retain a healthy state. This means that as energy moves from the emotional body through the mental body, the wall of the meridian will break down and restructure. This treatment induces a movement of energy from the emotional body, through the mental body and into the brain. This treatment simulates a passionate of energy in a controlled setting. If this energy is accepted, it will have begun a process of clearing the way. This will allow a temporary opening in which the individual receiving the treatment can express passion with little involuntary internal interference. It is recommended that one take action in some aspect of their reality within a week of this treatment. Particularly an aspect of their reality which they have the capacity to be passionate about. If this energy is put in motion it will reinforce the energy of this treatment. THIS DOES ALTER THEIR CONSCIOUS RESISTANCE. If one uses the opening this treatment creates & begins putting their energy in motion, it will be easy to maintain. This treatment starts a process of building momentum
  • Brain Particle

    This exercise works with dark matter in the brain. It assists in connecting dark matter particles in the brain to assist in connecting with the mind. This exercise is for memory loss and to a degree brain damage.
  • Brian- (The Dirty)

    The Dirty Brain works with Leaky Gut Syndrome. This treatment is in 2 parts which can be done 3 - 72 hours apart.
  • Brain Deception

    This exercise brings into awareness how the brain is using deception to deny one’s own healing. Best to do toxic moon before.
  • Book of Change

    This exercise assists people that are going through much change. It creates clarity as to what change needs to be created.. When change is created out of order, imbalance occurs.
  • Bonding Intelligence - 2 parts

    This treatment works with the message Jonah gave at the February 2017 Intensive. What do we bond unto? What lies have we bonded unto? This treatment works with the prefrontal cortex to bring forth an understanding of how lies have affected our ability to bond or not bond to the heart. There is a saying in our culture, “I am who I am because of all the experiences I have experienced.” Is this a positive? How does this affect your life, your relationships, including the most important relationship of all, the relationship with yourself? This treatment will require 2 parts, each part to be done 1 hour to 24 hours apart
  • Black Hole Cleansing

    This treatment works specifically with black holes. There are trillions upon trillions of black holes so small it is a 1000th smaller than an atom. They significantly influence our life, health, and soul memory. This treatment clears out the garbage in our soul memory. This treatment works very well when we continue to hit the same plateau in our life choices. Black Holes exist everywhere including within us – we are made up of many black hole. Black holes do swallow e - they do swallow things up. They exist in black matter, black energy. they move throughout the body & through the meridians. The more plugged up, the slower the e moves. Balances energy. Black hole gave birth to that U? Could take our sun our sun would be smaller than the tip of my pin. Clears out the garbage in our soul memory – garbage starts at energy pt 7 all the way down to pt1. The lower you get the bigger the garbage. Look at energy pts 1 through 7 - if had a filter would see more garbage in the lower points. The symptoms that pp will have – have a lot of emotional health issues. To read these people, have someone with a lot of emotional garbage. These ppl can benefit from this treatment bit have to be willing to let go of the garbage. Used to look at cancer or other ailments. Ones hit the same plateau becomes they make the same choices. May seem different but are not. It will assist you in making different new choices. The choice has the same frequency & therefore it created the same outcome. People will say they can’t believe that they have been holding onto. Garbage has felt normal. Depending on garbage could be physical detox symptoms. Will be temporary. Most will experience a big relief. Frequency of choice is based on non-willingness to change.
  • Birthing the Child

    This exercise is for adults & teens, not for pre-puberty. This exercise is for those who were spiritually abused as children and/or children who were brainwashed as a child. The energy from this exercise goes deep into the ancient mind which allows for a purging in the programmed mind. One can expect a lightness as if a big gorilla has been lifted, a sense of freedom. Also for children influenced by subliminal messages.
  • Beyond Love

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder known as - ADHD This exercise is for moving energy into the brain from the emotions, through the head & into the soul body. Moves energy from the Emotional Body, through the heart chakra into the Soul Body & the Physical Brain. Accomplishes in healing disorder in Brain that causes lack of focus. May work on older people losing their memories.
  • Balls of Wax

    In ancient Chinese medicine, was referred to as lack of fire. This exercise puts more heat into the body, not physical heat but heat to keep the meridians healthy. Wax in the body according to ancient Chinese allows for high cholesterol tiredness, poor circulation & depression. Poor circulation can be from not using abilities. Being tired, is not doing what I am here to do. High cholesterol is imbalanced diet. Cooler the wax, then the more stagnant.
  • Balancing the Etherical Body - 2 parts

    This treatment balances the Etherical Body. If there is difficulty in balancing the Etherical Body, then do “Purging the Etherical Body” part 1 and 2. Difficulty that may be experienced is the client not properly absorbing energy, or the client feels very uncomfortable, and/or the client sees visions of impending painful issues, such as an accident or disease. Purging the Etherical Body Part 1 Do “Purging the Etherical Body” part 1 and 2, if “Balancing the Etherical Body” has issues as stated above. “Purging the Etherical Body” part 1 and 2 will help transform the energy present in the Etherical Body. Part 1 of “Purging the Etherical Body” collects the energy throughout the magnetic field. Part 2 transforms the energy into a more neutral energy, thus transforming and changing what was about to occur. This treatment does not take the place of free will choice. One will always have the free will choice to continue with the painful experience they are preparing to create. Purging the Etherical Body Part 2 “Purging the Etherical Body” part 2 is to be done 3 to 30 days after Purging the Etherical Body” part 1. Between the 3 to 30 days there is to be no bodywork of any kind, including Tai Yi, except for “Purging the Etherical Body” part 2. Also, there can be no body treatments including Tai Yi for 5 days after this treatment is complete.
  • Balancing the Future

    This exercise is for establishing a balance for your future realities.
  • Awakening Bloodlines - 3 parts

    We are a part of the whole. The Universe is a combination of strings/meridians each “diverted” to create a result. This treatment will open channels of information about why you do what you do, and why you experience the results you experience. This treatment will require 3 parts, each part to be done 48 hours to 30 days apart.
  • Alien Dread - Male & Female Alien Dread - abduction implant removal

    This treatment works with ones who witnessed alien abduction, as well as those being abducted and implanted. This treatment also works with night terror, issues with sleeping, and strange experiences in the body. IMPLANTS CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR MIND YOUR DESIREs. They see you as an investment, not with emotions & will treat you without emotions. This treatment work with the genetic link of families. Primary desire is to create blended bodies so that can live on Earth, in the atmosphere now.
  • Abnormal Thyroid

    Symptoms of Abnormal Thyroid. You might feel run down and tired, or have brain fog. You usually gain weight or experience hair loss. Others may feel hyper, anxious, or sweat a lot, more than usual. All of these are common symptoms of thyroid disorders. The thyroid gland regulates many processes within the body; women in particular are likely to have these disorders that affect the function of this essential gland. Recognizing and treating these conditions are critical for optimum health and preventing long-term health problems. This treatment is for both Hyper and Hypothyroidism, Creates greater clarity in your vision of energy.
  • Age of Old

