by Hossca Harrison 
Copyrighted 2011 by Hossca Harrison 

Over the years, I have heard more and more misinformation on “cording”. Where did they even come up with the word “cord?” A little research here and there, I found it originated with me, but through the grapevine it became very polluted causing misinformation to spread. Some even claimed they knew how to remove a cord, even though they could not see it nor did they know how it was attached. 

In the last few months I have received several letters strongly asking me to please explain cords and cording, how and why it attaches, and how it affects the human body. I realized I had only shared some of this information, to my advanced students of Tai Yi when I taught some of them how to remove cords. It is now time to write on this subject, clearing misunderstandings and incorrect information beginning at the beginning in 1981 and 1983. 

In 1981 when I awakened from my deep sleep (coma) from my near-death experience, I was able to see energy, not just energy, but also interior body parts, colors of organs, and the brain. In a way, it was natural for me not knowing before the near death experience, I did not have this ability. If you want to know more about this experience, read my book Tide of Change. Among the many different parts of the human bodies I could see, I would also see many with an umbilical cord coming from different parts of their body. Some had just one; some had many. Some were thick and dark, some were thin and light gray in color. 

It was not until a couple of years later, in 1983 after I had begun my advanced learning from my Chinese Tai Yi Teacher, did I come to fully understand what these umbilical cords were. I did not like calling them umbilical cords, so I dropped the name umbilical and just referred to them as cords. As usual, just before my next Tai Yi lesson I would have an experience that set the stage for my learning. A friend invited me to go to lunch at my favorite restaurant in Tumwater, Washington. As we were sitting having lunch, a man and woman of middle age came in and were seated a few feet from our table. He had at least eight cords coming off his body. I saw some of them connected to non- physical people who traveled with him, but I also saw one of the cords from him connected to the woman he was sitting with. The non-physical had many shadows around them and looked very depressed. They were taking deep breaths and I noticed they were deeply inhaling life energy through the cord from the man sitting a few feet from me. With each deep breath from the non- physical people, he looked more and more depleted. He would then take a deep breath and I could see energy moving into him from the woman, he was attached to. My thoughts turned to my teacher; I must learn more about this on my next Tai Yi lesson. 

A few days later, I was with my teacher and as usual he would start the conversation. This time he started it with, “So you want to talk about Funiculus.” 

“What!” I asked. 

He laughed and said, “That is the correct name of what you have been seeing. I like the name cord, we shall use that name for our lessons.” 

An Energy Funiculus or cord, which I have called and taught for the last 30 years, can be anywhere from a mild disturbance to a life threatening condition. First, I will describe how they attach to the body. This is the part many have not understood and through lack of understanding have given incorrect information. A cord does not just attach to the skin surface of the body, but rather has many tentacles anywhere from a few to a few dozen. These tentacles enter into the meridians of the body, which could be the physical, mental, or emotional body. (I am listing these three bodies as they are the most common areas of attachment, but can and do attach to other bodies within the human energy system). Imagine a needle placed in the blood vein on the back of the hand, as occurs in a hospital. This is very similar to the tentacles from the cord. The difference being, tentacles can travel a few inches to a few feet into the meridians. A complex or major cord can have many tentacles interfering with the gate system of the meridians. For those not familiar with meridian gates, a gate is like a valve, which opens and closes allowing more or less energy to be sent to a different part of the body or bodies. (This is one of the fundamental teachings, I teach, to my students of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing.) It is not my purpose to go into detail on gates, just bringing attention to how these tentacles are attached.

I state this because some of the feedback I have received or seen on the internet, is from partial information I have taught and given over the years, and most of it is incorrect. One teaching I have seen is where one can take their hand and wipe the cord off the body. The cord is an energy cord; it does not just wipe off the body. What one might be seeing is the cord moving when a hand is wiped on the area of the body where it is attached, but the cord is not released because it is deeply attached into the meridians of the body. In fact if this is tried by an energy worker not properly educated about cords, it can make the cord attach even deeper into the meridian system. If one doing the cording feels threatened that the cord might be interfered with, the cord will go into hiding. Meaning, the cord will appear on another part of the body giving an appearance that is where it is attached. An energy worker can work on this false location and the cord moves, giving the assumption that the cord as been removed when in fact, the cord has gone deeper into the body. 

There is a Tai Yi treatment, I taught many years ago, to remove Major Cords and Minor Cords. These treatments are in three parts. This year I will be teaching my students in the Advanced Studies of Tai Yi, an even more advanced treatment using what I have recently introduced to my students, Wave Energy. Wave Energy can remove the cord in one part. At this time, only my Primary Student Joseph Armeanio has been taught this Wave Energy treatment. When the new Wave Energy treatment for cords is taught, it will be announced on our Tai Yi Web Site ( with a list of accredited students of which you can choose from. 

This is how a cord is attached, but what about the why, who? What are the symptoms? 

