Tai Yi Energy healing is the only hands on healing technique to use a grid system which directs the energy to exact parts of the body for exact healing of certain issues or unbalances. In these areas of imbalance, you may be experiencing pain, distress or dis-ease. In Tai Yi we set an energetic grid which maintains the energy within the body and directs the flow of energy to work on healing a specific issue within the body. TaiYi allows a greater flow of energy to that blocked part your body, and then as energy flow is returned you can then restore Balance & Harmony to the body, mind & spirit.

Another unique aspect of Tai Yi Energy healing is that all Tai Yi practitioners only send Universal energy through them and into their client. If I were to send my energy it would be a pollutant to you. You may feel good in the moment but it would wear off quickly and ultimately you would have absorbed my energy and you would feel off, and of course this does not assist in your healing. I have been trained and tested to only be sending Universal energy and this is the only energy that assists in our healing.

Tai Yi Energy Healing is the ancient Chinese art of Hands-on Healing. It. is a powerful & deep energy healing modality

Our human forms are not just physical bodies, We are also comprised of spiritual bodies, emotional bodies, and mental bodies and more. All of these Bodies experience pain, depression, and injury as well as joy, peace and love.

Tai-Yi Energy Healing can reach deep within the layers and dimensions of the human energy system and assist in unlocking the cause or root of our dis-ease and pain promoting health and happiness within the spiritual/emotional/mental/physical bodies

  • Are you weary of what you are experiencing in your life?

  • Are you wanting to break the cycle of mental, emotional, and physical pain?

  • Are looking for assistance in taking your life to a new level of awareness and joy?

Universal energy is available to all.  Tai-Yi Energy Healing assists you in tapping into this Flow. These treatments may be perceived as a blueprint for working on issues & exhilarating the energies within the body. Another area Tai Yi Energy Healing is unique is that Tai Yi Treatments offer specific healing for specific issues.  I want to assist you on your journey of healing and in discovering a new realm of JOY.


Learning to be patient is the key to mastering joy.
Hossca Harrison