    This treatment is for one’s 60 or older. As physical body changes, the energy that moves through the meridians are changing. This one is not designed for younger people. Maybe we carry a range of consciousnesses from the most dull to the most enlightened. Where is the soul in all of this? We have biological clocks that when activated can quickly age the body. How many have told themselves that they wished they had made a different choice. Works with the emotional, physical & mental bodies. Some lose their passion, Then they suddenly get old. Excitement of life fills the regeneration, A happy brain rejuvenates the body. Can have a greater detrimental effect after 60. Passion is what motivates & keeps them young. Works with the conscious & subconscious & it works beyond time in terms of past, present & future & brings them together. Blending the optimism of the youth with the wisdom of the aged. Without the 2 develops into hopelessness. Works with mental-emotional-physical bodies.
  • 4th Dance of Tea

    Helps one prepare for change v. allowing change to prepare them – then are caught in pain., 4th is the level of transformation of bodies, Dance- celebration of some particular movement / change.
  • Anger - 8th Level of Fearful Anger

    Individual carries fear of letting go of their anger. Anger is extreme level of rage – may have created physical ailments.
  • Abort-Chee Exercise

    When one goes through an abortion or miscarriage, it disturbs the emotional body & implodes the energy within the body. An abortion can also be from a past life & will manifest in numerous female problems, PMS & heavy periods.
  • Ancestral Power

    The treatment redirects your ancestral power, the power collected through your ancestral heritage. Throughout your ancestors there is power – in knowledge & collected knowledge. The abilities your ancestors had – you have. Redirecting the power to yourself for a pleasurable outcome. You will begin feeling this power within self, because it is there.
  • Ancestor Ritual Pain; 2 parts

    This treatment is working with the DNA of the physical and emotional bodies. A statement my teacher would often state, “We borrow from our ancestors that which we give to our children.” Can be done 2 to 72 hours apart.
  • Anger From Future's Past

    . The cycle of anger comes from the past, circulates to the future, and arrives at the moment. This treatment is different from other anger treatments, as this is a cycle that has not been completed. Anger doesn’t come from the past to the moment goes through past goes into the future & arrives in the moment. Different from other anger treatments. Assists completion from that particular cycle of anger. Can have different expressions but is the same cycle of anger. Remains a cycle because it come from past – goes to the future & then arrives in the moment. This treatment assists in interfering & breaking that cycle. Will feel like a burden has been released. And it will assist you to stop blaming others for our anger. Your anger is your own invention. It is this life’s anger. It is only a nano second in the now. Cycle of anger arranges your future for its expression. The moment is what creates your future. The moment is the point of creation/manifestation. The anger is back from the past & then their future then in the moment & you continue to recreate that anger. Anger is not all alike. Anger is energetic frequencies. anger issues. Cycle of anger is like a group of cousins put in a room, all related & all fighting among themselves. Will also reveal if the anger is based on a lie? You cannot heal a lie – particularly about yourself – you can’t heal it because it is not true. Afterwards – focus on the feeling you have with the burden being lifted v bringing the anger back.
  • Addiction

    Usually the addiction is established as a pattern in the emotional body, but may also be in the mental and physical bodies. Ex: sugar =physical body; emotional addiction –=anger & depression; mental addiction = workaholic. Addictions keep one from changing. Look at what kind of withdrawal someone is going through.
  • Adrenals (physical body)

    Addictions & sexual, drug or abduction abuse affects the adrenals. Fatigue
  • Abuse - Age of Collapse

    For a person who shut down a part of themselves in their childhood, due to abuse or other trauma. May not remember their childhood
  • After Birth Cleanse

    Clearing out the energy from the birth process if had anger or guilt or anxiety -Exercise for peri to post menopause - another for Pre-menopause
  • Anxiety

    The areas affected are shallow breathing, large intestines, spleen, pancreas & constipation. Relates to the mental.
  • Anxiety of Love

    For ones who fear relationships and can’t create one. New parents with anxiety of raising a child – or a pregnant Mom. Or people trying to heal and make different choices with their child
  • Arthritis

    Result of certain fears & rigidity. lack of flexibility & deterioration in joints. energy going into areas even without arthritis yet.
  • Antiquity

    Will assist in bringing into awareness our internal DNA frequency & may pick up certain caution areas that need to be aware of. Your brain is changing, other pictures are in your brain. Change builds and builds and then there is a flash of light. Antiquity will assist in being more conscious of this light.
  • Astral Body Cleanse - 2 parts

    This treatment cleanses the astral body as Jonah spoke about in the last Intensive. The bath Jonah gave will assist in cleansing, but this treatment will be much more profound. Astral Body Cleanse treatment is in two parts. Each treatment is 3 hours to 1 week apart.Astral Body Cleanse treatment works primarily on one's astral body.
  • Awakening Memories Beyond Time

    This exercise works with meridians connected to dark energy, dark matter and these allows for memories of future issues, including future issues with your body, mind, and emotions.
  • Bamboo Spine

    Will boost the immune system, assist with spinal pain, autoimmune diseases Sharpens memories found in the spinal fluid
  • Band of Shen

    For ones in process of breaking through the “band” of energy
  • Bamboo Roots

    This exercise will assist ones to be more grounded and focused in what they do from the higher bodies. Especially good for students who lose their focus.
  • Bear Exercise

    For those who have created a certain level of healing – gives psychic protection, for those self-employed and protection from those who want what you have.
  • Becoming the White Flower

    Helps to see beyond the illusion to have a greater sense of well-being & purpose. Helps to create mind – power ability.
  • Birthing the Fetus

    For the baby - women who are least 12 weeks pregnant, have had emotional pain or injured the body, painful relationship or physical trauma
  • Bladder

    If a blockage in the bladder
  • (1) Blood (physical body)

    This exercise helps to energize & cleanse the blood, assists with high blood pressure & circulation.
  • (9) Blood Dragon

    Brings mystical qualities to the surface, Bringing about a mystical energy to the dream state and may see other realities.
  • (14) Bodies in Conflict

    Ones who are in experiencing internal conflict, weakens the tentacles of a belief that go throughout the body. Beliefs in conflict with knowingness. Mental – Emotional bodies not in balance – brings into balance. Conflict breeds stress. Point of exercise, not to go back to old – especially beliefs that are causing illness. Every addict has this conflict, if deal with issue, can heal it. Must be willing to look at the conflict. Can look at core belief & how belief affects you and this helps to let go. Fear is a prime energy that feeds a belief M-E-P-S and etherical meridians. Helps loosen the tentacles of a belief to be easier to let go of the belief
  • Becoming the Mirror