There can be many reasons why one is corded. You have something someone else wants. One example: what if one is addicted and abuses alcohol or drugs? A non- physical person, who died addicted to alcohol or drugs, cannot experience the same high in the non- physical. Many will cord to someone in the physical to get high from one who is also addicted to alcohol or drugs. The list of why can go on and on. If one died with deep anger and jealousy, they often feel powerless as many use this energy to control. They attach to one or ones in the physical in an attempt to control. They often do this to ones they knew in the physical, especially relatives. If one was abused as a child, they could very well be corded by the abuser. It matters not if the abuser is in the physical or non-physical. The attachment of the cord on the abused can continue the pain by encouraging self -abuse, as the abuser feeds off of this energy. Pain attracts pain. To some souls trapped in the non-physical realm pain is food, they will attempt to cord to one they know in this life or another life and feed off their pain. If there is not enough pain then they will attempt to increase pain in the physical person. 

Cording can and does influence the brain and mind. I have seen many over the years in deep pain, unknowingly protecting their pain. It is interesting to watch, but also saddens me as they hold so deeply onto their pain. The person may attract a healer (therapist) who can truly assist them to heal. Many of these people may feel threatened by healing. Their brain and mind have formed a relationship with the pain, an unconscious relationship with the non-physical who is cording them. The reality is, when they get close to healing they flee from the healer (therapist). The non-physical will usually influence them to slander or hold great anger towards the healer, so others who are corded will not go to them. 

Can one remove a cord through therapy? Yes, they can. If one is corded, because of abuse, or past addictions, or any number of reasons they can heal the cording. This is done by totally releasing the issue that attracts the cord. One must stick with their healing and not run away from it, as they will often want to do. When the issue that attracted the cord is no longer there, the cord releases. Often it is much easier for a cord to be removed first, as this will allow for a much shorter healing period. One can see their issues, pain, and reason for suffering on a deeper level, once the cord has been removed. If a person is not able to work with an accredited Tai Yi practitioner to remove a cord, they can work on this with their therapist in healing the issue. 

Cords do influence the mind, emotions, and one’s physical health. If you are concerned you might be corded, ask yourself if you feel as if someone is persuading you to run away from your healing, or on the other hand, even encourage you to go to someone you know cannot assist you. Ask yourself if you have been delaying looking at or treating some ailment in the body. 

A common question I receive is, “Can a cord after being removed, return to the person they were attached to?” The answer is yes, if the issue remains that attracted the cord, yes, it will return. Removal of a cord allows for deeper and more rapid healing. If one chooses to remain the same and be in denial of their healing after a cord is removed, then expect the same cord to return. Once the cord is removed continuing your therapy and or counseling is recommended. 

I remember encountering a man who claimed he was the reincarnation of Jesus. He came to me for Tai Yi because of severe headaches. I asked him how long he had had the headaches, he replied, “Soon after I discovered I was Jesus.” It did not come as a surprise as I could see a major cord attached to the back of his head, the same area he was complaining of headaches. The non-physical person corded to him held the belief he was Jesus and was promoting that belief through this person in an effort to feed off the ego. In addition, the non-physical person not only believed he was Jesus, he believed he would become the next pope. After talking to this person, before I removed the cord, I found he was raised in the Catholic Church, but had been expelled from the church for reasons he would not give. I removed the cord and the headaches stopped. With therapy, he was able to develop his own self-esteem where he was able to love and accept himself. In my 30 years, I have encountered over 30 claiming to be Jesus, 24 Mary’s, all the apostles at least 3 times each, except John I encountered 9 times. I am not sure why he is so popular. After Jonah’s message in 1985, A Man Called Jesus, reached national news in the United States, Jesus’ wife became very popular. I have not yet met ones who claim to be Mohammad, perhaps because head chopping still occurs in the Middle East. It does make one wonder why Jesus and Mary are so popular. 

Cords also exist from a physical person to a physical person, as I first mentioned in this article. This is often done for control or a person may have what another wants. Perhaps if one has money and they like to show it off, they will attract a cord from ones who want the money. They can even influence the one with money, to give it to the one doing the cording. The same can occur with relationships, where one will cord the other to control the relationship and or its outcome. There can be a thousand reasons why. 

Perhaps back in 1983 when I was first taught about Funiculus, (cords) I should have written a book detailing all the different aspects. Although at that time, I did not think my word for this would become so widely used or misused among new age people. I hope I cleared up some of the misinformation on this subject. I could fill a book on all the cases of cording I have worked on over the last 30 years and many strange experiences, which have occurred before and after removal. However, I am already working on two books, which have proven to be quite time consuming… Perhaps? Before I end, one thing I do want to address is the positive cords. Its correct name is Illumination Funiculus. I simply want to say at this time they do occur. My concern is, ones will want to use this as an excuse for not dealing with perhaps a sinister cord that might be attached. Illumination Funiculus is attached differently and is rare, in fact very rare, perhaps 1 in 10,000. This occurs from an agreement prior to birth for a very specific purpose in life. As I was writing this, I received a question asking about a teaching they heard from a channel. The teaching states parents cord their children to protect them or keep an eye on them. Is this true? How loud can I say this? NO! It is not true. Not only does this person not know what they are talking about, they are giving harmful misinformation about cords. Parents with a deep loving bond with their children will have a deep spiritual connection that brings awareness from parent to child and child to parent. I was going to say, perhaps at another time I will speak more about Illumination Funiculus. Now I shall say, I will be writing about Illumination Funiculus. 

Until next time, whatever you do, do it in the light, and the light will be your guide…Hossca