    This treatment will assist one to become aware of the opposing polarity of their physical and mental body. When one part is opposed it sets the stage for disease. This treatment removes the blocks of energy, which have stagnated the life force energy. Both False Identity and Becoming the Mirror have many similarities.
  • Bonding

    an energetic wall surrounds one that is not bonded. Person may feel lonely easily and feel a denial of support. If an addict then have bonding issues. ex is to dissipate the wall to have deeper relationships
  • Bone Marrow (physical body)

  • (1) Brain (physical body) - Do this exercise so that messages are clear & true

    working with a cleaning of EMEF so messages aren’t confused. Can also benefit stroke patients.
  • Brain Drain

    The mind is the transporter of energy from the soul to the brain. The Brain can be programmed to resist information and assistance from the soul. The Brain has a protein that works with the fear protein. Part of the brain in the hypocamus. When trauma occurs there is an explosion of energy around the hypocamus After 24 hours these proteins explode and they attach to other memories. So, have memories of trauma and then they attach to other memories in the brain. Memories in the brain are not necessarily true memories, they may be memories attached to other memories. All unresolved issues fill the brain at first birth. This ex. will heal trauma through dissipating false memories, even those from past lives and it will neutralize these proteins. Trauma creates a swelling in the Emotional Body and this ex. decreases the swelling so one is not as traumatized, it goes to the core of the trauma. Will assist in dissolving trauma & neutralizing proteins.
  • Brain Purge

    Clears out old residue so the brain can communicate to the self. More clear the communication, the more clear the message. If have the belief that you deserve punishment, then the brain signals the body to be out of cycle and the intent is that part of the body is attacked. Allows one to look at their stuff. If know why you do something then will and then how my creation will be. Treat the cause not the effect. This exercise will bring up issues. It is not to heal the issues but to bring up and look at.
  • Brain Surge

    The Brain has numerous neurotransmitters firing off. When signals are fired, give/send incorrect messages. Brain surge – what constitutes the brain. A damaged brain in terms of LEF/Chinese, means signals are being sent/received in incorrect locations.
  • Bridge of Wisdom

    For ones who are stuck between “two worlds” or realms. Realm is another word for level of consciousness. They go up, then slip back, go up again then slip. More for people who have not bumped into the band.
  • (10) Buddha Breath

    Assists ones with the power of breathing, to collect toxic thought forms, toxic emotions. Also assists in keeping cords/attachments off the body
  • (1) Central Nervous System

    This exercise is good for hypertension, high blood pressure and bad attitudes.
  • (8) Cavity of Original Spirit

    Removes the layers that have created forgetfulness, amnesia, original purpose of being here on Earth. Reawakening where one first forgot – assist in removing amnesia. Slowly moving energy that goes deep into the psyche of the body.
  • (1) Cerebellum

    Part that holds ancient memories when activated, memories and feelings which have been suppressed in childhood. Carries memories of the human race as does whale energy – library of the Earth
  • (3) Cerebral Spinal Fluid

    protects from viruses & genetic damages, protects the EMEF around cells particularly in spinal fluid & brain stem.
  • (1) Cerebral Transforming Energy

    If the mind/energy field is polluted or in high beta & it is difficult to get into the Alpha-Theta states. Good for migraine headaches.
  • (11) Chamber of Darkness

    Assists those who carry a deep fear of darkness, either physical or being in dark energy, fear of being mugged or kidnapped. Stagnation in Chamber of Darkness makes it much easier to become corded over and over. This exercise assists in allowing stagnant energy to be transmuted. It may also be done on children, including for adolescent issues that build and build, increasing anger and bitterness.
  • (5) Change of Life

    Mental/Emotional – have gone through major changes, job, death, divorce
  • (8) Change of Life – Menopause

    Mental, physical & emotional. Balancing fire & water, for male & female
  • (8) Childhood Release

    Creates a star of knowing, of personal empowerment creating a reversal of the energy flow
  • (10) Child Karma – Heal & Seal

    a channel of energy like a vortex which attaches in the mid-section & parent takes on the karmic energy of the child – has to do with anxiety, guilt whether subconscious or conscious.
  • (3) Chronic Depression

    Very deep levels of depression, never able to forgive
  • (6) Cleansing the False Mind

    Connects to ancient memories
  • (5) Clear Light/Fog Light

    Fog light is reflecting one’s thought back to themselves, to gain clarity in meditation
  • (3) Clearing the Brain Of Diseased Thoughts

    working with social & genetic conditioning
  • (1) Clearing the Lymphatic System

  • (8) Clusters of Energy

  • (14) Code of Death

    Allowing a death of the old to allow a birth to occur. Releasing the tentacles of old issues that have been on for a long time – painful issues – parents – past lives. Committed to the death of old to allow for the rebirth. It is important that the person determines if they are ready for this exercises. If lie or exaggerate will have aches and pains, digestive issues and headaches. Before the death, must know and be aware of what the issues are. After a major cord, would assist people. Work with one primary issue at a time. Client must decide that they are ready to let go of the issue.
  • (14) Code of Life

    This exercise assists one to open to a part that is closed due to an injury now or older. Assists in a deeper meditation. ones going thru ế shifts occurring globally and personally. This brings the injury to the forefront & assists one to become more open. Assists one to become more aware & more sensitive in their bodies.
  • (1) Concentration

    This exercise works well with students who are over-stressed in school & who begin creating stomach disorders & ulcers. Also for those stuck in Beta.
  • (3) Connecting the Adult Mind with the Child Mind

    Releasing resistance, something isn’t “convenient”, lack of will power
  • (5) Cording

    attachments to the body by physical or non-physical entities. Where the cord is can tell what the entity attached may want from the person who has been corded
  • (10) Crystal Eye Cleanse

    Electrolytes are imbalanced in the body & affects the magnityte and one’s interdirectional navigation to cycles. assists then in cycles being off, affects decision making & more clear on inner movement and connection with guides.
  • (15) Damp Spirit of Creation

    too many toxins to process creates blockages and confusion. For those dwelling on dark issues.
  • (7) Dead Child Exercise

    For adults who have had extreme abuse. Aromatherapies soften the shell so e can flow through
  • (11) Death Cell

    The purpose of this exercise is to neutralize the death cells. All cancer cells are death cells, but not all death cells are cancer cells. Cancer cells and other death cells may lie dormant in the body until a “trigger” occurs. Helps to energize positive cells of body & rearranges cells.
  • (15) Death of Karma

    clearing residue left from a healed Karmic issue. Feeling sluggish, lack of energy from residue
  • (15) Denial of Denial

    Removes walls that have set up denial to have denial. Those with entitlement issues, in therapy and want to eal though in denial.
  • (15) Denial of Truth

    For ones caught in very mental cycles of denial – you will not heal when in denial. Denial of expression of abilities.
  • (8) Digestive Cleanse

    This exercise assists in dispersing the cells that carry the program of the trauma – for the entire digestive system. (this is not a cleanse like an intestinal) This flushes cells out of the body that carry the trauma program. Must have done the lung cleanse – then 1-2 month wait before doing this ex.
  • (6) Discharging Black Magic Sorcery

    You may doubt your self and stop using your ability If absorbed, then would shut down that ability & would become more deeply depressed. Places a shield around your ability, using your ability protects ones also.
  • (5) Dragon Exercise

    for healers only, bringing fire back into balance – assisting with the feelings of being burned out.
  • (10) Dragon Pearl – Hormone Balance

    Increases the male/female hormone balance. Also helps to balance the intuitive & creative energies. Esp. good for people going through the change. Helps in being more grounded. Works mainly on the physical & emotional bodies. Deeper balance, deeper state of peace.
  • (9) Dragon River

    For slow learners, works with the fluid in the spinal column. Brings genetic memories forth of own genetic heritage. Will assist in becoming aware of own genetic weaknesses and strengths, including physical and emotional and at what age. Within 6 to 7 hours and up to a week, may feel energized or movement in certain parts of the body. Awaken memories & brings them to the conscious physical awareness. Tonic Water Ex. Will assist it in going deeper
  • (2) Earth Body

    good life planners – look into what you do with foresight.
  • (15) Earth Core Balance

    helps to balance the body so that the body will adjust to the Earth changes & assits in deeper levels of passion, balancing current life with positive future life. Look at resistance to change.
  • (3) Earth Cycle

    out of balance, great resistance to one’s manifested reality. Lots of denial, feel like assistance is blocked
  • (3) Electro-Magnetic Mental Body

    too much metal in the body, heart disease may occur, oxygen depleted in the blood, harder to converse with the non-physical.
  • (4) Electro-Magnetic Pollution Cleanse

    Assists further in the EMEF in the body. Pollution interferes with choice; the power of choice & the clarity of choice Good for people who are around a electricity; computers, cash registers etc Can be indecisive or make weak choices, which will have angry outcomes.
  • (4) Element of Balancing Internal Conflict

    Good for someone with chronic difficulties.
  • ( ) Element of Mother/Child Law

    has to do with fire, earth, metal, water & wood. Has to do with small intestines, tripleburner, blood vessels. Can be most impacted in a healer.
  • (6) Embracing of Death Exercise (old relationships)

    Relationships continue in the body until it is healed. If a previous relationship is attached to the body, it affects the emotional body & will feel agitation, anxiety, a lot of time in Beta, poor memory, and exhausted.
  • (2) Emotional Equilibrium

    Aligning the lobes, yin/yang, negative/positive, hot/cold. This assists people who have emotional extremes, people who are easily disappointed and are depressed.
  • (10) Emotional Fatigue

    Pollution of the I AM, is for ones who have made an effort and are achieving healing on an emotional level & are doing so much work are emotionally fatigued. followed by emotional insecurity.removes fatigue around the emotional body.
  • (10) Emotional Insecurity Syndrome (Always after Tower of Harmony & Brain Drain – never alone )

    This is most important for people who have difficulty making decisions,people who have difficulty letting go of events from childhood, people with negative perceptions of self. difficulty with bonding & friendships and have had multiple relationships. Inability to commit This is a life long syndrome.
  • (2) Endorphin Release Process

    strengthens immune system, emotional extremes, key that immune system is impacted, an etherical disease may have begun
  • (2) Eternity From Mild

    Usually connected to past lives, children who can’t release from other lifetimes, children who dies tragically. One’s with chronic pain, multiple personalities. Great anger & depression, extreme jealousy, chronic fighting.
  • (1) Exchange of Energy

    Exercise is good for the following: Exchanging old energy for new energy, Someone has been ill & getting over it, Getting out of Depression, Coming Out of Adolescence, Worked with Issues
  • (6) Expelling the Cord of Darkness (3 Parts)

    On a major cord, pulsating energy is very strong. You will feel like your hand is being sucked down. You will feel a repelling & a suction of the entire palm of your hand with each heartbeat and this means that it is extremely & tightly connected to the electric current in the heart.
  • (15) Extraordinary Power ( 3 parts)

    assists in Letting GO & works on the Immune System of the Physical, emotional and mental bodies- detoxes mental-emotional and also the physical.
  • (9) Failure Syndrome

    Works on fear and anger, the two most common energies that set up a failure pattern that includes difficulty keeping commitments, and self-sabotage. This ex. replaces the original Fear and Anger exercises, and is much deeper.
  • (14) False Family

    Has to do with a family unit that attempts to impregnate beliefs contrary to the . This exercise works well with Brain Purge – after Brain Purge. Will assist in releasing the negative bonds of a false family. Ones genetic family has the strongest influence.
  • (1) Fear

    Fear affects the kidney, bladder & bedwetting creates kidney or bladder infections, nightmares & night sweats. Also difficulty in joints, ligaments & tissues, Fear blocks movement. Fear energy pushes on the shoulders, pushes all organs down energetically and physically.
  • (13) Fearful Sleep

    For persons with lots of nightmares or wake up feeling exhausted and with aches and pains. Immune system is depleted. Sleep meridians are prepared, cleaned and sealed for clearer emotions and thoughts.
  • (3) Find the Depression in the Mental Body

    mental body has fear, anger depression, may create a chronic difficulty – may injure the part of the body where negative thoughts are Look for stagnation in the body.
  • (2) Fire Body

    fire bodies are take charge, prone to explosions and often leaders.
  • (3) Fire & Water

    works with depression, suicidal thoughts
  • (13) Forgotten Love

    For ones who have forgotten how to love – how to accept love – and when they were in a vibratory state of love. Or for persons with anger issue. This energy goes into Everyone carries energy of love & this goes to that place and brings it to the surface.
  • (1) Fright

    scatters heart e and sends the negative e into the kidney
  • (3) Full Moon

    critical point, emotions will recycle if not experienced & influence the belief system
  • (15) Fusion of Essence & Energy

    helps to draw energy from all bodies –increases the mental-emotional-physical for people with low levels of energy. Working on big issue, then feel depleted – great to energize.
  • (15) Fusion of Life

    Bonding with your physical body, from mind and emotions. Disconnected from body.
  • (6) Future’s Past

    Illness has not reached the physical, it is called the past because has reached the energy field. Can work at healing illnesses before they occur, is in the energy field but has not entered the physical body. This is not limited to any particular illness or disease. If one is willing, will assist in healing before it reaches the physical.
  • (3) Galactic Cycle

    how the mind reacts to the soul pathway. Connecting the mind to the higher self. Can be done on people who are very argumentative and can’t heal
  • (2) Gall Bladder (emotional body)

    Creates pure bile, metabolizes fats & oils. If having tension headaches then your gall bladder may not be working fully.
  • (15) Ghost Pain

    residue of tragic pain from ghosts or poltergeists – from haunting.
  • (11) Golden Bridge of Life

    To strengthen the connection of the 7 bodies, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Spirit-Christed and Soul. To become more aware in conscious, feeling state of messages being received from one or more of the 7 bodies, specifically it energizes the Spirit-Christed body. One will feel more connected to what they are doing in creating their path, using abilities. Feeling more complete creates less risk of repeating some past trauma.
  • (13) Golden Emotional Bridge

    Clears out 7 years of emotional toxins. Emotional toxins will affect the physical & will be released in both when are clear about issue and trauma.
  • (7) Golden Shield

    to remove the energetic residue from immunizations
  • (9) Governing Channel of Advanced Life

    Creates a perimeter around the body so lower vibrations cannot get in. Can only be done if there are no cords (if have a cord will double the strength of the cord). Remove the cord and then wait a couple of days before doing this exercise. If one learns from negative energy coming in, then can redo this exercise. Exercise allows the vibration of joy to be felt on a deeper level. Will feel more compassion, and easier to express passion. Also easier for the body to release toxins. Increases the immune system or greater depletion if one has a cord.
  • (1) Grief

    Grief is a slow moving energy. It affects the heart & lungs.
  • (9) Growing Life Branches

    For people who have had surgeries, major illnesses, removal of limb, organs, illnesses. Opens the life energy flow into those areas.
  • (1) Guilt

    Guilt affects nerves & circulation, deadens feelings & prevents a life-force from moving into the body. It also coats the nerves with toxins.
  • (3) Hand Quadrants Exercises

    • Fire – tendency to short temper, burning need to do something
    • Water - know you should be doing something but don’t know what it is.
    • Air - self-sabotage, tendency to block your mind out of anger.
    • Earth - know what you need to be doing but don’t do it.
  • (1) Harmonizing EMEF with the Earth

    Great exercise to do if in an area where a natural disaster has occurred, good to protect self or to reharmonize one who was in a disaster. Also for a personal trauma
  • (9) Harmonizing of the Human Earth

    must do this exercise before doing the Human Polar Shift Exercises. can do this one day or a few days before. This exercise does also stand alone. In part is like the EMEF with the Earth’s energy field. It grounds & centers the Emotional Body and assists in grounding out the anger. It assists the body in receiving messages, in terms of what nutrients are in the soil and that are needed by the body.
  • (11) Harmonizing the Internal

    Assists ones in recognizing the illusion. If ready on a soul level, it will assist in opening doors to other realities available to them, and other dimensional states of consciousness. For ones somewhat enlightened about their soul. Not for someone who has never questioned.
  • (13) Healer’s Detox

    rejuvenation for healers
  • (6) Healing Crisis Disorder

    For those realizing that their percentage of commitment isn’t there, this exercise will raise their commitment. Healing doesn’t begin until you’ve reached the 40% commitment, if over 60% committed then will heal rapidly. Can also be used in terms of using abilities, seeing energies, etc, but need 40% commitment. Crisis occurs between the 40% & 60% commitments.
  • (6) Healing the Silver Cord

    This exercise is for one’s who have had near death experiences and didn’t have a soul exchange. Also for those who have had a major cording & the cording was severed, or had a very serious disease & were close to dying, or if one had been in a coma.
  • (3) Heart & Brain

    lack of stability, where do I belong? Works well with relationships.
  • (2) Heart Exercise (emotional body)

    Try to tune in to what emotions are lodged in the heart.
  • (11) Heart Mind Bonding - Heart Mind Alignment

    To create an emotional bonding between the mind and the heart. Bonding & aligning is allowing the mind field as well as the mental body to bond with and come into alignment with the heart chakra.
  • (12) Heart of Stone

    For ones who have allowed their essence to turn into stone. A Stone is holding onto the lower memory vibrations, which then in turn is a tendency for person to only remember and empower the painful difficult part of their lives. This then creates difficulty to love or to be loved.
  • (10) Honey Organ - Insulin Drip

    To assist ones with diabetes, sugar or alcohol addictions and false sweetness– a denial of self and the negative situation that they are in. This ex. works with the emotional issues that created problems. When people are addicted to sugar, a trauma become expanded and is then greater then the original trauma.
  • (12) Hormonal Brain

    Can be used on ones whenever something, a drug, chemical (food chemicals / preservatives) is used by someone who wants to escape and not look at something. The takes substances
  • (9) Human Polar Shift (5 parts)

    See special instructions
    Exercise will align the magnetic field of the body to the magnetic shift of the earth, resulting with less tension in the body. Mental and emotional issues the client has been fighting will lessen. When the magnetic field is out of balance, the chakras and meridians are out of balance. This exercise will bring them back into balance.
  • (15) Human Rhythm (4 parts)

    Increase abilities Blending thr rhythms in the mental, emotional, physical astral & etherical bodies. Puts the body in rhythm for what you are creating.
  • (14) Human Vitality

    This is an immune booster specifically for the Mental-Emotional Spiritual Physical bodies. Rejuvenates the life force energy in these bodies. In addition, this exer. sends an energy that creates an energy pattern that seals any leakage in these bodies meridians. Person may even feel really great on awakening the next day and then even greater after the 2nd part. Will feel stronger and wake up feeling excited. Also for people whose immune system have been depleted. Anger, fear and physical difficulties lowers the immune system. Overall immune booster for all bodies.
  • (2) Hyperactivity

    works with hyperactivity, not ADD, most physical causes are toxic blood, lead poisoning in city water, tuna
  • (9) Hyperthyroidism – Thyroid – expression of life

    Hyperthyroidism; symptoms may be unexplained weight loss, increased rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, frequent bowel movements, muscle weakness, trembling hands. May have a short fuse, feel anger & shut down the emotions. Energy of control exists with this condition over a situation or an event. (perfectionist) Thyroid may be affected by long-term viruses (6 months or more), or exposure to toxic substances.
  • (9) Hypothyroidism

    Symptoms; whiners, slower mental process, lazy, lethargic, reduced heart rate, increased sensitivity to cold, numbness in hands & feet. Can be from food, chemicals, radon.
  • (7) Implants

    placed by the “greys” or others in the body, Sinuses – most common location. look for ones with chronic sinus disorders from early childhood (age 4 plus) without common cause of diet and not helped by herbs, meds, or diet; Lymph nodes, Reproductive Organs, Ones with sexual implants may have sexual problems, intimacy issues, strong PMS, guilt, rape issue, cancer of the sexual organs & sterility/impotency.
    • Adult - pinprick, very cold/numbness like an ice cube.
    • Juvenile – ice cold pinprick 90% of implants are juvenile. This ex. may be done on any age child or adult. It is for when an implant was placed when the person was a child.
    • Dormant pinprick, no cold. This ex. is for ones who were implanted as a child and it is now inactive regardless of the current age.
    For inactive implants which are no longer sending information, but can still attract energy to the site which can increase risks of cancer. This ex. is for any age, and often juvenile implants become dormant after puberty.
  • (7) Non-Physical Implants

  • (15) Intelligence of Feel

    Psychological ex., helps to put the energy of feelings more deeply into the mind. Opens an energetcic channel to know what something is about.
  • (9) Internal Energies

    For ones who have taken on too much energy and do not allow it to flow through them property, resulting in holding water, disturbance in sleep state, stiffness in joints, and protecting energy from negative influence. Usually for hands-on workers, including Tai Yi, massage, chiropractic, any working on the body, and for ones who take on emotions (from the mass consciousness) and do not pass them on. This impacts the kidneys, allows excess water, creates disturbance in the dream state, either nightmares or do not remember their dreams at all. One takes on energy and doesn’t let it go because of fear there is not going to be enough, so they tend to shut down receptivity.
  • (2) Kidneys (emotional body)

  • (2) Large Intestines

  • (15) Live Energy of Deceit

    bring into focus self lies & decit – can bring stuff up, regret disappointment so will not be ignored.
  • (1) Liver (physical body)

    Controls ligaments, tendons and the break down of fats. The liver also interferes with a lack of & can cause PMS and rapid mood swings. This can help with cirrhosis only if the issues are handled and emotionally what brought them to drink.
  • (2) Liver (emotional body)

    Receives all amino acids extracted from the small intestines which forms protein to repair tissues. Assists the small intestines also. Links pineal to the liver. If can easily lose temper, usually always in a hurry, under stress, then stagnates to cold energy in the small intestines & the liver. One who rarely sits down for a meal
  • (9) Lodestone Energy Tonic

  • (14) Lost Love

    This ex. is for people who have forgotten how to love & push away the love they want. Some look for ones to take care of & then this replaces love. This ex. is for ones that truly want to feel & understand the ability to love – the difference between taking care of and love.
  • (14) Lost Heart

    Good for anyone working on releasing a belief system. This is about people who have lost sight of own knowingness & the empowerment to feel. Most don’t know how to feel. This ex. helps one to feel – level of sensitivity increases. Then are more consciously aware where the belief system interferes with the knowing system.
  • (2) Lungs (emotional body)

  • (8) Lung Cleanse

    This exercise is for people who have gone through some kind of trauma, their body has changed and they are working their way back out of the trauma. The trauma has left residue deposits in their lungs and digestive tract. Can be done alone if going to do the digestive cleanse, must do lung first then wait 1 – 2 months between exercises. Can only work on someone who is improving.
  • (2) Lymphatic System

  • (2) Memory Buttons of the Body

    an emotional difficulty takes a forming the body, memories begin surfacing, then Why do I need to be beat up physically, spiritually, emotionally?
  • (3) Mental Vitality

    for people who are mentally burned out. student burn out.
  • (2) Metal Body

    powerful feelings, nothing gets in the way, can become rigid in the emotional body
  • (2) Mild Grid

    When the same 5 to 7% of emotions are used over & over again, it creates a grid and the same reality is repeated over & over again.
  • (3) Mind Clarity

    nerves on edge, rapid build up of toxins, tendency to stay in old energy. Stops patterns of back & forth energies: difficult to remember, concentrate stay focused, difficult to use spirit to rejuvenate
  • (12) Mind of God

    (5 parts)This exercise blends and balances the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Critical: For ones already in the process of balancing their emotional and mental bodies, not for ones wanting to be taken care of.
    Mind of Emotions + Mind of Intent = Result
    1. Fire balances with Water to bring about Equilibrium
    2. Yang + Yin = Harmony
    3. Heart + Brain = Stability
    4. Feeling + Thought = Clarity
    5. Passion + Wisdom = Vitality
    End result: Good health for Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies
  • (8) Mind Therapy

    For people getting ready to go into counseling – addiction or childhood issues recovering. Pre-intensive also. Creates an opening, opens understanding & therapy – mental blocks are resolved. Helps remove the resistance to the block. If keep coming up to something & can’t get through, will help to discover why. 2 to 3 days before therapy or the intensive. Therapy can be working through an issue with your mate or a trusted friend. Just before the exercise use aromatherapy. the smelling of the rosewood excites the body & creates an opening by 50%.
  • (15) Missing Life

    missed opportunities, looking back, hindsight, sabotaging.
  • (2) Navel Transgression

    For ones who have leaked death cells, assist in transition from physical to non-physical
  • (14) Moon Energies – Male or Female

    This exercise is for males or females struggling with issues coming up during the Earth changes. Especially the EMEF changes & shifts, and especially in own bodies. Emotional issues of wanting to give up healing; emotions of sulking – woe is me syndrome. It helps to align the body with the shifting of the Energy Field – so emotions may flow. Moon energy works with emotions, fluid & deep connections with EMEF.
  • (3) New Moon

    time of review & reflection,brings harmony of what is occurring emotionally, spiritually in the body. emotions are at the lowest point
  • (2) Not So Mild Grid

    This fits about 80% of the population
  • (2) Old Cellular Depression

    brought forth from other lives or childhood abuse, PMS, high blood pressure
  • (8) Opening to Sanctuary

  • (3) Over Protection of the Mind

    blocked insights into the past & the future, fear of being taken advantage of, didn’t learn lessons in childhood. over-protecting or controlling parents.
  • •(6) Pancreas

    This exercise works with the pancreas, kidneys, and the digestive system. It balances the pancreas so the cravings aren’t as strong. It is good for people who want to release toxins from the body, especially sugar, chocolate & alcohol. If an addiction, then also despondency & frustration is created. Helpful for diabetics & hypoglycemia. When people have sudden urges that aren’t helpful, then related to the pancreas – looking for external stimulus.
  • (15) Painful Obstruction

    bringing to awareness obstructions, if desease is beginning, something is off – good with therapy.
  • (3) Paranoia

    irrational suspicion of friends, depression, may have skin weaknesses
  • (3) Passion-Wisdom

    deep anger & loss of vitality, difficulty in relationships, blends the conscious With unconscious, assists nightmares; balances fire & water.
  • (7) Peeling the Shadows

    removing emotional layers
  • (1) Pineal Gland (physical body)

  • (15) Pillar of Mind Power

    makes belief systems weaker – works on the frequency. Brings to the surface beliefs contrary to knowingness.
  • (11) Plant Rejuvenation

  • (15) Point of Discovery

    will bring to the surface what has been hidden that creates pain. What has been blocking permanent healing & where is influence coming from. Traumaas do not move thru time. Will bring the trauma to the surface.
  • •(11) Points of Alchemy

    Is for healers who use their hands. Assists in the alignment & removal of stagnation in the chakra points in the hands. Also people who have had injuries.
  • (11) Points of Heart

    energizes the heart, & issues that are affecting the heart getting to the point, the core of the issue
  • (3) Polishing the Mirror ( 3 parts)

    May have been having disturbing dreams. creates clarity of what you’ve been absorbing from the environment.
  • (6) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

    This exercise is for the physical, mental and emotional bodies of this lifetime and past lifetimes. The energy of PTSS keeps ones from moving out of old programs. This usually runs in cycles, the stress is always there but it can peak and this may be at certain times of year. It usually lasts for a few weeks or sometimes months or longer. Ex: a Holocaust survivor may have peaks that last for months.
  • (14) Power to Seek

    How many people have a problem seeking out something – especially in self – battling a belief system within. This exercise works with the meridians that go to the brain. The seeking part of the brain is more sensitive. It helps one when you have a deeper understanding of why, when and how you’re doing something. Allows clarity to come forward. Seeking something going on with me. Seek and you shall find. As you seek within yourself, you find self.
  • (14) Punishment Syndrome

    This ex. opens up where things have been restricted in the Mental-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual bodies. One can review their punishment and bring to awareness how you’re punishing yourself. Opens up the meridians affected by the punishment syndrome. Afterwards, may feel more energy.
  • •(5) Pre-Cancer

    Cancer vibration usually begins in the emotional body, but this may also be a tendency for denial. Energy of denial is a very similar energy to that of cancer. Often very angry people, negative anger is energy not recognized, sign of carrying a strong denial/anger program.
  • ( ) PrePuberty

    for children from the other Earth, they have different EMEF, more direct with people
  • (9) Primordial Energy

    Cell evolution refers to cells replacing themselves with ones as strong or stronger. This exercise helps heal or prevent the primitive energies of mass consciousness from disrupting cell evolution. When the lower mind is there it does not allow for the proper clearing and reproduction of cells, so one is prone to cancer, negative emotions, depression, suicidal energies, or just very attached to the mass consciousness Greatly assists in the three Synchronization exercises .
  • (11) Primordial War

    This exercise is for people traumatized by war – this can be from gangs, terrorism or an all out war (New York City, Iraq, Vietnam are examples.) It can also affect medics and non-combatants in a war-like zone. will also assist those in wars in past lifetimes. The trauma of war still exists in this lifetime.The brain reprograms due to war and reasoning about themselves, how one thinks comes into play. It’s the energy absorbed by war, also in the climate of war.
  • (4) Process Function Neurochemistry

    Improves memory & the ability to learn & to retain; enhances alertness; stimulates cerebral circulation. Works at balancing the metabolism, helps the body remove toxins by releasing free radicals. Increases the activity of the neurotransmitters. Assists the EMEF to become lighter and the person to become more aware of their body, their attitudes & their perception.
  • (5) Protecting the Energy Field

    primary purpose is for healers to add extra protection to your EMEF
  • (14) Punishment Syndrome

    This ex. opens up where things have been restricted in the M-E-P-S bodies. One can review their punishment and bring to awareness how you’re punishing your self. Opens up the meridians affected by the punishment syndrome. Afterwards, may feel more energy.
  • (7) Psychosis of the Inner Brain

  • (2) Recurring Depression From Childhood

    Some event, usually emotional has occurred in childhood. This is working on the emotional part of the inner child
  • (14) Rainbow Connection

    Helps to see, feel and interpret energy on an intuit level.
  • (11) Rejuvenation

    Plant – vegetarians may have more toxins than meat eaters, must have had no meat fish dairy for 6 months assists the body in absorbing positive & releasing neg. of the plant
    Flesh – works with entire digestive system, must cleanse before with psyllium husk etc. absorbing positive elemnts of meat.
  • (5) Relationships

    Work with emotional/physical subtle levels
    • Couples in a Sexual Relationship – want to blend energies more.
    • Friendship – deep draws energies from the most positive incarnation
    • Mates – deep Karmic – works on issues brought in together
  • (14) Removing the Snake

    Brings to conscious awareness hidden ailments in the body, which may lead to mental-emotional-physical disorders. Then can take action of malfunctions that are beginning to occur. After the exer., may feel tenderness or sensitivity etc., somewhere in the body and then can look at that area and why you are feeling a certain way. Bringing to conscious, what area is off or hidden in the body. Can become aware of energies being projected to self. Snake can mean wisdom or deception from own self the “snake in the Grass”. Understanding as to why feeling off in the body.
  • (15) River of Energy

    Donverting stagnant energy into productive energy. Good for depression & missed opportunities.
  • (15) River of Mud

    Walk in crappy neighborhoods or around the public a lot & attract abusive energy, helps protect meridians. People learning to find their 6th sense.
  • (4) Scar Tissue Cleansing

    works with the energies in & around the scar tissue, so energies do not go deeper or into cancer
  • (8) Sea Body

    this exercise is especially good for “water” bodies but is for everyone. Assists in rebalancing the fluid in the body, working with emotional energy. Will assist in bringing to the surface past life emotions. Balances energy, water in the body, balanced with the tides, ocean.
  • (2) Season of Birth

    • Autumn
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Winter
  • ( ) Second Birth

    infants not older than 12 weeks, had hard labor, toxicity in mother or a premature birth
  • ( ) Second Heart

  • (4) Self Esteem Purge

    Usual symptoms are those experiencing stiff neck, stomachaches, intestinal pain, excessive energy on shoulders, blurred mind vision (not seeing something correctly),and headaches – forward & at the base of the skull.
  • (10) Seven Waves ( done only during cycles)

    Physical Body Cycle
    Mental Body Cycle
    Emotional Body Cycle
  • (8) Skin Vision

    Helps ones to define what they are feeling, helps to strengthen the skin, prevent skin cancer & rashes & skin is more sensitive to the environment with skin issues & skin sensitivity & dry skin or skin cancer – can strengthen the skin organ. For people who have a difficulty feeling in their body, will assist in feeling the vibration of your environment through the skin. Skin responds to the change in your vibration, assists when this occurs. More aware of what is going on in your environment – being receptive to the environment – other factors are side benefits.
  • (4) Skulls Breath Of Life

    Treats a number of ailments; depression, anger, intense fear, brain tumors or brain dysfunction
  • (2) Small Intestines Exercise (emotional body)

    Synergetically connected with the heart. controls the emotions in terms of what one feels, not what emotions. If easily depressed, then this is a sign of stagnation in the small intestines. Unleashing positive emotions assists negative energy to begin dissipating & will feel some heat. Small Intestines sends energy to the heart. Good for vision, breathing, constipation
  • (3) Solar Cycle

    Represents the entire lifetime of the individual & how they react spirit energy expands the EMEF to see the entire life, its purpose. develop abilities, easier to resolve difficulties
  • (14) Soul Block

    have set up a deep wall between themselves & their soul’s knowing. Wall around their heart
  • (1) Spine (physical body)

    This exercise is good for migraines and to boost the immune system, lymph, adrenals, thymus. It increases the flow of spinal fluid – if tension in the body then the spinal fluid is moving more slowly.
  • (13) Spirit of Life – Rejuvenation of the Heart

    for ones healing on multiple levels and ones going thru a spiritual transition.
  • (8) Spiritual Embryo

    Assisting in cleansing & detaching negative attachments from any biological children from any lifetimes. You share genetics & if something happens negative, it attaches to your genetic frequency. Heals the frequency that has been disturbed within the genetic frequency. Not healing your relationship with your child, but the disruptive frequency in your EMEF.
  • (8)Spiritual Equilibrium

    3 parts Balancing the frequencies in & throughout the body assisting the mind, & organs. The genetic structure works with the body. This is a balancing & fine-tuning of the subtle frequencies of the body which helps prevent genetic frequencies from manifesting – but personality trait that you’re not will to change, may override this ex. Search personality traits in the fsmily
  • (2) Spiritual

    Emotional Depression -Not a deep physical long term depression – one that comes & goes. Emotional imprints are left from fights. Imprints bring back scenarios from fights. Lifting emotional imprint from the body.
  • (14) Spirit Weaver

    Works at weaving the bodies together. Each body has its own set or units of meridians & gates that connect from the Mental to Emotional; Emotional to Spiritual; and on with each body. People that feel separate, separation from their base, their knowingness. People that feel scattered, have too much going on, and difficulty focusing or directing energy. In a healthy system, all gates are working in harmony & supporting the gates. A scattered gate blocks the energy and when energy scatters, it dissipates the energy and then nothing sticks or holds.
  • (2) Spleen & Pancreas (emotional body)

    Regulates the quality & the quantity of the blood. Along with the kidneys, coordinates to control balance with the fluids throughout the body. works on water retention & kidney pain.
  • (2) Spleen- Pancreas (physical body )

    Helps the immune system, clears the blood
  • (15) Spontaneous Motion

    assists ones in healing fields and counselors, Brings recognition to recognize thought forms, attachments & cords before they occur.
  • (15) Stagnant Pond of the Brain

    will assist with brain difficulties, poor memories, suppressed abuse, reoccurring headaches, common sense & slow responses of the brain. Can assist with depression. Analytical b rains can hold onto toxins. Look at what creates this difficulty.
  • (2) Stomach (emotional body)

    What emotionally are you not able to stomach about yourself.
    Bronchitis: means something was going on with the stomach first.
    Viral ulcer: virus will move to the lungs & create scar tissue in the lungs.
  • (1) Storing Energy

    If the EMEF of the Earth is rapidly distorted then ones need to have stored energy to be less affected, also affected by an unexpected trauma. Also need energy to keep immune system up. Assists in releasing hemorrhoids and of use for people with testicular cancer.
  • (3) Strengthening the Root

    thoughts form a root, when you forget a painful event, may also forget a joyful event.
  • (3) Sun Cycles how a person relates to creativity

    in a negative or a positive realm. Ends the cycle of abuse, which may continue in subtle ways
    • Spring – either energies duplicates itself or creates something new
    • Summer – manifesting those energies
    • Autumn – bringing energies into completion, is also when disease may manifest
    • Winter – review cycle, allows consciousness to be aware of what goes on in the body
  • (14) Sun Energy

    For ones who become easily distracted by self or others to divert self from their path. This exer. strengthens one’s knowingness and energizes the Emotional – Mental – Spiritual meridians which are connected to one’s knowing system. Draws on our creative/male/positive energy.
  • (4) Terminal Illness Exercise

    Usually for ones knowing they are going to die & have made a choice to become at peace with it, wishing to accept peace more readily.
  • (14) The Sin of I

    ancient meaning, missed the mark. Assists to be Aware of what you missed
  • (1) Thymus (physical body)

    works with different energy levels after puberty. It produces T-cells to fight off viruses and B-cells which support the T-cells.
  • (9) Tower of Harmony – 2 parts

    A two part exercise to be done an hour to a month apart. Assists in placing events in order, and these are not limited to this lifetime. Places in order the events to be healed & the conscious mind will be more peaceful in the healing . 1st part brings the peace, the 2nd part begins the chronological order.
  • (3) Under Protection of the Mind

    easily influenced or controlled by others, may have tendency to act out neg. patterns of parents, trouble with reasoning, fear of making a mistake. Usually has a set 9 to 5 job.
  • (3) Universal Cycle

    how the mind connects to the god-self & developing the ability of non- separation center point exists in each of us from which all light emanates.
  • (14) Universal Eye

    better awareness & understanding of why change & how it affects one.
  • (5) Vision of Youth

    restores or develops inner vision. Will assist in seeing visions of people when doing work on them
  • (5) Walking Skeleton

    arthritis, loosing strength in the bones, severe injury changes skeleton, walking differently affects organs in the body.
  • •(2) Water Body

    communicates who & what they are, can be forceful
  • •(8) Water Channel

    Only to be done after the Sea Body Ex. This is for people who have a fear of the water, whether the fear is conscious or unconscious. For ones who want to deeply connect with dolphins or whales. Strongest for ones who want to go deeper with the emotions, not reliving the trauma but understanding the emotions especially from other lifetimes.
  • (5) Wind Invasion

    Symptoms may include, dizziness, restless sleep, blurry vision, and numbness in fingers. If this continues in a person, it is called the liver wind, & will affect the head & the heart. Sinus problems & hay fever are a direct result of wind invasion.
  • (2) Wood Body

    can be involved in many projects at once. expansive mind & emotions. Also can be stubborn, a workaholic
  • (15) Zen Valley, Earth Pot & Ocean of Energy

    Builds the Bodie’s Immune System, Great before viruses hit
  • (2) Yang Balance

    Excess yang: Symptons include fever, hot sweats, constipation, chronic thirst, dark urine, dry lips& mouth, heavy breathing, rapid pulse, irritability, hypertension, chronic stress
  • (2) Yin Balance

    Excessive Yin – symptoms may include cold chills, cold hands, feet, diarrhea, lack of thirst, shallow breathing, slow pulse, lethargic.
  • (12) Yellow Seed

    For healers – removing the seed which blocks the seeing & feeling of energies.
  • 1